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Rand Paul Files Amendment To Ax Fauci’s NIAID Director Job



Presidential Candidate Rand Paul Campaigns at Las Vegas | Rand Paul Files Amendment To Ax Fauci’s NIAID Director Job | featured

If you can’t get rid of Fauci, get rid of the NIAID Director job. This is probably the reasoning behind Senator Rand Paul’s recent amendment.

The Kentucky Republican introduced an amendment aimed to eliminate Dr. Anthony Fauci’s job as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

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Remove Fauci’s NIAID Director Job and Decentralize the Position

Vaccine Research Center of National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) | Remove Fauci’s NIAID Director Job and Decentralize the Position

Instead of having a single person dominating the NIAID, Paul wanted a decentralized position. This is why he proposed splitting Fauci’s job into three.

The senator said that in doing so, no single person can act as “dictator-in-chief” in the name of public health. 

The amendment plans to reorganize the NIAID by separating the agency into three distinct national research institutes. Instead of a single Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Paul would create three equal branches.

These are the National Institute of Allergic Diseases, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, and the National Institute of Immunologic Diseases.

No NIAID Director, No ‘Dictator-In-Chief’

In addition, Paul issued a statement saying that “We’ve learned a lot over the past two years”. However, one lesson, in particular, is the most important.

The pandemic showed that “no one person should be deemed ‘dictator-in-chief,’” he said. “No one person should have unilateral authority to make decisions for millions of Americans.”

The proposed amendments hope to create the accountability and oversight of a taxpayer-funded position. Paul implied that Fauci abused his position, as the latter held the NIAID director position since 1984.

Consequently, he is “responsible for many failures and misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Three Institutes, Three Directors

According to Paul’s amendment, a director will manage each of the three new institutes sprouting from the decentralized NIAID. The President will appoint the director, while the Senate will confirm the appointment for a five-year term. 

In an article written for Fox News Digital, Paul said that he’s been a physician for over 33 years. During all this time, he never encountered anyone who had the gall to proclaim himself ‘the science”.

At the same time, this person called anyone opposing him “attacking science”. He said that he didn’t know anyone who acted like that “until Dr. Fauci became the COVID dictator-in-chief.”

The Biggest Lesson

In addition, Paul said that the biggest lesson is that “no one person should have this much unchecked power. And my amendment, which will get a vote this week, will finally force accountability and fire Dr. Fauci.”

Watch the Robert Gouveia Esq. video discussing Senator’s Rand Paul move to introduce an amendment to eliminate NIAID and fire Fauci:

Do you agree with Paul’s amendment to replace the NIAID and remove Fauci’s NIAID director job?

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Do you agree with Senator Rand Paul in breaking up the NIAID and removing Fauci’s NIAID director job? Also, do you agree to the creation of three Institutes managed by three separate directors?

Do you think this will be a better version of the NIAID that can do its job better? Tell us what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree he needs to be gone and replaced with a person of integrity, but spitting it up into three separate divisions only will cost three times as much and we all know how well the federal government is at managing money and resources, the swamp needs to be drained

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