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With Friends Like These… Why Fear Terrorists



Hell Hath No Fury Like Someone You Owe Money, see more at:
  • A group of guys have teamed up against this guy, who owes them money, by spreading his picture around different media sites.
  • He has been seen in over four media updates as a victim of terrible crimes or disasters.
  • Apparently, the man has reached out to the media sites to get them to remove his photo but none have responded.

Have you seen this guy?

. @EGYPTAIR my brother traveled there, I'm scared for her life. Please help me.

— Perro al-Baghdadi (@sidaxmejicano) May 19, 2016

I'm gonna bet that you have. You may not know for sure if you have, or if you have where you saw him, but trust me his picture has been everywhere recently. Every time there is a scandal or disaster of some sort pictures of the alleged victims start flooding the media.

It happened with Sandy Hook, and now it is happening with the Orlando shooting, the EgyptAir crash,  the Brussels and the Paris attacks.

This guy has been one of those photos… for the majority of those attacks.

Last month he was shopped around Twitter as a possible victim of the Istanbul airport bombing. You also saw his face in May as a possible passenger aboard the EpytAir flight. His picture even found it's way into the New York Times montage clips of victims from the Orlando nightclub shooting. His face was also used in a shooting in Mexico back in June.

Media outlets, however, started to question the validity of the claims after his picture was used as one of the passengers aboard the EgyptAir crash. Media outlets could not identify or figure out how his picture has been ending up online. The only piece of evidence they could find was that the social media accounts who first posted his picture originated from Mexico.

Finally, the accounts that posted his original picture were contacted, and their responses were shocking. Apparently, all the account owners who have been posting this man's picture used to be his friends – that was until he cheated them out of money. According to the report done by BBC, he owes one guy close to $1,000.

Check out the full report here.

The once friends have done everything from lodging both civil and criminal complaints against the guy. Unfortunately for them, the legal processes get dragged out in Mexico, so the man still has not given them their money. So they decided to take matters into their own hands. If they could not get their money back they would be determined to ruin his reputation.

So what do they do? They start spreading his photo all over the internet.

Apparently, the actual man in the photo was tracked down and asked about the entire situation.

He claims that the photos are a prank by someone that he is having a legal dispute with. He claims to have even reached out to certain media outlets to get them to remove his photos, such as BBC and the New York Times, neither have responded.

Apparently, when you owe someone money you should probably pay up as soon as possible. If you don't, you might just see your face in the news.



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