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Donald Trump Makes The National Anthem Great Again



Watch what happens when the organizers of a Trump rally try to tell the man himself that they don't have time to sing the national anthem.

Donald Trump wants to make America great again and in doing so a return to traditional American values. Part of that is appreciation for our anthem. So you better believe that Trump stood up and demanded the song be sang.

Trump invites Sherry Wilkins out to sing, and let me tell you, she absolutely kills it.

The crowd goes nuts chanting, USA USA USA!

This moment is really important to understand. This is what is at stake. It starts with the little things, like anthems and pledges, but if we don't hold onto these traditions than all the big stuff starts to unravel with it. Donald Trump understands this and it shows.

After the amazing national anthem by Wilkins, Donald Trump calls on stage a group of women who showed up early to give their support for the candidate. Trump says “I'm telling you, women do like me.” It shows. There is no place in the world the women he greets would rather be.

Trump is slowly, but surely winning over all his opponents and facing Hillary on the other side, I see no way he can lose. Donald Trump is already making America great again.

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  • paul says:

    Because the way things are going,
    America is no longer great…

    • Avalon Adam says:

      What is you defination of Great? Full employment, low crime figures, safe neighbourhoods, everyone able to aspire to high education no matter what their income of social status, free healthcare for all?

  • john eshleman says:

    what great program

  • Wallace Dering says:

    We need a drastic change in the way this country is being governed !! Enough of this political correctness and pandering to other countries. The USA must continue to be strong and vigilant and we surely do not need a 3rd term of Obama madness. We used to be highly respected in the world for our strength and military muscle that maintained PEACE in the world, but today we are simply a pushover for any and all countries that want to do us harm. We are slowly but surely becoming a 3rd world country thanks to this current crop of Democrats and it’s well past time we turn things around and exert ourselves again to prevent carnage. Our current leadership has not only destroyed our economy, but has also allowed the bad elements and hate spewing ideologies to rise and create turmoil. Make AMERICA great again and this country can once again maintain peace in this world for the betterment of ALL mankind !!

    • Avalon Adam says:

      As an Brit who considers the USA his second home , Im not sure what other countries. The USA has been pandering to (except Israel of course). The USA used to be highly respected in the world for your justice , innovation and inspiration. Invading other countries is not something thta hgets you respect, only hated. Im still unsure why the UK and the USA went to war in Gulf War 2, except for the ies of Tony Blair. Massive public spending on your military has not only destroyed your economy, but has also sucked up so much tax payers money..Its time America realised what you think is for the betterment of ALL mankind. Is not shared by some people. Why get involved in world affairs when you can rebuild your economy and have a great safge , just place to live.

  • Celeste Wallace says:

    Because we live in a free country due to the sacrifice of many men and women!

  • Art Waldeck says:

    Mr. Trump is refreshing! After the last seven+ years of Barak Obama and his trashing our founding values it is great to have a candidate that has an appreciation for the patriotic values on which we were founded.

    His love of this country and its citizens is valued by many. It is time to take our country back from the liberal traitors that we have had in office far too long.

    May God Bless America, and Bless and give Wisdom to Donald Trump!!

  • Manuel Herrada says:

    Quite simply if it had been Obama or either of the Clinton’s they would not have played it.

  • cheri says:

    he made sure it was presented, we all need to make time to honor THE FATHER, YEHOVAH, and the country HE gave us, all the people that want our government to protect our GOD-GIVEN rights, and all the people who DEFEND them. THANK YOU to ALL who stand up to protect FREEDOM, that YEHOVAH has given us, and have given their lives for us, the ones who believe, and love HIM. A THANK YOU just isn’t enough.

  • Thomas says:

    Thomas Give us back our freedoms!!!

  • Colin Jeffcoat says:

    Last time I voted was for A Movie Star and it’s time to do it again!
    Go get them my man and get that wall up!!!!!!

  • Leah Schlief-Freese says:

    I firmly believe that America can achieve greatness with Donald Trump as President. I also firmly believe Donald Trump will never allow America fall behind as a top world leader. It will take Trump some time to bring America back form the devastation the last 8 years under Obama but he will do it, Trump will bring greatness back to the United States of America. Trump proves this time and time again, he loves America and will stand up for only success, pride of country, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and freedom from government constraints. Trump is the good guy in the white hat.

  • Avalon Adam says:

    Policies, whats policies has Trump? simply babbling on about Mexicans and Muslims is not a policy. What is his fiscal policy? What is foreign policy? Does he have a way to reduce the deficite? I’ve been waiting for weeks on this site for someone to tell me.

  • John ghougasian says:

    I’m an American

  • Joseph Gallagher says:

    Our Father in heaven created this wonderful country to do exactly what, we the people have been doing for over 240years, keeping the world a safer and loving place for all his children. But the devil will have due, re-Obama, the Clintons, most of the so called demorat-ic party(turd ticks) with hardy hand full of RINO’s (turd tick Repubs) throne in to due the devils dirty deeds. But our Farther, every so often, puts a smart and tough man in the mix to keep the world going a while longer until his son, our lord and savior returns. Thank you Father for Donald Trump.

  • Rose says:

    2nd. amendment, legal immigration, strong America can lead other nations, with respect,
    veterans will be taken care of.

  • Wendell Hardesty Sr. says:

    Proud to be AMERICAN !!!!!!!

  • DUKE says:

    President Trump will bring back the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance to all events and all schools. Children and all people in this country will learn / know the words, and sing / recite them for all appropriate occasions. Exact opposite of what Otraitor has done to eliminate our important Patriotic rites, rituals, exercises, and exhibitions. America needs to be made GREAT again, and President Donald J. Trump will make it happen. God Bless Donald J. Trump.

  • charlie says:

    I thine it was a very good thing he did. Others would have said that’s OK!

  • Beverly says:

    Just by not omitting it, he was putting it as primary importance which is accentuating patriotism and patriotic enthusiasm, which is one of the things that has America and Americans great! Now the Pledge of Allegiance needs to go back into the schools, with Under GOD included! Daily said!

  • Lori Pfouts says:

    Because he made sure it was honored like it should be . Like America will be again.

  • Last man thinking says:

    American politicians are not reflecting on the
    Bill of Rights ..ignore their duty to follow the Constitution.pass Laws they never read..insist
    the status quo of their Corrupt two party system..refuse to balance the Budget..Traitors to our People..denigrate the American Military
    History..economically enslaveMinorities..teach sexual perversion in our schools..apologize to
    former and present Enemy Nations..stripped the South of its Battle Flags without even acknowledging the Confederacy ‘s Constitution.. Now they want to strip Old Glory
    Donald Trump is correct in performing the National Anthemn.. I hope he write an Executive Order require all Media to display our Flag and making it a banishment Punishment for any person to harm the fabric or disrespect the lyrics of our Flag.
    I live in China PRC try to desecrate their National Flag die! We need to stop the coddling of our Enemies within and give them
    a reason to love America or take their B.S to
    another Country..these Traitors need to be shown the Cowards they really are! They won’t leave because elsewhere they will die.
    I hope we cn put these Tories up on the Gallows..a 2nd American Revolution to enforce the Constitution as originally written
    Eliminate welfare it breeds contempt of the Flag thru false Socialistic Values.
    Government is corrupt needs to be re-educated to regret no term limits As they rot
    In Prison! Ballots failed to change this Corrupt two party system they want to steal our 2nd admendment rights we can not exercise our right to eliminate a despotic Government! Donald Trump gets the message people are Fed up with lies and disrespect for our Rights!

  • Leo says:

    At least he was using his right hand over his heart instead of left hand over the chest like Obama our worst president did.

  • Bob says:

    This song brings tears of pride to my eyes. As an “almost” draft dodger in 1967 I did not flee to Canada to avoid the Vietnam war in order not to shame my heroes (WWII Vet uncles). I lost many friends while serving in Vietnam in 1968. Their faces appear to me when the song is sung.

  • Roxy says:

    As he said,”lets make America great again”. When I was a kid we did the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag in grammer school. Need to get it back.

  • Jimmy says:

    Reinforcement of what AMERICA IS ABOUT. We should show these kind of AMERICAN PRIDE Reminders to those who want to destroy FREEDOM and remove ALL RIGHTS OF FREE PEOPLE. THANK YOU, MR TRUMP

  • Michael Kotte says:

    Mr. Trump is a real american. The other two people( Clinton, and Sanders) are so crooked that they cant even walk straight.

  • Timothy Singleton says:

    America for the people, always!

  • Erika Zeigler says:

    Because Donald Trump is a real American who loves his country. We need to throw out all the people who disrespect OLD GLORY, they don’t deserve to live in this country. We have too much garbage people in out country, ship them back to where they came from. Lets make America great again.

  • George Peabody says:

    I agree Trump’s leadership is geared toward restoring our Constitutional Republic and the Supreme Law of OUR Land, and our patriotic traditions that celebrate OUR Nation’s exceptionalism, such as our National Anthem, that the Obama Regime has ignored while promoting Islam and communism and anti-American treason. Looks like Trump is living up to my expectations—so far. Trump 2016!!

  • gar whit says:


  • Jorge Goulden says:

    We need American values that have been lost thru the generations. For a person of Mr. Trump’s stature to stop everything and to make time for the American Anthem speaks volumes for what he stands for. “Make America Great Again!”

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