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Sheriff David Clarke Destroys CNN Host On Live TV



In the above video, Sheriff David Clarke goes on CNN and talks with Don Lemon about the shootings of police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. David Clark gets right to the issue which upsets Don Lemon, who clearly wanted Sheriff Clarke to answer his baited questions.

Don Lemon starts by saying, “I spoke to the heads of the sheriff department, police department, and the state police down there and they told us how their hearts were reeling… Their message was peace and coming together in the country.”

Sheriff David Clarke, clearly frustrated, interrupts Don Lemon, “You don't believe that for one minute do you? Any protests over the deaths of the cops today in Baton Rouge? Any riots or protests over the police officers in Dallas, Texas?”

“What are you asking?” asks Lemon

“It's a simple question. My message has been clear from day one, two years ago. This anti-cop sentiment from this hateful ideology called Black Lives Matter has fueled this rage against the American police officer. I predicted this two years ago.”

Don Lemon repeatedly interrupts Sheriff David Clarke in an attempt to achieve the sound bites he wants. Frustrated in his failed attempt he cuts to a commercial break.

When the show returns he informs the Sheriff that he can leave if he won't stick to Lemon's questions.

David Clarke has called out Black Lives Matter for what they are and pissed a lot of pansy liberals off in the process. This hate-fueled organization hides behind a media machine that is too afraid to call it out for fear of being labeled a racist.

We must wake up in American and stop allowing these hate groups to go unanswered. This country has had too long a history of hate and it must end!

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