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US-Russia Relations

Putin Blames US For Deterioration of US-Russia Relations



Illustration of Joe Biden Against Putin, The President of US and Russia over World Map | Putin Blames US For Deterioration of US-Russia Relations | featured

After his summit with President Joe Biden, Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed America for the deterioration of US-Russia relations. However, he did say that he found Biden both “balanced” and “professional.” 

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Meeting With Biden ‘Constructive’

Putin also said that his summit with President Biden was “constructive,” even as they have different viewpoints on many matters. However, both countries agreed to send back their ambassadors to their posts in both Moscow and Washington. 

In a press conference following the meeting, Putin described the experience. “Many of our joint positions are divergent but nevertheless I think both sides manifested a determination to try and understand each other and try and converge our positions,” the Russian President said via a translator.

Cyberattacks Came From US

Among the topics discussed during the summit, Putin also disclosed that both sides agreed to maintain open consultations on cyberattacks. While he deemed it important, Putin insisted that most cyberattacks currently engulfing the world originated from the US. 

Meanwhile, Putin also lauded Biden’s decision to extend the START Nuclear Treaty. Both countries will open working-level discussions to hash out nuclear security. In particular, they will sit down to address what happens next after adopting the treaty. 

Asked On Navalny And Other Political Opponents

On the subject of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, Putin noticeably refused to say his critic’s name. He also called out Navalny for violating his parole by going to Germany for treatment.

US intelligence suggests that Russian agents carried out the nerve agent attack against Navalny, who is now serving time in a penal colony.


When pressed about Navalny’s label as an extremist, Putin said the opposition leader is pushing for a revolution. He also said Navalny has the potential to cause civil unrest similar to lack Lives Matter demonstrations.   

When asked why all of his political opponents were dead or invalid or imprisoned, Putin pointed again at the US. He suggested that America is acting similarly, as the DOJ is currently prosecuting the January 6 Capitol rioters who marched to Congress with “political demands.”

US Foreign Policy

The Russian President also said that he discussed Ukraine with Biden. While he did not offer details, he did tell the media that Ukraine should implement the Minsk agreements to end the war in Donbas.

Later on, he also said that the United States practices an “unpredictable foreign policy” that complicates US-Russia relations. In fact, he pointed out that the US supported a bloody coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014. 

Putin also revealed that Biden and former President Donald Trump carry different views regarding the subject of human rights. Then, he proceeded to criticize America’s human rights records, In particular, he singled out Guantanamo Bay and gun violence across the country.  

No Invites To The White House

In addition, Putin remarked that Biden did not extend an invitation for him to visit the White House. He did extend some praise to Biden, calling him a “balanced and professional” individual. 

Whether the summit is a beginning for improved US-Russia relations,  Putin finds it difficult to agree. He said that “everything to do with the deterioration of our mutual relations was initiated not by us but by the USA.

” He added that for warmer US-Russia relations to happen, “I believe that for such meetings and visits to happen, there should be conditions that should be ripe.”

Watch the CNBC Television video reporting on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s remarks after his summit with US President Joe Biden:

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  • PithyKat says:

    He’s absolutely right – bejing biden undermined everywhere Trump triumphed – We send a knowing demented clown to represent us so I have to believe for some reason, this has a motive behind it – possibly pave the way for obama-lama-ding-dang’s return? Extremely important because we’ll need Russia as an ally against China who’s the real enemy of the USA so which democrat genius made that decision? I’m beginning to think most of our politicians are on crack.

  • sherril henderson says:

    I feel certain Russia’s are in awe that we would send a absolute retard to represent the US in this meeting. If we don’t get them out of office this Country is doomed.

  • David says:

    Of cours it’s the US’s fault. Theretard tha was cheated into the White House isn’t capable of handling feeding his dog much less negotiating with intelligent brutal leaders like Putin. Xixi just gets joes lips wrapped around his noodle, they know howto play the brainless sleezebag.

  • Marilin says:

    Biden can’t even train his dog, let alone run the country. As far as human rights are concerned, Biden has no right to say anything in light of the violence in this country, and the democrats condone it.

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