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States Ignore Biden, Lift School Mask Mandates



Protestor with broken surgical mask in the USA | States Ignore Biden, Lift School Mask Mandates | featured

President Joe Biden is finding fewer and fewer allies for his school mask mandates. Before, he used to spar with Republican governors over the imposition of mask mandates in schools. Now, even Democrat states are phasing out the school mask mandates.

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More States Dropping School Mask Mandates

Waiting for the school bus to arrive this mom makes sure her son has his mask on | More States Dropping School Mask Mandates

Now, the President finds himself at odds with governors from both parties. More and more states have either dropped their school mask mandates or plan to do so in the next few weeks. 

The President used to spar with Republican governors Ron Abbott (TX) and Ron DeSantis (FL) over their orders banning mandates. 

Now, Biden needs to deal with his own party mates as well for the same reason. Democrat New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy becomes the latest state leader to drop school mask mandates. 

The Garden State will become one of the latest states to rethink its COVID strategy. Murphy announced the plan to phase out school mask mandates by March 7.

The NJ governor will make the official announcement during a pandemic briefing in Trenton. An official from the governor’s office confirmed the plans to Fox News. 

Just last month, Murphy renewed the state’s school mask mandate by declaring a public health emergency. At the time, he said that the pandemic is forcing him to take action.

“These requirements again give us no joy, but they’re the only responsible course of action at this time,” he said at the time.

Now, as coronavirus cases plummet after enduring an Omicron surge, Murphy is hinting at easing up on restrictions. “I look to a time in this school year where we are no longer masking in our schools,” Murphy said last Tuesday.

The Other States Also Removing School Mask Mandates

Also on Monday, the state of Illinois made mask-wearing optional across 140 school districts. A state judge issued a temporary restraining order preventing the school districts from requiring masks.

Meanwhile, the state attorney general filed a request for an emergency stay. 

Even the President’s home state of Delaware is moving away from mask mandates. In particular, Delaware Governor John Carney announced Monday that they will drop mask mandates in indoor spaces by Friday.

School mask mandates will follow next month. Carney signed a revision to the State of Emergency order. This lifts the universal indoor mask mandate he issued effective February 11 at 8 am. Biden served as Delaware senator for nearly four decades.  

Both Republican and Democrat States Ditching School Mask Mandates

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf saw his school mask mandate struck down by the state Supreme Court. Last month, he decided to leave masking requirements for schools to decide.

Additionally, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont recommended ending the statewide mask mandate in schools and child care centers by February 28.

Then, the state of Oregon will lift its school mask requirements by March 31. In addition, their mandate for indoor public places will also be gone by the same time. 

Watch the MSNBC news video reporting that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy lifts school mask mandate:

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Do you support the movement to remove school mask mandates state-by-state? Or, do you prefer that mask mandates remain in place until the world eradicates COVID-19?

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  • BBA says:

    Just look how well this has worked on the sheep. Now everyone is waiting for their “superiors” to allow them to take of their mouth diapers which has done NOTHING medically to detour or stop COVID!! Yet, it sure as hell has made the clueless dolts stand in line to ask permission from their masters to free their faces!! How pathetic we have become as a so called “Free” society”!

  • Sam says:

    Nothing but a psyop. I suppose some were so hardly hit they will never live again without the mouth diaper. It’s a flu, nothing more, nothing less. It’s endemic as all flu’s are so it’s never going away. It was never a pandemic either. The cdc said it was a risk for 0.03 %(im rounding up) of the population. Not even 1%. So many poor people took an experimental biologic that does mothing to help them, possibly tells your body incorrectly hoe to fight a disease (antibodies are not the first line of defense) and the spike proteins will reproduce in your body, pass down to the children you have and and almost everyone and any animal, peimarily ferrets died within 3 years feom coronavirus “vaccines” since the year 2000. Good luck!

    I’ve been ignoring him since before 2020, hasn’t everyone. I guess if you like pedophiles and little girl nipple pinchers than you’re satisfied.

  • Marilyn E Blum says:

    The mask has been proven to NOT work ever and the vaccine is harmful. We need to educate the fearful.

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