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Europe Has Fallen To ISIS



Europe Has Fallen To ISIS

It doesn’t really matter when you are reading this, chances are that there was a terrorist attack in Europe yesterday and if not, then the day before.

It is not hyperbole or exaggeration. Literally every day an attack is happening in Germany, France, or somewhere else in the EU and ISIS is taking the credit. It doesn't matter if it’s the killing of a priest, a bombing at a music fest, shooting people at a mall, or driving a truck and killing over 70 people trying to enjoy fireworks. Europe has proven that they can not stop terrorism.

That is just the tip of the iceberg too. These attacks have been happening for a while now and they show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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Europe has fallen to ISIS.

They didn’t win with a giant, well trained, and well-funded army. They did it by sneaking into the country with a wave of refugees and then occupying cities in every country, waiting for their opportunity to strike. You see, the war isn’t close to over, but they are here and they have already won. They will keep striking until Europe is ready to collapse in on itself.

The Islamic State has taken asymmetrical warfare to a whole new level. They simply put their hateful rhetoric and tactics out on the internet and invite anyone in the world to freely join in on their worship of violence, chaos, and hatred.

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Any sad, isolated, angry individual who was thinking of suicide can now instead pick up a gun, or a bomb or even just get behind the wheel of a truck and take out dozens of people with him. Becoming infamous in their death and a hero to this brutal underground murder cult.

These people have already surrounded all of Europe and they will not be stopped or talked down. More waves of violence are coming. They have taken some of the greatest cities ever built by humanity hostage and they want nothing but to sow terror and revel in the chaos.

#French police try to enter a #muslim no-go zone.

It's too late, #France, your country is lost. Too many #muslims..

— Viva Europa (@realVivaEuropa) June 2, 2016

So far, Europe's leaders have no clue how to prevent more of this. They are helpless and can only hope and pray that it does not happen again, knowing full well that it will.

The United Kingdom knew this and it was a major driving point in why the left the European Union. The EU Keeps having these attacks happen on their soil by refugees and every day takes in more and more from the very place that ISIS thrives. That is sheer madness and the UK had had enough.

Sadly, it might have been too late, only time will tell. They also suffer from proximity to nations like France, who put the whole region at risk with their bad decisions and liberal weakness for always doing what is politically correct instead of what is right.

Thankfully, it hasn’t taken hold here in the United States like it has overseas, but I have no doubt that it will. This is a global problem, we all underestimated ISIS, but they had us dead to rights the whole time.


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