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John Kerry Is A Dangerous Fool



John Kerry is an extraordinary fool.

In this video, Kerry mentions the terrible and devastating attacks on 9/11 and then uses the attack to justify how America should have no walls. That's right, John Kerry thinks that because we failed to defend ourselves on that day, that we should give up the idea of defense as a whole.

John Kerry

“Many of you were in elementary school when you learned the toughest lesson of all on 9/11. There are no walls big enough to stop people from anywhere, tens of thousands of miles away, who are determined to take their own lives while they target others. So I think that everything we have lived and learned tells us that we will never come out on top if we accept advice from soundbite salesmen and carnival barkers, who pretend that the most powerful country on earth can remain great by looking inward and hiding behind walls at a time when technology has made that impossible to do and unwise to even attempt.”

Included in that idiotic statement is a rather strong jab at Donald Trump, whom I am sure won't refrain from firing back. It also ends with a special kind of wisdom for today's youth. If something is hard work then why even attempt it.

This is how Democrats like John Kerry think and preach to the younger generations. Don't work hard in life and always be looking for the next handout. Pathetic.

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  • Eugene says:

    That speech, want more proof look at the Iran deal and how Iran has acted since. He is a mindless Obama puppet and in no way is he qualified for his position. Of course Hillary the Liar and money launderer wasn’t qualified either both political hacks.

  • Karen M. says:

    John Kerry presented himself as a mindless dangerous person during Viet Nam Era. Unfortunately, he has succesfully continued with worsening degree in the subsequent years. JMO

  • Earnest Tull says:

    He is an A..hole.

  • Chuck Frantzen says:

    I have always thought he was pathetic.He will say anything to stay on top.Including selling out American citizens.Just my opinion from your friendly Vietnam Vet

  • Name says:

    He is a liberal idiot

  • Sanford says:

    Just look at his record!

  • Dawn Shevlin says:

    I am no fan of Kerry but this time I think he is correct on this “wall” theory as a no go. I wonder have you trump pubs gone mad? Seriously, who in their right mind would want to be walled in, in America!!?? America went abroad to help PEOPLE remove walls, and now you all want to be as those PEOPLE were?? Hello…..
    First of all it is an impossible task to think a wall the length of the entire northern & southern borders of this country could even be built, and has anyone even thought of the cost to do that OR who will pay for it??? DUH! LOL..

    Secondly, if any of you dumb dumb’s were educated in history, and specifically for this point ancient history, you may not be so stupidly quick to jump on this wall bus idea being blown at you by a trumpet. In approx. 70 AD this is what the Romans did to the Christians & Jews, a.k.a. BELIEVERS in Christ Jesus, to surround them – wall them in to their cities to prevent any of them from leaving ( escaping ) and in order to starve them to death which is exactly what happened. No one was able to leave to get resources – FOOD – necessary for survival, and those who did jump the wall were captured and taken in to custody, then crucified. Not many survived but those who did became slaves to the Romans.

    Besides this fact of life is the fact that too many crazies are already INSIDE the proposed wall borders and so why would you want to isolate yourselves with them already as your neighbors????? DUH. It is sheer madness what you are asking for and I highly recommend you wake up and stop sucking in wall wind from fake political trumpets before the old adage comes to pass; “be careful what you wish for you might just get it”.
    It is shocking to me that PEOPLE are asking for this! Pathetic and embarrassing as well.
    God help this world, they know not what they do or ask for.
    A retired pub.

  • Jack says:

    He is a traitor he has a proven record of being a slime ball.

  • Thomas Feigel says:

    Israel has had a great impact on terrorist activity with their wall … The White House has a wall (fence) that John Kerry once threw his medals over that keeps intruder out as well. What an educated fool!

  • Bill Scully says:

    Without realizing it, this idiot said what many of us suspected… The government is working toward a one world governance with one economy. No borders, etc. we the people need to hear about UN agenda 21, which includes common core…. These people need to be stopped and fired….

  • DavidWeimer says:

    I do not agree with Kerry’s statement henis a lier bought and paid for by the elite statest in Washington

  • Ed Jackson says:

    The biggest reason he is a dangerous fool is his complete lack of negotiating skills. Iran got everything in his foolish nuclear deal, including enough money to buy Russian missiles to strap their atomic weapons onto, to send them around the world. It’s difficult to say if he or Obama is the greater fool.

  • C. McCurdy says:

    Mouth is running but brain is not engaged. He is a wannabe.

  • Nancy nOBLE says:


  • Thos M. Jenkins says:

    Kerry is obviously mentally retarded.

  • Thom Jenkins says:

    Kerry is obviously mentally retarded.

  • George Lowery says:

    This guy is and idiot and always has been. People know what he is and they should educate their children about people like him and Obama along with Clinton. Our freedoms are being stripped away from us and we have to stand up and fight for them as our military has for years.

  • Larry Ashmore says:

    you don’t tell the American people that we cant win

  • evelyngallenstein says:

    he repeats the same s—t are government tells him to or should I say our president. He says this s—t so much he actually believes it!

  • Wayne says:

    Because liberals will never understand WHAT it takes to make America great

  • Beverly says:

    If walls can’t ‘help’ protect the United States then WHY is Obama raising the White House fence by 5ft. when he SHOULD be removing it completely! “TEAR THAT WALL (fence) DOWN, OBAMA!!!”

  • DUKE says:

    This has been sickeningly obvious since day one!!

  • Milano says:

    He is not a fool, he is a traitor. His life mission is to destroy the country.

  • margaet_tull says:

    never liked carry he has alay been a wheasle

  • Thom Jenkins says:

    Judging from his public pronouncements, he is either mentally retarded or a very clever demagogue.

  • Jim Robinett says:

    this being is NOT for the Country we love and defend. He and his buddy, Jane Fonda, were apparently responsible for many deaths of American veterans in the Vietnam war. They both publically downgraded the American soldiers apparently causing many soldiers to die who should be alive today.

  • William Huber says:

    He’s a complete boot lick for Obama and his Muslim support. The Iran “deal” was a typical backroom action of a gangster Chicago politician which is all Obama is…a glib, grinning baboon and a hollow shill with no substance or morals (American or Christian anyway).

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