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Julius Malema Leads South African Parliament in Motion to Seize Farmland



This Tuesday, the South African Parliament, led by Julius Malema, put into motion newly elected president Cyril Ramaphosa’s promises to “expropriate” land owned by white South African farmers. Will this mark the beginning of Zimbabwe 2.0?

South African Parliament Passes Racist Radical Marxist Motion

The South African Parliament voted Tuesday to amend the country’s constitution to legally permit the confiscation of land from its white minority without any compensation – call it state-sanctioned, blatantly racist theft.

The shameful and horrifying motion was brought about by the leader of the opposition Julius Malema from the radical Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party. The motion was fiercely supported by the ruling African National Congress (ANC), which occupies approximately two-thirds of the seats in the South African Parliament.

“The ANC unequivocally supports the principle of land expropriation without compensation,” said Gugile Nkwinti, the Rural affairs minister for the ruling ANC party.

The measure passed overwhelmingly by a vote of 241 in favor of to 83 against. The policy was a primary factor in South Africa’s newly elected president Cyril Ramaphosa’s platform after he took the place of the utterly corrupt Jacob Zuma in late February. Following, his inauguration in late February, Cyril Ramaphosa declared that he would work to speed up the “transfer” of white farmland to black South Africans.

The only parties who opposed the motion were the Democratic Alliance (DA), the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), Congress of the People (COPE), and Freedom Front Plus.

South Africa Goes Back On Promises

The motion comes only 24 years after apartheid officially ended. White South Africans concluded the system of apartheid with the explicit constitutional guarantee that their land wouldn’t ever be taken from them. However, now because white South Africans have been reduced to a small oppressed minority with intensely diminished political power, that's all been thrown completely out the window.

The hate-filled radical Marxist Julius Malema has called the white farmers who provide food for the country “criminals.” In 2016, he told his followers he was “not calling for the slaughter of white people – at least for now.”

In an address to the South African Parliament, Julius Malema told legislators, “The time for reconciliation is over. Now is the time for justice. We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.”

Julius Malema’s hostile belligerence is nothing new, and for some time now, he’s been quite vocal regarding his long-standing commitment to land confiscation without compensation. For years, he’s been at the forefront of this movement which has sought to legalize the theft of white farmers’ land. Unfortunately, the ANC has more or less been forced to follow suit out of concern for losing popular support among the country’s poorer black constituency.

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One would think that a case like this would be prompting international outrage. However, since it’s only the “evil” white people who are being victimized, it’s more or less being lauded. Let it be clear that what’s implicitly being said is, “That they deserve it.”

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Cries From Opposition Political Leaders and Civil Rights Organizations

Freedom Front Plus party leader Pieter Groenewald said that the dictate to take possession of white farmers land would inevitably result in “unforeseen consequences that are not in the interest of South Africa.”

Meanwhile, Ernst Roets – deputy chief executive officer of AfriForum, a South African civil rights organization – has said that the parliamentary motion is a gross violation of the 1994 agreement where the ANC promised minority interests would be guaranteed and defended post-apartheid.

“This motion is based on a distorted image of the past,” Ernst Roets said. “The phrase ‘expropriation without compensation’ is a form of semantic fraud. It is nothing less than racist theft. The EFF’s view on redistribution is merely a racist process to chase white people off their land and establish it within the state. This is not only deceiving, but also a duplication of the economic policies that the world’s worst economies put in place.”

Ernst Roets declared Marxist claims that “white people who own land necessarily obtained it by means of oppression, violence or forced removals” was “simply deceitful.”

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AfriForum has vowed to take its fight to the United Nations if needed.

Meanwhile, COPE party leader Mosiuoa Lekota said that there’s “danger that those who think equality in our lifetime equates that we must dominate whites.”

Inequality of Outcome Does Not Equal Oppression

According to Bloomberg, a 2017 government audit found white South Africans owned 72 percent of farmland in the country.

However, counter to what the radical Marxists would like you to believe, in addition to the narratives propagated by the EFF, ANC, and other extreme leftist organizations and mainstream media outlets around the world, white South Africans are in possession of this land due to the fact that they colonized it and built it from absolutely nothing during the 1600s. Dutch settlers quite literally “drained the swamps” which overlaid much of South Africa and constructed elaborate, enormous farms in their place.

These early Dutch farmers, despite being deemed “colonial oppressors,” caused millions of Africans from every corner of the colossal continent to immigrate to their prosperous colonies in South Africa to share in the plentiful bounty they produced.

Barbaric Violence Against White Farmers in South Africa on the Rise

Other civil rights groups inside of South Africa have accused both the radical Marxist parties ANC and the EFF of inciting an ongoing torrent of atrocious attacks on white farmers characterized by utter bloodthirstiness, ruthless inhumanity, extreme brutality, rape, and torture. According to the African News Agency, more than 70 people were killed in more than 340 such attacks just last year alone, making farming more dangerous than being a police officer.

Just last month, Robert Lynn and Sue Howarth, a married couple who had lived on their remote farm in Dullstroom, a town in the northeast of South Africa for 20 years, were woken up at 2 a.m. by three intruders breaking into their home through a window. The couple was tied up, stabbed and tortured with a blowtorch for several hours.

The barbarism didn’t stop there, though. The masked men then forced a plastic bag down Sue Howarth’s throat and tried to strangle Robert Lynn with a bag. The husband and wife were then forced into their own vehicle, and were driven to a remote roadside they were both mercilessly shot. Sixty-four-year-old Sue Howarth, a former business executive, was shot twice in the head while her husband Robert Lynn, 66, was shot in the neck.

Somehow, by the grace of God, Robert Lynn managed to survive the gruesome attack and was able to flag down a passing car during the early hours of the morning. Police said Sue Howarth was “unrecognizable” from the injuries she had sustained – gunshot wounds, multiple skull fractures, and “horrific” burns to her breasts. After police and emergency services discovered Sue Howarth lying unconscious in a ditch, barely clinging to life, she was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support. She died two days later.

Unfortunately, abominable attacks like this aren’t particularly unique against white farmers in South Africa. Disgusting assaults on innocent human life have been on the rise. With the passing of this new motion, they will only continue to increase.

Recently, Canadian journalist, Lauren Southern, traveled to South Africa to investigate the surge of extreme violence against white South African farmers. She filmed a documentary titled “Farmland.” The images she captured are disturbing.

South Africa: Zimbabwe 2.0?

The “redistribution” of land in neighboring Zimbabwe under the tyrant Robert Mugabe left many farms inoperable. As a result, a steep decline in food production resulted in an unneeded economic crisis, which still continues to torment the country today.

Undoubtedly, what we have going on in South Africa is Zimbabwe 2.0. The ongoing disaster in South Africa clearly elucidates how Marxist ideology can masterfully pit populations against one another via its toxic oppressor and oppressed narrative.

Between 1929–1933, the Soviet Union deemed the kulaks, a class of some of the most productive farmers in the union who as a result emerged from the peasantry and became wealthy, as class enemies of the poorer peasants. Lenin referred to kulaks as “bloodsuckers, vampires, profiteers, and plunderers of the people.” Eventually, Soviet officials violently seized kulak farms and killed all who resisted. This resulted in what has become known as the Holodomor, or the Famine-Genocide in Ukraine – man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine that killed an estimated 7-10 million human beings between 1932 and 1933.

Although the Holodomor may have occurred on a much larger scale, the process of how it came to fruition sounds eerily reminiscent to what went on in Zimbabwe not long ago… and to what’s occurring in South Africa today.

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1 Comment

  • Bruce says:

    Sounds like white South Africans are being discriminated, when are the liberals going to go rescue them? What white privilege?

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