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Never Trump Delegates Are Republican Traitors



The Never Trump delegation in the Republican party that made such a scene during the opening day of the Republican National Convention are nothing but traitors to their party and worse yet Hillary supporters.

The Never Trump movement, which call themselves Delegates Unbound, hoped to rewrite new rules that would have ultimately allowed delegates to vote for a candidate other than Donald Trump. They were planning a coup which sought to place a different figurehead at the head of the party's nomination.

Their plot failed and the floor erupted in chaos, resulting in several delegates storming out of the convention and refusing to return.

I can respect a difference of opinions about who should lead this nation, it is after all not a decision that should be taken lightly. However, the time to figure that out has passed. These delegates tried at every primary to support anyone that wasn’t Donald Trump and failed each time.

They are the same delegates that wanted to force a brokered convention so that they could steal the nomination from Donald Trump, the nomination that the majority of Republicans had decided on.

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That too failed. In fact, everything these unbound delegates have attempted has failed, so why did they think they could get a different candidate elected. After all, they are clearly just failures.

However, now after all of their plans have failed they still refuse to support their party on the road to the White House. They would rather have Hillary Clinton win than accept their defeat and help to strengthen and unify their party.

As far as I am concerned these delegates are not real conservatives. They are worse than the liberals on the left. They know the truth about Hillary and would still rather let her have the White House for at least four years. They have endangered this party and they have endangered this nation with their reckless egos.

The only saving grace is that their protest is in vain. Donald Trump has won the nomination and the nation has seen the truth too many times about Hillary to let her win.  Donald Trump will be the president in 2017 and all these protests by Republican delegates have done is disgrace their position and the party they claimed allegiance too.

Rather they like it or not… We will make America great again!

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