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DNC Recap: Bernie Sanders Proves To Be A Con Man



Watch the above speech that Bernie Sanders gave at the Democratic National Convention to close out the first day. The speech is best summed up as a slow train wreck rolling on to its doom.

Bernie Sanders ran a long campaign and whipped his supporters into a frenzy on the backs of promises that are all but impossible to make good on. Yet, quicker than any of his supporters could believe, he abandoned all of those principles and supporters to endorse his enemy, Hillary Clinton.

Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton was Sanders' enemy just as much as she is the enemy of Donald Trump and the Republican party. More so even, she conspired against Bernie Sanders in every way. Yet, here he is selling out and selling his supporters out for god knows what.

I never liked Sanders and I never bought into his brand of socialism, but you can respect someone with different ideas as long as they are honest and true. For a while, he seemed to embody that. Sanders fought against his corrupt party and tried to help the liberal voters see just how bad the Democratic party had gotten… Only to turn around and kiss Hillary's ring when things didn't fall his way.

To me, Bernie Sanders turned out to be nothing more than a con man who lived well for a while selling the dream of change and revolution, but in the end, he took the pay out that Hillary offered.

Take note, his short-sighted scam will doom the Democratic party. They will not recover from the divide that he and his followers have created. His quick payout will fuel the fire that burns the Democratic party to the ground.

On the other hand, he's been an Independent the whole time. Maybe this was his plan all along.

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