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Was Turkey A Wake Up Call: A Thought Experiment



Last weekend Turkey had an attempted coup. It was so short and unsuccessful that many people quickly forgot it even happen, something easy to do with all the political distractions happening here at home.

In fact, the coup seemed so poorly planned and executed that many now believe it to be a plot of Turkey’s president Erdogan. After all, he wasted no time in arresting judges, police, and intellectuals who were either outspoken against his presidency or simply not under his complete control.

Turkey was a member of NATO and one of our strongest allies in the region. The allegations against Erdogan combined with his friendliness to the United States have convinced many that the CIA helped him carry out his false flag attack.

While this coup left dozens of unanswered questions for Turkey, it leaves me with one important question for us here at home… Could it happen here?

Is it crazy to think that a tyrannical president could stage a false flag military takeover of the nation that fails, but allows him to oust his political enemies and install himself for an indefinite amount of time?

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Is it really that crazy a thought to think that Obama could put something like that in the works?

If the military marched on Washington with orders to take out our government and failed it would result in 24 hours of sparse fighting in which Obama could arrest the culprits and play the hero that saved the republic.

Obama could then blame any faction he wanted, most likely a coalition of conservatives in the Republican party as well as any Democrats who have ever vocally opposed him.

In addition to that, he could take away the Bill of Rights in its entirety. Free speech and the right to assemble gone, right to a fair trial gone, right to bear arms is a no brainer, he’s been trying to take that one away for years. The list goes on.

If such an act were carried out he wouldn't just stop at rounding up opposition leaders and revoking our rights, he would also arrest any federal judge or political appointee that didn’t swear an oath to him and round up all television and radio personalities before they could offer a dissenting opinion. Go ahead and forget about state’s rights, they would be dead.

Finally, he would deal a blow to American that it would not recover from. He would undo the separation of power by shutting down Congress and the Supreme Court and funnel all power into the executive branch making him a true and final dictator.

He would also need to keep us distracted with an eternal war and an existential threat to the nation so someone like China would need to be blamed. The CIA would have no trouble fabricating this information.

This, of course, is just a worst case scenario which exists as an exercise for how such a thing could happen so quickly to America. So, the question remains… COULD it happen here?

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