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Don’t Thank Vets On Memorial Day!



Don’t wish me a happy Memorial Day. There is nothing happy about the loss of the brave men and women of our armed forces who died in combat defending America. Memorial Day is not a celebration.

Memorial Day is a time for reflection, pause, remembrance and thanksgiving for patriots who gave up their own lives to protect the lives and freedom of us all – including the freedom of generations long gone and generations yet unborn. We owe the fallen a debt so enormous that it can never be repaid.

Memorial Day is a time to honor the lives of those who would rather die than take a knee when our national anthem is played. But they will fight and die for the rights of those who kneel.

This holiday is a time to think of young lives cut short, of wives and husbands turned into widows and widowers, of children growing up without a father or mother, of parents burying their children.

Memorial Day is a time to think of might have beens that never were. Of brave Americans who put their country before themselves. Without these heroes, America would not be America.

What does this day mean to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Dan says:

    In our circle of family and friends, what we do is set an empty place; plate, utensils, ect, for those who didn’t make it.

  • William Beattie says:

    Memorial day is a day to remember those who fought for freedoms they would never experience themselves. From the Revolutionary War to today in the Middle East, lives have been sacrificed by selfless young Americans so others could experience freedoms that many take for granted.

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