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Hillary Deals A Second Blow To Our Military



  • The four heroes of Benghazi are not happy with the direction of the military these days.
  • They are suspicious about the Benghazi attack and think that Hillary and Bill Clinton had something to do with the lack of support that they received.
  • John Tiegen, one of the Marines who helped defend thirty American lives, claimed that the report on the attack was suspicious and did not make sense.
  • Tiegen has now endorsed Trump and even spoke on his behalf at the Republican National Convention.

Only four heroes of the Benghazi attacks, the ones that risked their lives to defend more than thirty Americans, survived the attack. One of the survivors is voting for Donald Trump because “he gets it.”

John “Tig” Tiegen, Mark “Oz” Geist, Dave “Boon” Benton (Marine veterans) and Kris “Tanto” Paronto (an Army veteran) all helped contribute to the book '13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi'. Tiegen said, “You got a businessman, who knows how to run things, knows how to get things done–he’s going to have the aggressiveness America needs to have,” referring to Trump.

Not only has Tiegen endorsed Trump, but he also got to speak to at the Republican National Convention yesterday. Apparently, the four Benghazi heroes were very impressed by the sincerity of Donald Trump.

Tiegen said, “We got to ask him questions and to see if he would give us the political answer or the straight up answer. You know? He gave us the straight up answer. Didn’t try to sweet-talk anything or answer our question with a question.”

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Although Tiegen and Geist are reportedly stepping up to help Trump win the White House, they wanted to make sure that the public knew that their book was not political. “We just wanted to make sure the four guys were being honored correctly,” he said. “To bring politics into the story of that night would be a dishonor to them. We weren’t fighting for our political parties, you know? We were fighting for each other–to get out of there alive.”

The four heroes were skeptical as to why the Pentagon did not send them the help that night in Benghazi, and their suspicions point to Hillary Clinton. “You don’t have to be in uniform, to me, the average American always thinks: ‘Hey, if Americans are in trouble, the troops are going to come for you.’ It seems like, under the Clintons, they don’t do that,” Tiegen said.

Apparently, in a report, about why help was not sent to Benghazi, they claimed that all the Air Force jets were broken down due to a parts inventory. At this point, Tiegen said he stopped reading. “Everyone in the military knows they are lying when they say a whole entire Air Force base overseas was shut down all the planes were down for maintenance or for training,” he said. “For me, that was the red flag, I knew I didn’t have to read their report no more because I knew they were lying–that never happens. It doesn’t happen in the U.S., so you know it doesn’t happen overseas on 9-11–they’re covering somebody’s behind–maybe they were offered a job with the Clinton Foundation? I don’t know,” Tiegen said.

A lot of people are unsatisfied with the way the military is being operated these days and Tiegen is one of them. “If I was getting ready to join the military right now, I wouldn’t do it. I’d wait to see who is getting elected–if it is another Clinton, you don’t know if they have your back if something happens. They will just leave you to hang out to dry,” he said.

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