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The Propaganda Of Racism



All lives matter.

I needed to write this, to get this off my chest, because at the moment I am worried. I'm worried about the state of our country. I'm worried about the fighting, the violence, the blame game, and the pointing of fingers.

Tragedy after tragedy continues to happen and yet the violence hasn't subsided it's risen into a tidal wave that now seems to be beyond our control. We are fighting amongst ourselves with an enraged passion that almost seems surreal. I have tried to understand it, and yet now, after the Dallas shooting, I feel I must speak out.

What I don't understand about the state of the country at the moment is the battle that seems to be going on between the police and the black community. For some reason, Black Lives Matter, and now the Blank Panthers, have gotten it into their heads that police officers are targeting the black community. That isn't true. A statistics website called Statista has compiled the deaths caused by police officers from January to July of 2016, and the results are interesting.

So far this year 509 people have died by police officers. That's a high number. That means that out of the 100 days that we have had so far this year an estimated 5 people die a day by police officers. The grand total killed by police officers of 2014 was 990 people. We are well on our way to surpassing that number this year. Death is a serious thing, however, I personally do not the situations in which these deaths happened so I cannot tell you whether they were wrong or right. I don't know what it's like to be in the shoes of police officers, knowing that if something goes wrong you could die today. That is a lot of pressure to be under. Yet those aren't the statistics that are the most fascination.

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Out of the 509 people killed 484 were men. Out of the 509 people killed, 282 of them were wielding a gun, and 88 of them were wielding a knife. Out of the 509 people killed, 124 of them had signs of mental illness. Out of the 509 people killed, 238 of them were white, and 123 of them were black.

I am not sure about you but I don't see any “White Lives Matter” protests happening through the country. Yet the “white community” has had almost 100 more deaths this year than the black community.

So, I'm confused. What is the real reason behind the hatred for police officers?

I understand that throughout our history a lot of negative things have happened, but we, as a country, have overcome them. We had slavery, we cannot change that aspect of our past, but we changed, we evolved to understand that isn't okay. Women did not have the rights that men had, again we grew and adapted to realize that everyone, man, women, race, religion, has the same rights as everyone else.

Yet, now it seems like we are taking steps backwards instead of forwards. The Black Panther Party is now trying to create their own “Black Nation” inside America. The leader of the group said in an interview that he wants to take over four southern states and drive the white community out and make it their own nation. Is there anything wrong with wanting your own nation? Of course not. I just don't understand why a race would try to isolate themselves after working so hard throughout the years to gain equality.

We are all equal. We are all human beings. We have different qualities, yes. Some people have blonde hair, some have brown. Some people have brown eyes, some have blue. Some people are tall, some are short. Some people have light skin, some have dark. Yet, in the end, we are all people.

We are doing a disservice to each other by standing isolated from mankind. Instead of standing segregated saying “Black Lives Matter” or even “White Lives Matter,” why can't we say that “All Lives Matter.”

So many people are trying to support this movement of people, but in reality, we are segregating ourselves. I just don't understand it.

We are people. We come from different backgrounds, from different religions, from different cultures, from different countries but, in the end, we are all people.

Instead of trying to separate us by color, creed, or religion, why not unite each other as one thing…people.

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