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Pence Pulls Trump Ahead After Vice Presidential Debate Win



Did you hear that? It was the sound of panic flooding through liberal America as a cool, calm and, most importantly, fact-filled Mike Pence crushed his bumbling VP running mate opponent, Tim Kaine at Tuesday's vice presidential debate.
Let me start by saying that Mike Pence was not only the stronger VP Tuesday night, he also looked like he could be the stronger Presidential candidate!


Now, before you fly off the handle at that comment, stop and think for just one minute. That’s a good thing. In fact, it’s a very strong card to be able to play. Do not forget that, God forbid anything ever happens to the sitting President, the VP fills their shoes. After tonight’s debate, Mike Pence proved that he is the perfect fit.
One of the main concerns that many Republicans have with Donald Trump is his lack of composure under pressure and his all-too-often, shoot-from-the-hip comments via his social media channels that are, at the very least, questionable. Sure, we love his against-the-grain attitude and cutting retorts that helped change the face of the U.S. political structure as we once knew it. And let’s be honest, they helped put him head to head with Hillary Clinton thanks to a nation tired of the “same old same old” politicians we see every four years. That being said, as Conservatives, we expect our Commander In Chief to lead by example while carrying the weight of the United States of America and it’s people on his/her shoulders. We criticize Obama for his many actions that we deem disrespectful so we must hold Trump to the same standard.


This is new territory for Trump and that’s why he picked a man like Mike Pence over the supposed shoo-ins such as Chris Christie and co. Trump needs a running mate who carries the conservative values that are missing from this whole election. Someone who can be a rock for support, and trusted confidant and, in the case of Pence, an experienced politician to sweep up any damage he (may) cause in his wake. And trust me when I say this. If Donald Trump becomes President, that WILL happen. Tonight, we saw Mike Pence as that man.

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His strategy was simple. Prove to the American people that, contrary to left-wing media reports, the Republican Party is very much alive and well and, under Donald Trump, they have the plans in place to fix Obama’s broken America. He had to provide well-delivered facts and explain clearly just how a Trump White House would grow the economy and put the country back to work again. It was essential that he explained just how the American people would be kept safe from ever-increasing threats to national security (both foreign and domestic). And he did just that. In fact, while Tim Kaine said that Clinton is the “only candidate who can defeat terrorism” and that “the US is safer from the threat of terrorism than it was eight years ago,” Pence, and possibly everyone watching at home, looked on in disbelief. Kaine must have forgotten about the multiple terror attacks on U.S. soil and the Obama-Clinton caused unrest in the Middle East has not only made America less safe, it’s also much weaker on the world stage after “ISIS was able to be conjured up in the desert” after the Obama administration removed troops from Iraq.


As the two battled with each other and the insults flew across the debate room floor, it was Pence who came out the clear winner of the night while Kaine looked like he embraced his inner Al Gore to prepare for the head to head.


And it wasn’t just Mike Pence who can see this as a victory. The Republican Party has shown that there are still committed conservatives within the ranks. That is a good thing!
We should also mention the other winner tonight, Donald Trump. He needed this win and with it, he has definitely shown far better leadership than Clinton simply with his selection of Pence.


Let’s just hope he is smart enough to take what he saw his running mate do tonight and use it to put the final two nails in Hillary Clinton’s coffin in the next two debates.


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