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Being Liberal Means You Never Have To Say Your Sorry

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If you ever go online to share your shitty opinions where everyone can see them, you have probably posted something at some point that didn’t go exactly the way you thought it would.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid said she doesn’t “believe,” she wrote the anti-LGBTQ statements she has previously alleged were the result of a cyberattack on her now-defunct blog.

Reid addressed the alleged posts Saturday on her show, MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” amid mounting scrutiny over her claims that her old blog, The Reid Report, had been hacked.

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Reid insisted that she never wrote these words. Instead, she blamed hackers and even hired a cybersecurity expert to back her up on that. Even as other experts poked holes in her story, she stood her ground firmly, even going so far as to involve the FBI.

Anyone can go through the same cycle of idiocy and denial, with similar results. If you do a lousy tweet, post, or whatthefuckever—please, just own it  Or don’t, more idiots for us to tease online. Either is good for us…

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