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COVID Vaccine Program Ends in Denmark, Virus Under Control



Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, coronavirus vaccination program in Denmark | COVID Vaccine Program Ends in Denmark, Virus Under Control | featured

The nation of Denmark became the first country in the world to end its national COVID vaccine program. The country’s health authority declared that Denmark finally has the virus under control.

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Denmark Ends its National COVID Vaccine Programs

Coronavirus COVID-19 in Denmark. Woman in medical protective mask | Denmark Ends its National COVID Vaccine Programs

In a statement Wednesday, the Danish Health Authority announced the end of the national COVID vaccine program. Saying that the COVID virus is now under control, the country will now discontinue its national vaccination program.

However, health officials are not discounting that Danish citizens will likely need to get a new round of vaccines in the future.    

“Spring has arrived, vaccine coverage in the Danish population is high, and the epidemic has reversed,” the agency said. “Therefore, the National Board of Health is now ending the broad vaccination efforts against Covid-19 for this season.”

‘We Are in a Good Place’

Consequently, this means that the health authority will stop inviting citizens for vaccinations beginning May 15. However, the government will continue to encourage Danes to complete their COVID vaccine programs. 

Denmark started its national COVID vaccine program in December of 2020. According to the Danish health agency, 4.8 million citizens received the full vaccine program. Another 3.6 million Danes received a booster shot.

In addition, many citizens contracted COVID from the omicron variant and have since recovered. This helps keep immunity levels high. Bolette Soborg of the national Board of Health said the timing was right.

“We are in a good place,” he commented. “We have good control of the epidemic, which seems to be subsiding.

Admission rates [to hospitals] are stable and we also expect them to fall soon. Therefore, we are rounding up the mass vaccination program against Covid-19,” she added. 

Vaccine Remains An Option for All

However, Soborg clarified that vaccines will remain an available option for residents during the spring and summer. In addition, vaccination sites will remain open across Denmark.

He added that the government still recommends immunization for citizens with increased risks against the virus.

This includes the elderly, those aged above 40 years, and unvaccinated pregnant women. “We also continue to recommend that you complete your started vaccination course,” he said.

Also, Denmark might reimpose its COVID vaccine program if the need arises. Especially if the virus continues to mutate, additional protective measures against the virus become necessary.

From previous indications, the health agency said that they will likely ask Danes to vaccinate again by fall. 

World’s Response to COVID Remains Mixed

Denmark’s decision to end its COVID vaccine program remains a unique response Many countries are still dealing with outbreaks within their borders. China is now in the midst of strict lockdowns in its major cities.

Meanwhile, US politicians continue to bicker with the national health agency over pandemic-era issues such as mask-wearing and additional COVID funding.  

Watch the ABC News video reporting that Denmark halts COVID-19 vaccine program:

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