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20 Habits of Highly Healthy People



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We all have those friends who just seem on top of everything. Their homes are always clean, or seemingly so. These friends are at the top of their game in their careers. They always know about their kids’ programs and have things ready on time and don’t rush for those last-minute costume preps. Highly effective people have habits that carry them throughout their entire day with every hat they put on. Most of my friends who are like this are parents, professionals, volunteers, and yet they don’t seem as exhausted as people who do a third of the tasks the highly effective friends do each week.

Check out some of the habits that these highly successful people do to keep all the balls in the air and still have time for relaxation and to enjoy life.

1. Stay motivated

One person said they actually read about their career or industry for about an hour after dinner or before bed. This helps them stay excited about work and also gives them new ideas. “I get energized for my next day by doing this,” she said.

2. Keep a journal

Highly effective people keep a gratitude journal. A grateful person is more happy, healthy and more productive.

3. Exercise

Highly effective people work out at least 30 minutes each day. They either workout early in the morning or in the evening, but they get that workout in. There are tests where you can actually figure out your body's prime time for exercise. If you exercise during that prime time, you get more from your workout. Exercising at other times is actually harder, but you still can and should if that is your only option.

4. Opportunities to grow

Highly effective people are unafraid of failure. They are able to take professional and personal risks to move forward. Most move forward once they make a decision, without much regret or looking back.

5. Disconnect

Another habit of highly effective people is they take time to unplug. Research says to get the best sleep, unplug an hour before bedtime, but highly effective people actually unplug more than the hour before bedtime. They make a conscious effort to stay off of social media because they know social media is a place where it is easy to go down a rabbit hole of comparison with other people. It’s hard for some people to unplug, but creativity is born from using the brain and imagination not social media.

6. Stay curious

Highly effective people know it’s ok to ask questions about things they don’t know. Don’t be too proud to ask.

7. Persevere

Highly effective people never give up. Think about people in history who made great discoveries. They usually did not succeed the first time or the second and for some, it wasn’t ever the 99th time, but the next time was a success!

8. Surround yourself with your tribe

You become like the people you hang out with. Highly effective people hang out with positive people who build them up. In turn, successful and effective people take the time to build up others and are not threatened by other successful people.

9. Give and take

Highly effective people listen to others and learn. Be a lifetime learner. Lifetime learners are highly effective and productive Strive to always be learning and growing. No one can take away information you have learned.

10. Effective sleep

Highly effective people go to bed early as possible and rise early. They try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night and know that sleep is important to a productive day. Sleep is restorative.

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11. Keeping it together

Highly effective people stay organized and usually make daily lists. They might have a vision board with a mission statement.

12. No shortcuts

Highly effective people pay attention to important details and don’t skimp on putting in the effort to get important things accomplished. Procrastination is not in their vocabulary.

13. Find your balance

At the same time, highly effective people find balance in their lives. They know breaks throughout the day add refreshment and rejuvenation.

14. Eyes on the prize

Highly effective people choose priorities that match their goals. You have to be able to say no to anything that does not help you keep focus.

15. Ability to adapt

Highly effective people adapt to the present and know when to make changes before changes happen to them.

16. Lists

When you are making your list of what to do each day, choose three main things to focus on that are the “Main Events” for the day. If you are able to get those three things accomplished, you will feel a sense of pride and you will begin to feel highly effective.

17. Positive mindset

Start the day with a win. Highly effective people know that if they can accomplish one small thing early, the rest of the day will most likely go well. Beginning the day on a positive note will set you up for a full day of success. Whether you are staying home with kids or working in the corporate world, a win in the early morning is a great way to start the day.

18. Plan and prepare

Use two hours during the weekend to plan your next week. Begin with planning for meals, clothes, and the schedule for family life and work. Highly effective people are ready for the week ahead before it begins.

19. Relax

Use Sunday evenings to just relax and have fun with your family. Enjoy the last hours of the weekend. People who are usually more effective during the week know how to relax during their downtime.

20. Goals

Always keep a running list of goals for improvement. Always move forward and keep reaching upward. According to science it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. So, in 21 days, anyone could become highly effective by incorporating some of these habits. That’s less than a month to become someone you admire.

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