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Hillary Clinton Probably Rigged This Election Too



  • On Sunday John Cena and Victoria Justice dressed up as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the Teens Choice Awards.
  • They cast a vote through Rock The Vote organization to see what candidate teens would be more interested in having as their next President.
  • The voter at the end of the night ended up being Hillary Clinton.

Sunday night marked the turning point in history. Rock The Vote campaign partnered up with Teen Choice Awards to see what candidate teens were voting for. To the surprise of everyone, both Presidential candidates showed up to the award ceremony. John Cena, the WWE star, dressed up in a massive pink dress and wig playing the part of Hillary Clinton, and Victoria Justice, Disney channel actress, rocked a black presidential suit and wig to play the part of Donald Trump.

Keegan – Michael Key, comedian and former star of Key and Peele, walked  onto the stage and announced the two candidates with the best Obama impersonation he could muster. He said, “This year, we are holding the first ever Teen Choice presidential election. Now you guys get to tell the country who you want for president.”

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2016 Teen Choice Awards — Election by tvvideoclips
A mock impersonation of a classic Hillary and Trump bickering battle transpired between the two “cross-dressers.”

“Nice pantsuit, it's huge,” Justice said to Cena.

“Nice head badger, it's ridiculous,” Cena said to Justice.

“Donald, I thought you would be bigger,” Key (the MC) said to Justice.

“What do you mean? I'm huge,” Justice responded.

Throughout the night they told the mostly teenage girl audience that they could use their smartphones or computers to vote for either Trump or Hillary. Of course, boo's escaped the crowd when Key told them that they couldn't write in their own candidates such as a Pokemon or Justin Bieber.

At the end of the night, they tallied the votes and announced, over Twitter, that Hillary was the winner. That could just be because the giant John Cena showed up in a big pink dress. I mean, if I he went through all the effort, why not give him the award right?

So, it looks like Hillary was getting some free press over the weekend. Apparently, teens are more interested in Hillary Clinton (aka John Cena in drag) as the President of the United States.

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