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Bestiality Wins In Canada



Bestiality Wins In Canada, see more at:

Beastiality Wins In Canada (Image: MGN)

  • Sexual acts with animals are now legal in Canada, as long as no penetration is involved.
  • Canada isn’t the only one, there are eleven states in the U.S. that do not outlaw it.
  • Germany is also jumping on the bestiality band-wagon, “animal brothels” are a new trend.
  • People are stating that sex with animals is the new “lifestyle choice.”

For all of the fuzzy lovers out there, the highest courts in Canada have just ruled that some sexual acts between humans and their furry loved ones are legal. 

The case was brought about when a man was tried for the rape and sexual exploitation of his own daughters. How did he do this you ask? He smeared peanut butter on their genitalia and while their dog licked it off, he videotaped. He took the case to the Supreme Court, wanting the bestiality charge to be removed from the case. Apparently, the court agreed with the man.

The court ruled that having sexual relations with animals is okay as long as no penetration is involved.

The lesson to be learned from this is when you are creating legislation for bestiality laws make sure they are clear and defined. That’s what Canadas Supreme Court thinks anyway. They claimed that the legislation had not been clearly defined and should only outlaw animal penetration.

“Although bestiality was often subsumed in terms such as sodomy or buggery, penetration was the essence — ‘the defining act’ — of the offense,” the court’s ruling states as reported by The Independent.

Of course, what happens when you pass a ruling like this? It becomes rabbit season, no duck season, no rabbit season, no duck season…. for all the people who are interested in the sexual exploitation of animals. 

Camille Labchuk, an animal rights activist, said: “As of today, Canadian law gives animal abusers license to use animals for their own sexual gratification.”


The same topic has been brought up in the U.S. In Ohio a 61-year old man was arrested for committing sexual acts with dogs. Even though Ohio has no law outlawing the sexual exploitation of animals. Which caused an uproar of animal rights activists to protest during the case.

Surprisingly enough, Ohio is not the only state in America that doesn’t have any laws outlawing bestiality. There are in fact, eleven states that do not outlaw sexual acts with animals.

Yet the shocks continue, Canada and the United States are not the only places that are bringing up the topic of bestiality. In Germany, a new trend of “animal brothels” are springing up. Many citizens of Germany are stating that sex with animals is a lifestyle choice. 

The question is where do you draw the line?

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  • 5 says:

    Good says it is wrong.

  • KEITH S. BROWN says:

    Better spend some time in Bible study. God save us. What will be next before Christ returns.

  • Mary Jo Bankard says:

    It is against the law of God and any moral code. The devil is alive and well and happy that he is leading more and more to sin and hades. It is the next depravity that is embraced by those who are lost.

  • Jon Exner says:

    On the one hand I can sort of see where the court is coming from since all laws are viewed on the specific language as written and not the implied intent.
    However, this guy should have been arrested for child porn, and child abuse and endangerment.

  • Debra Smith says:

    The word of GOD tells us that this is a sin and it is to be avoided!

  • Jarhead says:

    Get a Chastity Belt for your pussy?

  • Ms. Grace says:

    It’s disgusting! Savagery! We need to bring out the best in people not the worse.

  • Sue says:

    Animals are pets much less desieses disgusting

  • Fortiss says:

    Here kitty, kitty.

  • john masullo says:

    it’s against all of god’s intention for man and morale’s. in short ,it’s disgusting!.

  • Brenda Wiggins says:

    Humans was not created nor was animals to have sex with one another. The only thing you can say is that the human is really an animal in disguise.

  • Virginia Habig says:

    sick, sick, sick.

  • Sue says:

    When a father can strip his daughters
    Rub peanut butter on their gentials
    Tape it, have a dog lick it off and tape it
    This is child and animal abuse. What is wrong with any court or person to think this is in any form ok. Our world is going to hell. We all need to stand up and say no the judges need to be jailed to for even allowing it along with the father

    • Renato G.F. Naso says:

      Fully agree, dear SUE!!! The world is going to hell, because this is what the SATANIC, extremely perverse “ILLuminati” (very ILL indeed!) want!

      • Renato G.F. Naso says:

        About the daughters: it’s since 4000 years that the evil “ILLuminati” conditioned the masses, to RAPE their children! This is the main reason why the humanity clings desperately to their so-called “private” life! (Which never existed, since the “ILLuminati” are spying everyone! Solution: global amnesty for all parents who did wrong to their children, then abrogation of all (criminal!) laws on privacy, because, no privacy, no crime! If a toddler doesn’t mind, and eye can be closed, but if clearly shows that such an intercourse is not wanted, she/he will be PROTECTED by the GG’s (GG: Global Government) controlling person, through her/his electronic gadgets in dotation!!

  • James says:

    Bible. Comin sense.

  • Steve says:

    Do you really need to ask why sex with animals is dead wrong, I

  • Howleyesque says:

    LOL A Swillary ad on the same page with this article is just TOO hilarious for words! I mean face it Bill has been getting it on with a PIG for decades now!

  • ROD WILMOTH says:

    because we are not camel jockeys

  • Tohs Notley says:

    Animals have no choice in the matter, so it is the same as rape. What kind of idiot wants sex with a different species? Can’t have sex with your own kind is not the animals fault.

  • Carole White says:

    This is just further proof that our society is going down the drain. Nothing is beneath human beings.We have transgender bath rooms, same sex marriage, six months prison time for rapists, why not a total lack of respect for the animal that cannot complain or be given a choice. Actually the animal is better than the people that do this and I have thought for a long time that people should have common sense, and still do this are worse than any animal!

  • Lisette says:

    What, is so difficult about this “natural” premise, this directive of the most elemental kind?

    Canada and all other factions of society who accept this and tolerate it, allow it and turn the other way, will pay a VERY devastating price. I can not wait for God to turn his furry on the perverted of his footstool. They are like bloodsuckers to the innocent whether it be humans or animals.

    This is one of the most grotesque of images any imagination can conjure – satan is having it’s heyday now but God’s is on the way.

    “WOE” to all in “high places” who make way for the sick mental retards who choose this path of insane.
    There is NO ROOM IN HEAVEN for persons of this persuasion, THANK GOD!

  • H.jasper says:

    Liberalism at work in all of our lives anything goes with this liberal scum. There will be nothing off limits and we will evolve into a depraved and dangerous society. At this trend we will be slaughtering christians for fun and having sex with their dead corpses. You doubt this? I don’t, without moral guidelines we will revisit the past because liberals don’t understand how depraved we can get. Sodom and Gomorrah mean anything? Liberals are the enemy of sane and moral people taking us deeper into hell before we are redeemed. God help us if the Clintons return to the white house. Civil War

  • Pam says:

    Is this some kind of SICK JOKE????

  • check this out, the bible says both the perpertrator and the animal should be destroyed!! no excuses!!

  • Lisette says:

    I stand corrected and apologize for downgrading this site; I see my commentary is back up so I will give this site another chance. THANK YOU to the administrators for allowing my voice and feelings to be heard.

  • Dennis Richardson says:

    For all the Obvious Unnatural reasons

  • Julie LoStocco says:

    Animals are sentient beings and should be treated with respect. Having sex with them vile and disgusting. It is animal abuse plain and simple. C

  • Elke desjardins says:

    This is animal abuse. They ant consent therefor its rape.

  • Christian Lesinsky says:

    Sex with kids now sex with animals..where next?

  • Chris monroe says:

    What sick perverted mother fucker would pass such a fucking sick and disturbing act. I will file a petition to put this bastard who agreed to this in jail. You sick fuck

  • Harold E Thomas says:

    The reason I am against this is because it is morally wrong. God told the Israelites in holy Scripture Exodus 22:19 says, “Anyone who has sexual relations with an animal must be put to death.” Leviticus … And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast – Leviticus 20:15

    Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion. – Leviticus 18:23. Originally Posted by John Gill’s commentary
    it [is] confusion;

    a mixing of the seed of man and beast together, a blending of different kinds of creatures, a perverting the order of nature, and introducing the utmost confusion of beings, from whence monsters in nature may arise.
    God forbade sex with animals, not because of some sort of PETA-style animal-rights touchy-feely liberal squeamishness, but for a pragmatic practical reason: we don’t want animal-human hybrid monsters running around. For example, if a bull impregnates a human woman, she might give birth to a minotaur. Some may say this is far-fetched, but remember that the Bible confirms the existence of unicorns, satyrs, dragons, giant man-swallowing fishes, sea serpents, giants, cockatrices, and so on.

    This is confirmed by the fact that God orders the beast killed – but only when it lies with a man:

    And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast – Leviticus 20:15

    There’s no point in killing a beast that lay with a woman, since that beast isn’t pregnant – and thus, no monsters. I am too humble a man to claim I can read God’s mind. I’m sure God knew what He was doing. I think this gives us all the more reason to praise Adam, for it would be a VERY different world if Adam had stopped with the llama and said “this’ll do”.

    Though I’ll admit, some days when I’m persecuted by feminazis and uppity women….I wonder what might have been.

    Then I realize that this alternate history would result in the entire world being like New Zealand, and I snap out of it!

  • Norman Davis says:

    It is a lewd and lecivious law. Keep Canadians out of the US. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?
    How sick can they get!

  • Nancy Kelly-Bushly says:

    This is a sick perversjon, people are becoming dammed and gays cannot create life,es ians can create with artificial inceminanation. Sick and disgusg. Please stay in Canada. Sick people.

  • Jack Sember Lewis says:

    Since “progressive” is a synonym for their major valuel, “If it feels good, do it,” this sort of perversion was and remains inevitable whereve they hold power.

  • Linda says:

    This is rather disgusting

  • james says:

    sick world Jesus come quickly

  • matt goodfellow says:

    If the world is going to ignore that there is a true moral law set by God ,laid out in the Bible,than how can anything be considered wrong and not just a alternate lifestyle;there has to be a True Moral Compass or there is no actual wrong deeds.

  • UNCLE VLADDI says:

    Proof that “judges” are criminal negligent extortionist frauds who only keep their power paychecks perks and pensions by adhering to the brazen rule of criminal chaos (where all is allowed unless and until very specifically denied) and not the Golden Rule of Law principle, which most simply defines morality as Do Not Attack First!

    Re: “The question is where do you draw the line?”

    WELL, SIMPLY AT THAT VERY BASIC, “DO NOT ATTACK FIRST” GOLDEN RULE OF LAW PRINCIPLE! Your animals cannot consent to these things. Obviously neither could the children in this case, but these “judges” wilfully ignore basic principles so they can spin out the nearly endless symptoms of ignoring it into eternal(ly lucrative) “crises” – in stead of solving simple problems with easy, permanent solutions, they exploit everyone – obviously, helpless and abused children included – because like all criminally negligent fraudulent extortionists, their real motto is: “There’s No Money In Solutions, So Please Give Generously – AGAIN!”

  • Judy Haught says:

    Read what the bible says about bestiality. This is so disgusting and people wonder why there are so many natural disasters. God is sending us a message and most aren’t listening.

  • GQ4U says:

    Since the federal courts usurped the gay marriage issue based on “love” then its not hard to imagine that “love” based sex with animals would become normalized. When deviant behavior is legitimized for one group then all all deviants will seek their same “supposed” constitutional right to be perverse. Who didn’t see this coming? (no pun intended)

  • GQ4U says:

    An amoral society is a dead society.

  • Charles Stallworth says:

    Because God says it is a sin. Beastiality

  • Barb says:

    You have to be one sick mother f—– to do that. That is just sick and you need your head examined.

  • vince says:

    I could of swore that when people said “gay marriage, what’s next…bestially” they were shouted down and called all kinds of names. Now what’s next pedophiles demanding their rights to enjoy their “life style choice”?

  • Lorraine M. Harbaugh says:

    It is unbeliveable that this type of behavior is now legal. God told the Isrealites never to have sex with an animal in the OT. Is it not amazing that God knew what evil was in man’s heart.

  • Sheila Gardemsl says:

    It is wrong!! It is rape. Animals have no voice and can’t say no. It is a horrific crime against them and any human involved in sex with animals are soulless monsters that care about no one but themselves.

  • evelyn says:

    How can ANYONE justify this type of sick act against any type of animal! Any judge that would allow this is sick also. This is only going to lead to more abused animals. If this is someone’s lifestyle THEY need to be in a cage with no key!!!

  • edward says:

    hard to believe………people & animals…….pardon me………i have to throw up…..

  • David says:

    That’s DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donna says:

    this is a quick and easy way to spread herpes and other diseases. It also is sad to think our imaginations are so bastardized that we have resorted to this thought.

  • Bruce meade says:

    Just not right

  • Renato G.F. Naso says:

    It’s highly perverse & forbidden by the (good part) of the bible!

  • By >good part of the bible“god” doesn’t want the death of the sinner, but that he repents and be saved<!

    By >good part of the bible“god” doesn’t want the death of the sinner, but that he repents and be saved<!


  • This is the missing part (I changed special signs, maybe it was those which caused the problem; sorry for the ‘name’-calling, if….):
    ..I mean when it’s against SICK behavior! But for sure not the part which says the offenders have to be put to death! That’s even sicker, since It clearly contradicts the following (slightly modified) passage of the bible: ..

    • Renato G.F. Naso says:


      • Renato G.F. Naso says:

        Such an extremely perverted act comes for sure from the satanic “ILLuminati” (very ILL indeed!); besides being that PERVERSE, they’re also the worst fascists! (& they’re still the “power” behind all governments of the present system!)

        • Renato G.F. Naso says:

          The future GG Global Government has to ‘brandmark’ those sick elements, so that a potential mate knows that he or she has done perverse things! I would NEVER get intimate with such a perverse one! When I had intercourse with my former Canadian wife (divorced after a call from a sergeant out of the F.B.I. [he called her because of the nonviolent leftist party I’ve found!]) I’ve felt that she was kind of bumpy, inside! (An allergy caused by an animal?) I didn’t give a thought to it, because she had been the first, and I couldn’t compare her to anyone; after she divorced me (I suspect that F.B.I.-sarge threatened her with bad things, if she wouldn’t!); so I had sex with a Swiss one, and she was as smooth as silk, inside!!! But, after the secret service turned her into a cyborg (to prevent her from teaching me the secret nonverbal communication described by King Solomon in his Proverbs, Chapter 6, Verse 13, but this only in the >>old<< version of the KJV, in archaic Englisch, because the new King James Version, has been revised, because deemed as too dangerous to the satanic "ILLuminati"'s criminal capital-imperialistic system we stil have today!

          • Renato G.F. Naso says:

            she left me for her old friend, ’cause he had more money! That’s how they programmed her! This kind of unspoken language, has been described by King Solomon in his Proverbs, Chapter 6, Verse 13, but this only in the >>old<< version of the KJV, in archaic Englisch, because the new King James Version, has been revised, because deemed as too dangerous to the satanic "ILLuminati"'s criminal capital-imperialistic system we stil have today!

          • Renato G.F. Naso says:

            Errata corrige: CHECKS



  • Frank Kolb says:

    Frank Sinful, unnatural, and ineffectual to natural order of life

  • George Sarres, Florida USA says:

    I neither desire or care to know the particular choice of other beings regards their preference to lifestyles. However, should the empowered governance of my domicile,whether National,Provincial or Home-rule endeavor to tacitly subscribe my household’s approval, acceptance, by promulgating a law condoning Bestiality as a cultural folkway and moray; Hell, has not yet seen the magnitude of Fury the backlash and response of the few clear thinking men and women laboring under the saving constraints of a restraining Grace can wield.

  • George Sarres, Florida USA says:

    I neither desire or care to know the particular choice of other beings regards their preference to lifestyles. However, should the empowered governance of my domicile,whether National,Provincial or Home-rule endeavor to tacitly subscribe my household’s approval, acceptance, by promulgating a law condoning Bestiality as a cultural folkway and moray; Hell, has not yet seen the magnitude of Fury the backlash and response of the few clear thinking men and women laboring under the saving constraints of a restraining Grace can wield.

  • darren says:

    genesis 19……sodom and gomarrah were obliterated from the face of the earth for this kind of behaviour as well as homosexual acts the same thing will occur very soon for our cities as we decend down the path of no morality where each person does what he wants in his own eyes.

  • roger says:

    i believe there is enough perversion in this world without adding to it.

  • Marlene says:

    Bestiality is disgusting and depraved not only Biblically but psychologically. I believe it is a mental disorder to have sexual attraction with animals.

  • Rovine luafalemana says:

    SAD AND GROSS! God created man and woman and told them to multiply. God created the animals and told Adam to name them… NOT have sex with them. Its unfortunate that Canada has gone this far down the pit of darkness. this is total confusion…a reflection of Canada as a nation. I feel for the canadians that were and are against it as well as the following generations.

  • Patria amiel says:

    This is the most horrible piece of news I’ve heard so far people are gross and disgusting and sick may you go straight to hell for your participation in this heinous act against animals !! Please tell me this is not true I am crying just thinking about it . It’s evil

  • m. Bozzuto says:

    God help the innocent animals.This amounts to cruelty!!!

  • hector torres says:

    i think we are totally different species

  • Hardcase1 says:

    It would be a vile act for a human being

  • Name says:

    That’s nasty.

  • Tatiana says:

    That’s just fucking disgusting

  • Noelle wagner says:

    It’s disgusting and against bible principles

  • jessica says:

    This is like rape… the animal cannot tell you no, when it tries to get away from you, you will restrain it… This is just disgusting.

  • Nicole says:

    Animals cannot agree to the actions happening to them. Its totally wrong. Very ashamed this is legal in Canada..

  • Elizabeth R says:

    This is inhumane and should not be happening at all. The world and the people in t are getting sicker and sicker by the day!

  • Rose owens says:

    That is sick. Really why you ask? That is so sick.

  • andrea says:


  • christine says:

    because animals are another mammal they have every right and cant speak human! Its like raping an animal and how can they tell the other no, its disgusting, disturbing and animals have rights too! Dont sexually abuse them!! [email protected]

  • Robyn says:

    Because this is disgusting and makes me ashamed to be a Canadian

  • Name says:

    This is just pure bullshit. How about letting a grey gorilla have sex with them…

  • Name says:

    Why….come on now…why ask…its not Normal and if you folks think its not….sonething is wrong here..

  • Name says:

    Cause y’all nasty af

  • Danielle says:

    Leviticus 18:23 ESV / 57 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful

    And you shall not lie with any animal and so make yourself unclean with it, neither shall any woman give herself to an animal to lie with it: it is perversion.

  • niki says:

    Because it’s sick that’s why!

  • Rebecca says:

    Do I really have to state a reason why? This is sick and demented!!!

  • obamuwasan taajudeen says:

    Islam doesn’t condone all these rubbish acts. This is why Islam is at parallel with the dirty ways of the west.


    GOD created man to be with woman and vice versa, animal with animal, humans have dominion over animals not to indulge with them sexually. Beastiality is against all things natural and it is not normal.

  • Beverly McKenzie says:

    It is an excuse for sexual gratification for perverts to use children or any person without having to fear the law. A perfect example is the man who videotaped his daughters after smearing peanut butter on their genitals and let an animal do his dirty work. What a sick sick society we are raising our children in.

  • Eric says: we have forgotten GOD this is y the world was destroyed the first time sad

  • j says:

    Because it is totally insane, devils!

  • Lajuana Ewing says:

    Its fucking sick.

  • Doreen Allam says:

    This is against God’s nature. He made woman for man and vice versa… I think these people need to get on their knees and pray for deliverance.

  • jagwar45 says:

    cause It Is New Thinking To Search For Heigher Orgazm.
    If You See Dor On The Street You Consentrate Looking To Penice And Ass
    -Some Girls Love Her Pets
    _Children Also
    Almost Of Us When See Bestialilt Film Getting So Horny

  • Courtney Cox says:

    because its sick

  • Eva says:

    Disgusting, sick & totally UNGODLY!!!

  • askahdslk says:


  • Oliver says:

    It’s not the nature order.

  • Name says:

    It’s disgusting

  • Name says:

    Sex is to be used for procreation not emotional gratification! We a5ached the word love to sex to make it it mean something emotional which is faulty

  • teresa melo says:

    is animal abuse. It must stop

  • Sharon Hodges says:

    Why should anyone be forced to submit to having sex because your “owner” wants it….would they choose you if they had a choice?….sounds a little sick to me

  • Elaine says:

    It is not natural and GOD FORBIDS IT

  • Ivonne says:

    Animals can not verbal consent to men/women perverseness

  • Glenn says:

    Because GOD says it’s not right

  • Rachel Robinson says:

    How is this even possible. What kind of message is this we are sending. Abuse against animals is illegal but if you want to sexually abuse them as long as there’s no pent rations that’s OK! They have no voice to speak for themselves! That’s what we are suppose to be doing for them . If anyone thinks that the type of person that want’s to have sex with an animal is going to stop at penetration you’re out of your minds!! That’s like telling a dog not to eat all of the chicken you just gave it!! This is twisted and embarrassing.. We are a civilised country, this is what uneducated people would do. So much for being proud Canadians!!!
    Signed, shocked and disgusted!!!!

  • Tony says:

    God would not approve i gues we have lost our faith

  • Tony acosta says:

    God would not approve I guess we have lost our faith in God what a shame

  • Sandra says:

    Okay who is protecting animals!!!! They will suffer hugely because this is okay! Who gives their consent? Insane and cruel! Low and scummy fetish is animal abuse! So yeah wth?

  • BRUNI SABLAN says:


  • Name says:

    That is going overboard now. That is human destruction. And the wrath of the All Mighty is not far from humanities destruction. Now bad is being call good, and evil righteousness? Is to this base the world has degenerated to?

  • Elbert Muhammad says:

    From reading this post, the only line to be drawn might be as it relates to penetration. If a court ruling for the acceptance for a dog to be able to lick the genitals of a child then clearly that is an open door for adults to perform the same an simular acts on child and children on adults (Pedophilia) as long as there is no penetration. This is where this is going. Quite naturally there will be penetration but very few will ever know and there will be very long court battles for the few cases that make it to court to prove whether or not there is penetration. This world, like previous worlds, is going to hell (destruction)!!!

  • Name says:


  • Sue lewis says:

    To have to even answer this Q makes me realize this world is past help !

  • Name says:

    I disagree because it’s disgusting and wrong. It’s also animal abuse!

  • Pina says:

    This can’t be true, so sick.

  • Tany says:

    How bloody fucking is that I’m lost for more horrid words just shame on you just sick

  • Name says:

    Animals are animals and should not be taken advantage of by human beings. They are meant to be our companions and friends not our sex toys.

  • Suzanne Wurtz says:

    Bc this is wrong! Animals are the meant to have sex the humans.

  • Siouxsie says:

    That’s vial!

  • Name says:

    It is sickness mental illness. Soul deprived. We are allowing the mental and emotionally ill dictate the world. This world is to be left for next generation what will they have left?? Truly satan

  • jeannie says:

    Since when can animals talk? Is this the morbid values people should have? Asking the question why is even a form of lunacy, we all know why!

  • Harriet Sloan says:

    It is unnatural. Twisted and sick. Nasty & just plain wrong. Abusive to animals.

  • Name says:

    Are you fuckin kidding me !!!

  • Katherine Alber says:

    Inter-specie sex is a vile and sick act. Animals are not on this planet for abuse. They have no say or voice. Most end up mentally and physically un-repairable. Might as well use a child. Same difference except a child can tell someone. Only degenerates would do or allow this.

  • Karla Walters says:


  • Jenniffer mcdonald says:

    Ridiculous…people are screwed up in the head if they think any form of this is okay!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • alina tesmer says:

    do we really need to defend animals in this matter? REALLY?

  • Amy Monje says:

    This is a barbaric act of human turns helpless animals!!! This is RAPE!!! No less than an adult doing these vial acts on a child.

  • Renee says:

    This is not right God did not make man or woman to do this kind of act. Dogs are to have sex with their own kind not man or woman.

  • Cathy Jenkins says:

    Animals can’t speak. We are their voice. I think its cruel and barbaric to even think such a thing. Please we must protect animals from the monsters in human form.

  • Kyla kahn says:

    That’s disgusting. It’s not consentual.

  • Jodi Geery says:

    I disapprove because this is an unfair, disgusting and disrespectful to animals. Not to mention the emotional state of the person performing or participating.

  • Joe Tutt says:

    This is wrong and perverted ! God didn’t create animals for us to have any sort of sexual relations with period.

  • Gail Neil says:

    To ABUSE, TORTURE any Creature is animal abuse & should be treated like Child Abuse

  • Kris Richards says:

    To me that’s a discussing act!! Why use animals like this! They don’t have a voice! They are like a child and need protection from sickening humans. There’s already to much abuse to animals!! My heart breaks for them.

  • Norbert Chabata says:

    When God created animals, human being said and indeed the entire creation, He commanded that they should produce after their own kind. What is the offspring of a human being and an animal? This is an abomination before the Lord and if we are not careful, we will produce horrendous things that will destroy mankind or the perpetuity of human beings as we know them.

  • Kathy Sparling says:

    Because it’s sick as hell. Because we already know that animal abuse leads to child abuse. With this as your logic are you saying an long as there isn’t penetration with a child then this too is a sexual choice that adults should be allowed to make. I mean really it’s the same damn thing. These lawmakers are is sick as they can possibly be. What the hell is going on there in their homes with their children and their animals. Can’t be anything good otherwise they wouldn’t feel the need to protect such sickness.

  • Leanne says:

    Cause its bloody Wrong…
    The future is not looking good at all when sicko’s are allowed to do sick thinks… You watch crime will go up… Looks like eve wants Islam to rule… This is worse than Sodom and Gormora!!
    Seriously the world’s and it leaders have list there minds

  • sickened & disgusted says:

    the animals have been stripped of their rights and they are sentient beings. It is degrading and can lead to all sort of diseases that can be transmitted to unsuspecting partners that may have no knowledge of the deviant behavior.

  • sickened & disgusted says:

    the animals have been stripped of their rights and they are sentient beings. It is degrading and can lead to all sort of diseases that can be transmitted to unsuspecting partners that may have no knowledge of the deviant behavior.

  • Lee kiernan says:

    It’s disgusting and it is rape

  • Billy wages says:

    these are some sick people and need to be locked up

  • Lora batson says:

    Disgusting!!!! Totally inhumane!!!

  • Janice Soltys says:

    We are NOT on this earth to abuse animals!!!! What the hell is wrong with you people? Your sick in the head to pass a law like this!!! Hope someone abuses you

  • Sheila James says:

    Animals have more purer hearts and souls than people. . . .and youre giving permission to abuse them . . . RAPE THEM?! What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?!

  • Janet Miklas says:

    Animals cannot give consent. It is cruel

  • Sarah says:

    It’s sick for a human to want to have sex with an animal. It’s disgusting and cruel for the animals it’s inflicted upon. There must be some seriously sick Canadians for them to make this legal

  • Danielle Abrahams says:

    This is absolutely disgusting that such an evil act has been made legal in a civilised society. It is our duty to protect the innocent and Iam sickened to hear the rape of animals is accepted and allowed. This torture and abuse causes significant harm to animals, emotionally and physically and can ultimately kill them aswell. Canada shame on you!! I will boycott your country until your animal protection laws are changed.

  • Nina Davis says:

    This is so wrong on so many levels. What next? Make it legal to rape new born babies?
    Sick sick sick twisted and evil. The sooner the human race is wiped from the face of the earth, and given back to the original owners, the animals, the better.
    All i can think is, that the people who allow these atrocities to be legal, must be the most , depraved, debauched scum on this planet.

  • Michelle says:

    It’s disgusting that people want to have sex with animals. I can’t believe Canadians even voted for this.

  • Linda Blundell says:

    These animals have enough done to them.

  • Chris Dannan says:

    This is sick….and so are any individuals that consider bestiality acceptable….it is not a lifestyle choice as the animal, a sentient being in itself has no choice and will go through pain and suffering. Compssionate society? We are descending back to the dark ages. Disgusted

  • Name says:

    How how can it right when the animal is not giving its consent for Christ sake!!!!! Penetration or no penetration isn’t it against the law and classed as rape if you do not consent?

  • This is country and any of them in the USA are sick people . What the hell is wrong with you people . People who do this are going to to it to children . That is what you are going to your children . I hope God don’t forgive for what you have done. You are very sick people and you need to see Doctor . I hope you all go to hell. Oh, and you people vote on this? You all need to be lock up .

  • Barbara Jackson says:

    It is evil!!! To abuse an animal in this way is disgusting and I can only pray that ALL animals flee this awful place. Next it will be legal in Canada for an adult to have sex with a baby. An animal is just as innocent as a baby!!! What a horrible country. Although it should not be a surprise from a country who thinks it is ok for someone who cut off someone’s head and ate some body parts towalk free!!!

  • Lisa clair says:

    I’m disgusted by the outcome. The Canadian government has zero compassion for animals and has proven that it only supports rapists!
    We are no longer vacationing in Canada! Not spending our hard earned money with animal abusers!

  • Name says:

    It’s disgusting and immoral on so many levels!

  • S Waltman says:

    SICKENING! That’s why I DISAGREE!!!

  • Regina Schwartz says:

    this is not natural this is not the law of nature this is some sick crap like child sexual abuse same type of persons and the govt is sanctioning it…I am not a prude but thats sick

  • Tina says:

    This is so wrong in so many ways. Read the Bible!!!!

  • Name says:

    How can this be ? They don’t have a voice ! This is cruelty !! Animal abuse !!!

  • Jill kurth says:

    A evil despicable act carried out by real disturbed … deplorable animals!!!!!

  • Annette Monroe says:

    These animals have no choice or voice,this is morally wrong.

  • T says:

    This is RAPE!!!! The animal (recieving end) has no voice to say NO!!!! This is cruel and dusgusting!!!

  • Randa McClung says:

    This is wrong bc an animal has no way of telling a person no. This is just sick!

  • Janice says:

    That’s animal abuse!!

  • Lesha Stull says:

    This is beyond disturbing .. animals are not for sex! It is discusting that any “system” would even consider this as a topic to approve!!!!???? What is wrong with this world!!!???? It is hell on earth ..

  • DORIS says:

    Dogs are pets not sex objects.This is animal cruelty and discusting.People who do tthis need to go to prison…

  • Name says:

    Because an animal can not say that you r hurting them or that they dont want it it is animal abuse this is sick

  • Linda Hallman says:

    Fucking disgusting people

  • Markita Talley says:

    Because the Bible that’s why!! How gross as well!!

  • sharon dosher says:

    this is horrible & against God’s word.

  • ragan says:

    This is beyond sick!! They are animals without a voice!!

  • O says:

    If you can not talk to give consent, it’s rape.

  • tara says:

    its disgusting

  • Name says:

    People are stupid and sick!
    Poor animals!!

  • Monique says:

    What kind of a sick fucking country is Canada .. the people that pasted this law are sick fucking assholes

  • Marianne says:

    There are enough prostitues out there on the street for these sick bastards to get sex from. Why would you put animals in such pain and disgust. These lawmakers should be taken out and off their seats. They are just as sick as these animal abusers..

  • Abbie says:

    It’s wrong and twisted!!!

  • DEE says:

    The animal has no choice in the matter. It is rape of the animal as you are making them perform an act. It is disgusting.

  • Catherine says:


  • sharon mabbitt says:

    this is not why God put animals in our lives… this is just disgusting… there must be a lot of the law makers that are into this sort of thing… and they should be removed from office… this just goes to show you how humans turn into animals…

  • Alice H. Brainard says:

    Is this the same country that outlawed having pit bulls as pets? How can you even think that a person having sex with an animal is something to make legal!? It’s not like the animal can consent!! What is wrong with you people? Has trump taken over there too?

  • Darlene says:

    Fucking disgusting

  • Janet K Mccarthy says:

    Are we not in the 21st century where animal cruelty is a criminal offence in developed countries. This law is both disgraceful and disgusting way to treat innocent animals. Shame Canada.

  • Michal Bangs says:

    Disgusting! Criminal! Sickening!

  • Kylan Dennison says:

    This is absolutely disgusting and horrific! No animal should be subjected to sexual abuse from a human being for their own pleasure while the animal is being tortured. So very wrong!!

  • Windcatcher says:

    I disagree with beastiality because God tells us that it is an abomination. Leviticus 20:15-16 says “And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death; and ye shall slay the beast. And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

  • Alix says:

    You’re fucking kidding me right? It’s so past I humane I don’t even know where to start! What the f*%k is wrong with Canadian law????????? I’m ashamed and disgraced

  • Linda Shifflett says:

    Disgusting demons to force sex on animals. Demonic abuse.

  • Marcy Gadeck says:

    It’s disgusting and unnecessary. Once again man is doing what it wants to animals because they can. How sad humans can’t relate to one another. How sad god must be knowing this is what he sees.

  • Jen says:

    WTF?? How is this even possible???? You do know that this just leads to worse animal abuse and then they start with kids.

  • Bobbie says:

    This is SICK!!!!!

  • Bobbie says:

    This is SICK!!!!!

  • Jackie Smith says:

    Where do I start! How can we allow such disgusting and cruel behaviour! This disappoints me that Canada would allow this! I don’t know what’s happening to Canada and the rest of the world. Where is morality? Everyone talks about being God fearing and loving people. This speaks volumes to that!!!!

  • Nicole Salice says:

    This is just RIDICULOUS

  • Lance robinson says:

    Animals have rights!!!!

  • Christine Brown says:

    How can this be okay when an animal cannot express consent? And it won based on a case from a sexual abuser of his own daughters? Are you kidding me.

  • June Haggar says:

    This is one sick evil thing. Animals are as innocent as small children. Will you be raping little children next? You are one sick country.

  • Leah Walsh says:

    The most disgusting thing I have ever heard. Just when you think ppl can’t reach any lower – this is legal????!! As humans we have reached a repulsive low and apparently so have the law makers!! These are animals!! If you feel that this is ok and something to ‘explore’ I hope there is a special place in hell for you where you will suffer endless hours of pain. I can’t even put in words how sad and sickened this makes me. Ppl and children with animals …how is this even something we need a law for???

  • Robin says:

    Because they have no say! It is sick and morally wrong. They can not say no and it hurts them just like a little child. Why?!?!?!

  • Alice Hudman says:

    It is not a natural act and painful to the animal. It is traumatic to the animal. It is cruel and cold hearted to the animals. The President of Canada must perform this as well on animals . This must stop!

  • Lisa ramirez says:


  • Kathy says:

    How could any sane, morally sound person think this is ok? Whoever made this acceptable is psycho. You all need major rehabilitation.

  • Sue says:

    Because it’s sick and cruel

  • chelo castaneda says:
  • Peggy Miller says:

    You’ve got to be freaking kidding. This is sick no matter what kind of spin you put on it. Dogs are sentient beings and deserve protection the same as humans. When will our law makers wake up to the fact that animals need protection from these sickos not give them a free pass to sexually assault and rape them. Disgusting, appalling and sick this is as are the brain dead individuals that passed this. We should all be afraid!!!!

  • Sharon says:

    Disgusting !!!

  • Name says:

    Too sick about these people are !

  • Grace Tang says:

    Canada WILL be damned if this law is passed. Sick and perverted monsters should be given death sentence.

  • Lisa Calabro says:

    Animals have no say over their bodies they can’t talk, and I am sure if they could they would say to the person who is rapping them to get the hell off them and ask why they are forcing and hurting them to do something they do not want. Only the sick minded would do something so cruel to a poor animal!!



  • Tommie harrison says:

    The Bible tells us it is wrong . It is horrible just to think of it, Canada needs a bomb dropped on them for passing this

  • Christine stacey says:

    Raping an animal that can’t speak is ok??? What the fuck is wrong with you people?? It’s bad enough to force yourself on a human… but a defenseless animal???? Maybe God have pity on your souls because I wont!!!!

  • Pamela Daccolti says:

    There are so many reasons that I don’t know where to begin. The shortest answer is that these are our pets, our babies who trust us. Frankly, to me it’s close to incest, since pets are usually thought of as members of our family. This is so sad. What will you approve of next – ANIMAL CRUSHING VIDEOS????

  • Name says:

    It will lead to violent abuse say the dog don’t do as asked n maybe some won’t b able to control the urge smh it’s plain sick

  • A stander says:

    It is against the laws of nature and the bible. Its just wrong.

  • April says:

    Animals,are NOT for human sexual needs. .only the mental & sick in the head would even think of doing such a heinus thing to a living creature that DOESNT HAVE THE ABOLITY TO DENY THIS ACTION Its straight up TORTURE

  • Danielle says:

    It’s DISGUSTING… inhumane and has NO places in a civilized world!!

  • John says:

    What a totally stupid question

  • A. Crowley says:

    That is sick! God even says it is wrong in the Bible!

  • Lisa Chamberlain says:

    This is DISGUSTING

  • Lynn Mountcastle says:

    First, why make it legal and two, WHY?

  • Kim Bull says:

    It’s rape….full stop…..animals are not wilful, consenting parties to these deprived sexual predators. It’s wrong on every level!!

  • Mieke says:

    Thats not normal to do this things with animals!!!! It become a bad world in this way!

  • Cathy Reynolds says:

    It is absolutely sick!!!!

  • Dawn West says:

    And had a descent head on their shoulders! Wrong

  • Name says:

    That is just wrong God didn’t put animalson earth to abuse they are here to love.

  • Beverly Baver says:

    Bestiality is sex with an animal PERIOD!!!! NO ANIMAL SHOULD BE SUBJECTED TO IT!!

  • Amanda says:

    That is animal abuse and can and HAS killed many animals sick fucks

  • Jessica Velez says:

    How could something so atrocious could even be accepted or looked at as something natural and or normal by any human being???? Regardless of nationalities!!!!!! What is this, our world becoming???

  • Auburn Senn says:

    I disagree on the following—God created human beings to act higher and be dominion on the land he created. As the most brainiest(humanbeings) to protect all mankind and animals. Hence Eve was created for Adam (man for woman and woman for man).Not dog for woman or man.

    This is bluddy crazy and humans are going crazy and insane. Its a sin and mind you Governments legalizing it knowing for a fact that it is wrong and I cannot believe it. What examples do you set for your children/future generation??

  • Jennifer says:

    This is horrendous to hear this news. You should be ashamed. What’s next pedophilia will be legal??!!

  • M.Huyck says:

    Animals cannot consent, this is abuse and opens the doors to other innocent beings (such as children) being used for sexual gratification as long as there’s no penetration.

  • Anne Pearce says:

    This is still rape wither it’s a 2 legged or 4 legged female CONSENT IS NOT GIVEN!! This is totally unacceptable and I’m ashamed to admit I live in a country that thinks it’s okay -IT’S NOT

  • Leslie Warwick says:

    We as human beings are supposed be kind and care for all of our animals. Beastiality in “any form” whatsoever, regardless if there is penetration or not is plain cruelty! Only very mentally challenged individuals would do this! I am completely outraged that the Supreme Court ruled this way! What an absolute disgrace to the human population!

  • Stephanie lewis says:

    This is fucking ! Dosgusting and wrong and sick animals have no voice and cant say no thisisnt right ir needs to be stoped who ever does this act should really search for help or be put to death in my oppion so sick and wrong

  • Name says:

    This is unnatural why would a government permit it? That’s a country going down the drain, time to clean that swamp up

  • Teresa Torres says:

    I’m in disbelief, this is nothing but pure evil, there are more sick individuals Congress, as well as the judicial system all over this wretched world! To think that all of the “powers that be’ think that this is natural is beyond comprehension!!!! These poor innocent voiceless animals, there’s enough cruelty many of them face all of the time everywhere and it sickens me to think that this is the so called “in thing,” discusting is what it is, unnatural inhumane ,etc! “We the people” place our trust and faith in the system, I can’t understand why this to them thinks that this kind of sick sadistic act is okay!!!…LET ME TELL YOU THIS, GOD’S WRATH WILL BE HERE VRRY SOON, I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THIS HAPPENS. GOD CREATED ANIMAL’S FOR US TO LOVE AND BE LOVED, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MAN’S BEST FRIEND????? WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING? ALL THE MORE REASON FOR GOD’S RETURN, COME QUICKLY JESUS! THE BIBLE CLEARLY STATES WHY ANIMAL’S WERE CREATED, NOT FOR PEOPLE TO HANDLE ABUSE, TORTURE, STARVE, KILL,AND NOW RAPE, CLEARLY THESR MENTAL PEOPLE NEED TO BE PUT AWAY IN AN ASYLUM! THESE SICK INDIVIDUALS NEED NOT WALK AMONG PEOPLE THAT HAVE SOUND MIND’S THAT’S FOR SURE! MAKES YOU WONDER WHAT THEY DO TO CHILDREN OR, MAYBE THEY’LL BECOME SERIAL KILLER’S! GUESS THAT’S NORMAL RIGHT? THIS IS NOT OKAY MORAN’S!!!!?

  • Christina says:

    There are enough human beings in this world where people should not be having sex with animals it is not right and there plenty of actual people in this world. Why pass it having people think it’s okay to have sex or rape poor animals it’s disgusting just say no to it. Because it’s wrong to rape any animals and people for that matter to be clear.

  • Nanana says:

    The fact that people need a pole for this topic disgusts and outrages me. Think of an animal as a child, they can not give consent to sexual acts. They have no voice, thus meaning that law is now putting our animals in danger of a criminal act. This is animal abuse at its purest and should the new law should be reevaluated.

  • Jean Schaeffer says:

    Because that is a sick disgusting was for a human to act, and a horrible life for an animal. Anybody agreeing to this is a sick sob too

  • Gabriella says:

    This is another act of cruelty against animals…

  • cools says:

    because it is sick , and not allowed by God

  • Tachel Ennever says:

    Innocent animals lives are at stake! Seriously? I said it once and I’ll say it again. Mother Nature is going to beat humanity into the ground for the way we treat her and het children (animals). I am looking forward to that day. People are idiots!

  • Arja,Röpelinen says:

    Bestiality is SIN(Leviticus 18:23; 20:15,16, Deuteromium 27:21)

  • Odile harroch says:

    Pervers!malades mentaux!incapables de baiser vos femmes ? Kelle horreur !

  • Jessica says:

    They don’t have a voice. They don’t have a way to say yes or no. We as humans can say yes or no to our partners, but animals, they can’t. This should not EVER be allowed! Should NEVER even be an option!

  • Madelyn Urso says:

    You love your animal, you love your children,
    So why do you rape them.
    I take it your saying having sex with both is legal then long as no penetration. Rape is rape. When I happens to you you’ll never be the same . The rest of your life is destroyed. Why are you condoning rape. Your a sick bunch of creatures. NOT even human beings. I’d put you all on the death row in prison.
    I’d rather put all animals shelters put to sleep then have you torture them your sick ways.
    I love my pets. Go find yourself a whore. Go to the vets and see what they are seeing from your perverts. It’s penetration. Your countries and people are going to hell for their ways. Your government should be ashamed of themselves.
    When your child comes running into your arms telling you a person did something to me it really hurt. Are you going to ask was it inside you. You can’t ask your dog that can you. Speak up I can’t hear you. Well the dog can’t speak for himself. You can. Stop this now.

  • Natalie says:

    I am vegan. I do not USE animals.

  • Ausra says:

    First of all, it’s a sickness for anyone wanting to perform a sexual act with an animal, it’s not human nature!! And secondly, it’s complete and total animal abuse, to subject an animal to such physical and emotional trauma. How is this even a consideration to be allowed?!! The people voting to allow this need to begin psychological counseling ASAP

  • Charmaine says:

    No animal deserves to be exploited. If the human wants sex go and buy a vibrator.

  • Lorrainne holwill says:

    It’s sick

  • JUDY DIERKS says:

    This sickness needs to STOP

  • Janice says:

    This is just insane. Poor animals could be beaten by not performing. People are just sick.

  • Monica Braberry says:

    Animals are not here for us to use, misuse and abuse!!!

  • Tisha says:

    The animals cannot voice their opinions, only we can help them, this is horrible.

  • Christine Eustaquio says:

    It’s disgusting, it’s cruel; it’s perverted. It promotes sick behavior.

  • Jackie McFadden says:


  • Michael says:

    I need to wrote a reason why sex with an animal is wrong? That’s a serious problem in its self.

  • Ben says:

    Are you that hard up, unable to relate to other human beings that you have to stick your bits in unconsentinf animals. Don’t know who is worse though, those that want to do it or those that want to make it legal.

  • Cherry wong says:

    They deserved it

  • Hannah says:

    Disgusting! Should be ashamed of yourselves! How is this right in your eyes? What is wrong with you!?

  • Samantha Storey says:

    If the animal has no choice, then how can you legalize this. Not to mention it takes a pretty sick individual to do this in the first place

  • JAnine says:

    Sick and shameful

  • Shirley fair says:

    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out if this is not right after that you guys are sick

  • Debbie Gibson says:

    How could anyone in their right mind think that this is alright for someone to commit on a defenceless animal! What is the matter with humanity?? This is making me sick!

  • Susan civitano says:

    This is disgusting.. animals are like our children and we are here to protect and help them, not hard and abuse them !

  • Name says:

    This is so disgusting period!!! Especially men doing this to the poor animal! I don’t think I need to point out the size of a grown man etc. the people that do this need to be gone from the earth along with all the other monsters that abuse animals! Disgusting freaks !!!!!!!!!

  • Heidi Foley says:

    This is despicable. No different than subjecting children to adult sexual acts and perversion. These are innocents animals who have no say they aren’t pieces of meat you can torment and harm. This is so vial is makes my stomach sick. I once respected Canada… no longer!!! Disgusting. Will never visit this country again is this if the kind of filth supported!

  • Marjorie Caldon says:

    because humans and animals should not be having any kind of sex

  • Cheryl says:

    the good Lord did not put us here on Earth to have sex with an animal it’s outrageous and cruel to an animal how would you like a donkey or a horse or do sexual acts to you

  • Angry and heartbroken says:

    This is sickening and twisted and perverted and IT IS ABUSE!! It’s just another way for these sick twisted monsters to get their own way for their own sick twisted pleasure. To me a dog is the same as a child. They have the same feeling we humans do they just don’t have a voice to tell you. Honestly the man who did that to his daughter basically abused her by using his dog. SICK SICK SICK!! Animals have so much more sense than humans do. In fact humans are not humans any more they are sick twisted monsters who want the right to do whatever they want to whoever or whatever they want. It’s wrong it’s sick it’s twisted it’s prrverted and its abuse!! These animals are being abused traumatized and terrorized and it angers me and totally breaks my heart. Truely the right is wrong and the wrong is right. Humanity as we know it is no more. STOP ALL ANIMAL ABUSE!! STOP THESE SICK TWISTED PERVERTED MONSTERS!! This should be outlawed and severely punished. Abuse is abuse no matter how you try to mke it right!! One day tbese poor innocent animals will get their vengance and justice for these abusers. STAND AGAINST ABUSE. Please dont abuse and hurt these animals any more.

  • Karen Cox says:

    This is abuse for these innocent animals. Think of them as young children. What the hell is wrong with these people?!?!

  • Wendy Laraway says:

    I cannot believe what I have just read, this is absolutely disgusting, why is the government allowing this practice,what is wrong with the human race that thinks it’s ok to carry out this very unnatural act against a defenceless animal, this is vile, I hope anyone that is planning a holiday in Canada will think again, I for one wouldn’t want to share the same oxygen as those deviants who would do this. THe whole world should denounce you, where is your humanity, does the Animal have any say in this no, for gods sake stop this.

  • Animal rights activists. Not a GOD DAMN pervert!!!! says:


  • Animal rights activists. Not a GOD DAMN pervert!!!! says:


  • Ronda says:

    Its fucking disgusting

  • Janine Pürstinger says:

    sorry … no words … what you will say about this …

  • Brian Stevens says:

    Because its bloody sick!

  • Shannon Walsh says:

    Disgusting and wrong.

  • Name says:


  • Vicki Smith says:

    It’s disgusting, immoral, sick, gross, harmful to the animals

  • Vicki Smith says:

    It’s disgusting, immoral, sick, gross, harmful to the animals

  • Ian hands says:

    How can this be passed

  • Dawn MacKenzie says:

    l cant believe this is even a question. Animals are like children that dont have a voice. This makes me sick to my stomach. lf l ever see anyone doing something like this it’ll be more than worth going to jail for because l’ll make sure they pay for it one way or the other

  • Name says:

    This is sick

  • Kimberly Jaudon says:

    Because it takes a very sick person to do this.Animals are put through a living hell with out this sick act if people are this low its seems to me we need to start trying to put sorry no good people like this in a hospital .

  • melissa slisz says:

    Sick– can they say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

  • Liz rennie says:

    I have to ask what kind of people are they Canadians sick

  • Rb says:

    Nasty as hell and if you doing this you are a sick fuck

  • T hunt says:

    Don’t think the animal has a choice and is not a willing partner.

  • Connie Bond says:

    This is a joke, right? Because this is sickening and perverse!

  • Name says:

    That is sick and against God

  • Mary Hall says:

    Firstly it is unnatural and I do not think for one moment that if these animals were able to speak would agree to being used by humans as sex objects. Get real it’s abhorrent

  • Carin says:

    The animals have nog choice in this and Will het abused, mistreated and hurt. They must be protected!

  • Mia van de Loo says:

    Als je je inlaat met zulke praktijken,zit er in je hoofd iets niet goed.

  • Cristiana says:

    Sex between species is not natural, it is a behavior of a sick society, and one of the parts (the animals) can not manifest against, they are simply submitted! Creating a law for this stimulates this behavior and causes it to be seen As normal, absurd !!

  • marina says:


  • Karen Krieger says:

    This is outrageous, have people no shame? We do enough to hurt, maim, distress & torture animals. This is just sick.

  • Cindy Lawrence says:

    Because its an ANIMAL you Muslim goat fuking piece of shit.

  • Name says:

    It’s Animal cruelty!!!!!!!!!

  • Veronica Miazga says:

    Animals can’t say ‘yes’ or even ‘not tonight’. This is disgusting and seriously puts a bad light on Canada.

  • Mrs Boyce says:

    get real this is the 21st century should be outlawed by now disgusting

  • L segal says:

    Poor animals. Animal cruelty

  • Pauline Parkin says:

    I can’t believe that I need to give a reason why I disagree!! To allow this is absolutely sickening. If some one wants sex go to another person, not a poor defenseless animal. it makes me so sick to think that this practice could be allowed. OMG what is this world coming too!!!

  • Margaret says:

    Inhuman and disgusting. Animals were not ment for human sex. It is rape.

  • tammy says:

    Sickening animals deserve rights not to be sexual abused so wrong

  • Daisy van roeyen says:

    Go to hell with that peaple !!

  • Anne says:

    How could anyone think this is okay? Could the people who okayed this get their knuckles off of he ground? Why does the ordinary joe (Canadian) not know of these issues till they are a done deal?

  • Catherine Traversone says:

    That’s not only disgusting but someone could very easily get carried away & hurt the animal by going to far.

  • Shawn Williamson says:

    This is absolutely fucking sick and twisted and disgustingly wrong on every level!

  • Mari says:

    Animals are our furry children and abuse of any kind is unacceptable!!!!

  • Kim Everett says:

    Why kind of sick disgusting depraved excuse for a human victimizes an animal and can rationalize it as okay? There is nothing acceptable about this period.

  • Deborah sellers says:

    Your pet is a loving innocent soul. How dare someone steal their faith in humans. If you can’t find a human partner or prostitute or satisfy yourself there is something seriously wrong.

  • Jane Quantrill says:

    Because only a sick person would do such a thing. Animals can’t give consent; so that makes it rape.

  • Sabine Danelon says:


  • Name says:

    It’s not right in the mind. People are poisoning their thinking by thinking this is ok. God I pray for those people who thinks this is ok. Stupid is what stupid does.

  • Muryan says:

    Beits insane! Have man and woman why? What do you think, custim. The end civilization.Desapoint Canadá .

  • sherry t. says:

    This is Absolutely Evil,Cruel & Sick!!!!!! These People Will Burn in the Lake Fire of Hell For All
    Eternity For the Abuse/Torture They Inflict on These Innocent,Vulnerable,Defenseless & Loving Creations of Almighty God!!!!!!! The God & Father of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ Will Not Let These People Go Unpunished For This!!!!!!! They Can Expect To Experience Torment & Suffering Throughout All of Their Damnation, As They Have Tormented & Caused Suffering Upon These Innocent,Vulnerable,Defenseless & Loving Creations of God Almighty in This Life!!!!!!! You Will Reap Whatever You Sow!!!!!!!

  • Wyzbang Young says:

    God never intended for humans to have sex with animals! Look what He did to Sodom and Gomorah! It’s filthy & disgustingly wrong!

  • Leslie Jones says:

    The animal cannot consent. It’s wrong.

  • Michelle McReynolds says:

    Pets should bee protected like children
    They have no voice or way to defend themselves either

  • Christine says:

    Just when I think mankind has scraped the bottom of the barrel something as disgusting and perverse & sickening as this comes along. This is akin to child molestation. Disgusting, shameful

  • Reressa brady says:

    2tthis is a disgusting act of depravity would the rape a child thought not! Why a dog because they cant speak to say no! just depraved arse—-s cant find words to fit such an act

  • Susan taylor says:

    It’s absolutely disgusting perverted it’s abise

  • Gail ross says:

    Anyone that does that to any animal should be jailed for life .they are sick in the head.they should have there bits cut of .it is rape .

  • carly newton says:

    I strongly disagree why?…….because it is disgusting that’s why!

  • Elke Denhart says:

    It is beyond comprehension to legalize a practice that is totally incomprehensible to
    to me.

  • Lisa Angelo says:


  • George Maracle says:

    This article and I imagine everyone on this website is complete bullshit.
    Alex Miller doesn’t have the skill to go out and dig up a real story so he makes them up.

    The only person here that is into bestiality is Alex Miller.

  • Judith Gautestad says:

    In which human mind does it feel right to have animalsex?? Its horrible and degrading. Denmark just forbid it, and Canada just let it happend again?? I really not in a lifetime that Canada would do such a thing!!! I am a norwegian and thought that you are more human than this. Innocent animals to be voileted like this, who in no way can understand why humans would treat them like this!!! There is enough cruelty agains animals on this earth, its time to stop and protest this human horrors!!!!!

  • Julie and Rick Martin says:

    Animal Abuse. Animals are not objects to be used for self gratification. Sick Bastards

  • Carla Rocha says:

    Because animals dont talk we must protect and defend them. They sofer in silence. We have to protect and defend all animals off abuse.

  • fhfkjlklklk says:

    It is animal exploitation also known as Rape. Animals don’t give their consent. This is making a sicker society with no moral standards. It is opening the flood gates for PERVERTS to do these sordid acts freely. DISGUSTING!!!!!

  • Karen says:

    It’s sick, where are animal rights ?

  • Cheryl Archie says:

    Did the animal give his/her consent? I don’t think so. That’s just nasty and going too far. Next people will be approving of underage sex. There needs to be some morals training going on. This is ridiculous!!!!

  • Jennifer says:

    I actually have to give a reason? Seriously?

  • Raewyn says:

    No need for it, it’s disgusting and the animal gets no choice.

  • Tina Miller says:

    This is wrong on so many levels. Animals can’t consent to be sexual partners. Sick sick SICK!

  • Louise Forbes says:

    Animals do not want to mix with humans in a sexual way. This is a gross violation of their rights. If we love and respect animals we do not force this up . Iinon them. Not kind at all

  • Louise Forbes says:

    Animals do not want to mix with humans in a sexual way. This is a gross violation of their rights. If we love and respect animals we do not force this up . Iinon them. Not kind at all

  • Charles A Dowdy says:


  • Charles A Dowdy says:


  • Margo says:

    This is allowing sin, supporting suffering and murder of God’s creation. Perhaps they should work on healthy marital relationships instead.

  • Patti Janke says:

    This is inhumane!!

  • Tammy Bradshaw says:
  • Annelies Craig says:

    Sick and perverted…there are respectable clean brothels as well as professional workers available..why stoop to this.

  • Stephanie says:

    This is horrible. Animals are meant to be companions, best friends, and loyal pets. Sexual acts against animals is horribly wrong. Find another human being to be intimate with. Animals need to be treated with respect.

  • Susan Engelby says:

    Are you fucking kidding me? In who’s right mind is this remotely ok!!!!
    These are none consenting beings!!
    Humans have surpassed their authority by saying something like this is OK! Who’s the insane monster mankingbthis something that’s agreeable by any standard…????
    Are you fucking kidding me – someone is a sociopath and needs to be evaluated for mental instability immediately!!!
    God help you

  • marianne th maasvaer says:

    How can sex with animals be legal – and how can we say that sex with animals is a lifestyle choice when animals don’t have a choice?

  • kristine maasvaer says:

    How can sex with animals be legal – and how can we say that sex with animals is a lifestyle choice when animals don’t have a choice?

  • Kathy Peterson says:

    It’s ethically morally wrong it’s disgusting !!! Animals were put here to be our companions and friends not sexual objects and to be abused

  • BBarbara Davis says:

    This is so wrong! What are these assholes thinking

  • Pamela says:

    How or why would anyone want to rape an animal? I don’t care what u think about, but if u act on it, you need to go to jail. The horror for that animal is unimaginable. How about we do the same thing to you? Tie u up, restrain u and let person after person rape unintil u die. Hmmmm in think that would
    be a good punishment!

  • Denise Halabi says:

    Animal should be protected not abused

  • Amélia says:

    This is not a lifestyle choice. They’re sick. Let the animals in peace :'(

  • Schelker Manuela says:

    Why???? Sick people in a sick world….

  • Krista says:

    It’s sick and wrong animals are for that

  • Pamela Blair says:

    This is sick!

  • Makena Westbrook says:

    This is so wrong.. Sexual acts need to stay between human beings. The acts of this is uncalled for, and disturbing because animals are living human beings which obey humans only because they love them. And in this case there is no bad dogs, on bad owners. This is upsetting and I am blessed I have my own opinion or what is right and wrong because many people need to take a look at theirs.

  • Avril McGrath says:

    Sick bastards are throwbacks for the 7th Century! Whoever signed this off needs hanging!! Leave them animals alone you sick fucks!!

  • Kailyn Halseth says:

    This is disgusting. Animals should not have to go through this.

  • Linda says:

    What is was with our Prime Minister is he SICK!
    This is SO WRONG!

  • Mary says:

    What kind of people would want to do something like this!!? We need to treat our furry friends as family members. Taking it this far is way beyond right!!!!

  • Sandra Whitley says:

    Tell you why…..REALLY!

  • John Riley says:

    This is very very wrong, and immoral

  • Frances Bee says:

    You shouldn’t be asking WHY if your human
    You should be saying animals don’t mix different breeds only when forced by breeders
    Stop this Now

  • Sharon hirth says:

    This is so sick and so wrong.. these animals
    Are not for sexual pleasure any sick person
    That engages in this is sick and no doubt
    Do the same to a child. The animals can’t fight for themselves or say NO

  • Michelle Peacock says:

    Rape is a criminal and violent act, no animals should have to endure it, human or otherwise!! The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong in this world!!

  • Deborah Hitlan says:

    I think acts like this leads to rape of animals, crimes involving animals and people too!

  • Elizabeth Hullinger says:

    This is horrific. Animals are innocent, defenseless creatures. They cannot run because chances are they would be tied up. This is a completely unnatural & immoral act. Please make this a law that no one be allowed to commit any, ANY sexual act with an animal. Whether penetration happens or not, it is UNNATURAL AND IMMORAL.

  • Lauryn says:

    Beastiality is disgusting and an animal cannot consent to sexual acts, especially those with a human.

  • Debi says:

    It steps over the MORALITY LAW to feed a person’s FLESH!

  • Tuesday says:

    Ewwww, what is wrong with people. Of course, I don’t agree with animal abuse. A lot of people are plain sick and/or evil.

  • Michaela Tooth says:

    This is so so wrong on so many levels, the Judge is sick must be to think it’s ok to do this to an innocent animal, this will be just the start of many sick humans thinking they can do whatever they want to any defenseless animal.

  • Brandon andras says:

    This makes me sick. What sort of person would want to harm an innocent animal? I can’t even imagine what sort of psychological damage this would do to any animal. This is outrageous!!

  • Name says:

    vross and disgusting period !!!

  • Ed Davis says:

    It’s just wrong on all levels, it state’s in the Bible that you are not to do that. The Muslims say it’s OK to have sex with animals, and that is an Ideology.

  • Fred says:

    Because it’s against the law of God

  • Lonneke says:

    B3cause it’s sick…animals don’t have a voice…we have to be that voice.

  • Paul E. Fisher says:

    How sick can people be?

  • Wes lowry says:

    It’s against nature and God’s law!!!!!

  • Name says:

    Its just wrong

  • Sabrina simoni says:

    What?? And do you even need to question how can a healthy person disagree with this !!! im in shock !! I truly cannot belive that humans want to have sex with or without penetration!!!! ( absolutly pathetic ) with animals !! It is sick and disgusting !! Humans conscious needs to be elevated so that there will be no doubt on how to adress this barbarian dark ages issue. I’m so ashame when I read this post I felt sick I felt so sad and depress because we have so much ignorance in the world…and which judge would pass this law?? One that is sick himself ??!! Because a healthy mind would never ever think to even consider anything so wrong !! The sistem is corrupt, the politicians, the priests, the judges, the all world is full of sick minds….I’m ashame to be human!! Canada, Germany, and all the other states, if you pass this law you outomaticly become a retarded dark ages country and I feel sorry for the healthy people in your country who disagree with this and have to put up with it. I would immediately moved to another country. Shame on you. !!!

  • Bill Heggers says:

    Because it is what it is, beastiality.
    The punishment used to be keel hauling, flogging, or hanging. Scripture clearly forbids it as an act against the will of God. It’s just an other stage of development in the decline of Western civilisation. God’s wroth is will be imminent.

  • Nads Marnier says:

    It’s degrading and cruel to pets. They are built differently to us. If this goes ahead many pets will die of unnecessary injuries. Love your animals. Don’t fuck them up !!

  • Alyssa Enyart says:

    Because animals should have fundamental rights like humans do. This encourages sexual assault of an animal

  • Name says:

    It’s an abomination back in the Bible days they were both stoned to death

  • Laxmi says:

    This so sense less god has created male n female in every present creature on earth for some reason and we human on tbe name lifestyle do anything animals have less sense than we human bt v behave as we are animal

  • Jamie frost says:

    It is sick how could anyone think it is OK to use animals for sex are you kidding me I’m a fighter for animals rights I will not stand by and let you think this is normal behaviour it’s sick and it’s vile animals are ment to be loved not raped!!!!!

  • Autumn says:

    So, is Canada saying that putting peanut butter on your kids genetalia and watching your dog lick it off is legal? Please tell me I am wrong

  • Name says:

    Disgusting and immoral!

  • Vyomika pandya says:

    It’s pathetic just because these poor babies cannot speak and cannot tell what they feel what if the same way a man have sex witht he female without her consent the same way they feel bad so just stop this nonsense otherwise it will not have good results

  • gerry says:

    People who sexualize and force animals into bestiality need to be charged to the fullest extent of the law that unfortunately was created by a group of people that have no regard for human or animal welfare, if this is what our world is forced to accept.
    An animal cannot consent to a sexual act,

  • Maryke Heath says:

    You just beyond understanding. Run out of Pepler? Anyone asked the animals how they Feel. This, Canada, if it’s not a joke, is the most disgusting, cruel and unacceptable behavior. A country where yiuvstruggke to get pain medication allows This- shiw the world what not to do and give us one,only one reason why this Is Acceptable, to.

  • Jim says:

    This is disturbing and zick

  • Lisa says:


  • Name says:

    Sex without consent is a crime. Animals can’t give consent, so bestiality should be a crime as well

  • Name says:

    This is not right. These animals are being abused for human pleasure?!!

    My god go screw a prostitute??

  • Tammie says:

    It is disgusting. What is wrong with these people. They must have mental disabilities.

  • Name says:

    No this is a violation of a beings life .. Wake job, anyone who supports this is sick in the head and beads help!

  • Siegrid says:


  • Siegrid says:


  • Karen Whitney says:

    Canada are you fuckin mad????

  • Arthi jega says:

    This has elements of sexual abuse ???

  • candice says:

    evil discusting

  • Mariana Lukacova says:

    sick people 🙁

  • Wendy Rogers says:

    Beastiality in any form is inhumane. I am from Canada and I can’t believe they gave this law.

  • Kristie says:


  • Pamela Doney says:

    This sickens me to the core.
    How on earth can this be allowed to happen in this day and age, a supposedly intelligent western country CANADA shame on you ….and any other country if you allow the same ……you are all perverted. ?????

  • Name says:

    Because it inhuman and sickening

  • SAMUEL says:


  • r says:

    Their Is NO EXCUSE Fo Accepting This Filtthy,Disgusting, Wicked Activity And Behavior. Humans And Animals Are NOT Meant Nor Designed To Have Sexual,Intimate Connections.There’s NOTHING Anyone Can Say Or Do To Justify These Actions.A Court System That Purposely Allows And Approves This Will Way More Than Sorry They Ever Allowed That To Happen.

  • Larry Daughters says:

    Why. Just say’in move to another location where there’s more options.

  • Gean masini says:

    Its sick and perverted

  • Saerom Lee says:

    He did that to his daughters. Not him!!!
    I don’t think they chose to be licked by dogs.
    Their father did.

  • Splashstorm says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with zoophilia. Just because someone thinks something is gross doesn’t mean it should be illegal!! Animals do give consent.. They can be extremely willing at times. Is their consent not good enough because they don’t understand what they’re consenting to?? If this is the case, why is it legal to have sexual relations with an extremely mentally disabled person?? Shouldn’t we ban all sex with those people because technically they don’t know what they’re consenting to????

  • Ppp says:

    To the people who are calling all this gross and disgusting and in human, I bet u have at least seen one video that was about bestiality!!

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