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21 States Sue Biden Over Keystone XL Pipeline



Railway flatcar loaded with large diameter pipe destined for use on the Trans Mountain Pipeline-21 States-ss-featured

21 states sued President Joe Biden over his cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline. The decision, made during his first day in office, sparked protests all over. Some Democrats even joined Republicans in urging the president to reconsider.

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Texas and Montana led the group of 21 states. Others that joined included Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

The Keystone Pipeline

Keystone is a 1,700-mile pipeline connecting Alberta, Canada to Steele City, Nebraska. It aims to transport 800,000 barrels of oil per day. From Nebraska, it would connect to pipes going to Texas Gulf Coast refineries. After Trump's approval, construction resumed. Consequently, project officials set a completion target set by 2023.

Upon hearing Biden's cancellation order, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement. “We are disappointed but acknowledge the President’s decision to fulfill his election campaign promise on Keystone XL,” he said.

Biden Exceeded Presidential Authority

Filed in a Texas District Court, the suit alleges that Biden exceeded his presidential authority. Many critics, including neighboring Canada, didn't approve of his decision. Under the rules, the pipeline requires a presidential permit because it crosses borders. In this case, the Keystone pipeline runs through parts of Canada.

The suit pointed out that Congress included a provision in the 2011 tax legislation for this. It required the President to approve the pipeline within 60 days. Otherwise, he should issue a statement that it does not align with the national interest. Instead, Biden simply rejected the previous approval made by then-President Trump.

What Happened Before

Further back, the original Keystone pipeline proposal surfaced in 2008. The Canadian government approved its side of the deal in 2010, which leaves the US to approve it as well. However, the Obama administration refused to grant a permit. Specifically, the government cited questionable economic viability and environmental liabilities.

When former President Donald Trump won in 2016, the Keystone pipeline talks resurfaced. Trump approved the project in March 2019 and construction resumed. However, when Biden took office on January 20, he canceled the project permit again. Stopping Keystone was one of his many campaign promises. So, on his first day in office, he signed an EO canceling the permit.

‘Undoing Progress’

Meanwhile, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton accused Biden of political motivation. Additionally, he said that the President's actions weren't based on economics or the environment. “Since his first day in office, President Biden has made it his mission to undo all the progress of the previous administration, with complete disregard for the Constitutional limits on his power. His decision to revoke the pipeline permit is not only unlawful but will also devastate the livelihoods of thousands of workers, their families, and their communities,” Paxton said.

Montana AG Austin Knudsen echoed Paxton’s concerns. He added that Biden’s action was “an empty virtue signal to his wealthy coastal elite donors. It shows Biden’s contempt for rural communities in Montana and other states along the pipeline’s path that would benefit from and support the project.”

42,000 Jobs Lost

The lawsuit filed by 21 states said the permit cancellation will result in the loss of  42,100 jobs. In addition, the US stands to lose $2 billion in associated earnings throughout the country”

On the other hand, those in opposition to the Keystone project include many environmental groups and organizations, indigenous communities and farmers, ranchers, and business owners along the route. In addition, they claim that the pipeline can cause devastating environmental consequences.

Watch the Fox Business News video where 14 state Attorney Generals and Senator Joe urges President Joe Biden to reinstate the Keystone XL Pipeline:

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Do you agree that the Keystone XL Pipeline should reopen? Or, do the risks to the environment outweigh the economic benefits. Tell us what you think. Share your comments in the comments sections below.

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  • Molly says:

    Besides all those people loosing their jobs gas prices are going to raise sky high.

  • John Goulet says:

    With President Trump in office we were oil it’s back to old times. Not good times with that moron in office.

  • Anonymous says:

    Those are temporary jobs, and all the people employed moving that oil now will lose their jobs. Leave it as is.

  • Elizabeth Boyd says:

    WE need to take care of our country first. We need the JOBS and OIL now. open the pipe line NOW

  • Anonymous says:

    Where are we going to get our oil now? I’ll bet it will be China . What a surprise!! Gas prices are climbing every day not to mention all those jobs that were lost. His decision, I’m betting is totally political. Trump approved it so it automatically needs to be rejected. What about his promise to get the economy back on its feet? And then first thing he does is eliminate 42,000 jobs. What a Liar.

  • Ryth says:

    It was anti American to shut it down the first time. It is even dumber to do it now. Trump was the best economic president we have ever had. Only fools criticize his economics. He definitely wasn’t perfect but his economics are difficult to argue eith

  • Anonymous says:

    GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS Anonymous!!!😡I suppose you think using YOUR TAX $ to fund abortions is OK TOO!!!😡 The current ILLEGITIMATE president with a small P needs to be in jail along with all the deep state puppeteers and anyone else connected, right up to Bill Gstes, for the election FRAUD!😡 THEY’VE ALL GOT THEIR HEADS SO FAR UP THEIR ASSES, ALL THEY SEE IS THE LOVE OF MONEY, SELFISH DESIRES, AND EVIL AGENDA! WAKE-UP!!!😡

  • Jennifer says:


  • Bernadette deGouvier says:

    Open the Pipeline. People need their jobs to provide for their families.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Ruth Hollingsworth says:

    If Biden would have to pay for his own gas he would do everything in his power to get it lower like it was.

  • Ronald Kulesco says:

    Looks like our new president is like a child and hates the previous president with a passion and undo everything that was done and he just stopped all without looking at what the consiquense would be.

  • Anonymous says:

    ummm…Looks like you’re outnumbered in this BNA column, anonymous ‘leave as it is.’😡

  • Robert Stewart says:

    The biggest long term loss is the controlling factor we had in the world oil market where we could stabilize prices and maintain reasonable gas and associated products costs. We as a country are moving in the right direction becoming a green country in a steady pace we do not need irrational decisions that seem to be associated with this administration ,ie the border wall etc.

  • sheila joyner says:

    I guess the democratic lime paying 3-5 dollars a gallon for gas

  • PIT BUll says:

    I will be beside you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Where are the Unions at to pressure Biden to rescind his ex order and to everyone who voted for this idiot – how happy are you now with Biden and with your unions?”

  • Norman kirby says:

    It’s time to put an end to laws made that the American Citizens don’t want time to Vote for politicians that listen to the Citizens and push for what we want not what the rich want.We must Vote smart and take back our great Nation before it gets any worse.we Are Armed and ready to fight for our freedoms according to the Constitution wake up speak up and most of stand up to the puppets running our country

  • Don Baker says:

    It is very childish to shut down the pipeline just because our former president opened it up. If he had relatives working the pipeline would he have kept it open? I think so. And, I agree that if he had to buy his own gas, it would be a different story. Will this so called president open his eyes when gas goes to 5 dollars a gallon and economy drops because people can’t afford to go anywhere.

  • EDWARD SHANK says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Biden is a DICK HEAD!!!!

  • Beth Campfield says:

    TRUMP 2024!!!!! Until then PLEASE GOD HELP US ALL!!! 🙏❤️🙏

  • Tim says:

    His actions have hurt the environment. Now we must purchase oil from nations that don’t give a damn about the environment. We were producing our own oil much cleaner than anyone else could have. Thanks, Joe….you bumbling idiot!

  • Michael Tomaino says:

    Our local gas prices went up .75 within a month, and still going up. That fraud biden and his fraudulent administration aren’t fit to be in our Whitehouse! I continue to pray for justice every day.

  • tommy collins says:

    Biden is still in the basement with his head up his but he took lots of peoples jobs away and he don’t know how to run a outhouse or first a graders life .

  • joseph a winkler says:

    i think all comments are so very right from lost of jobs to price of gas thank you all

  • Lawrence says:

    Even if we “transition away” from fossil fuels, it won’t happen for a long time. How many charging stations do you see at your local gas stations? How fast do you think we will replace all of the nation’s gas-powered vehicles? 10 years? 15 years? More? So, for at least a decade or more, we will need all of the “energy-independent” oil we can get in the most cost-efficient and environmentally-safe way. The pipeline is a safer an more efficient option than more trains and trucks to bring the oil we will transport somehow anyway–or have to obtain from overseas.

  • The professor says:

    Sleepy Joe it’s time to go back to Delaware resign retire do what you Gotta do it’s over you know deep in your heart your effed up…. and higher-ups are pulling your strings you’re just a puppet …&take Nancy with you buy her some ice cream…… if you believe in America and a true patriot as you say you are leave office now please leave office now

  • Anna Partty says:

    I do not like Biden but am glad he shut it down. It has ALREADY caused environmental consequences. Why did Canada NOT WANT TO RUN Zthe pipeline across CANADIAN SOIL to refineries off the West Coast ? Oh because they were concerned with spills & leaks ~ push risk off on Americans.

    If Trump ‘signed it in by order’ then Biden can ‘sign it out by order’ Building jobs are temporary ~ running jobs are where the permanent money is. I think the ‘lost jobs number’ is either inflated or they’re ‘standing around while getting paid’

  • sherril henderson says:

    Where I live since Biden took office gas prices has already doubled in that two months. I just can’t understand how the Dems. in this country can’t look around and see what a disaster he is causing. I was a Democrats most of my life until a few years ago and I woke up nd saw what they have become. Wake up you people and change over to the right side for our countries sake and you will be glad you did. How many years have we fought communisms and all of our men and women who have died and now these people are trying to hand this country over to it.VOTE GOP AND SAVE AMERICA.

  • ROBERT A. ABADIE says:


  • Edouard d'Orange says:

    Thank you for your thoughts! I wish that every demorat could see the light like you have done, then I’m sure we could save these United States from socialism, the war on Christians, fiscal insanity, unlimited taxpayer-funded abortions, an illegal alien invasion, transgender mania with transgender males in women’s bathrooms and competing in women’s sports, a crazy energy policy that has practically shut down the domestic oil industry and teaching CRT (critical race theory) in schools instead of the basics.

  • Concrete Cowboy says:

    It is in the federal government’s best interest to have high oil prices. Why? They charge us a flat gasoline tax rate at the pump. What many people do not know is that the oil companies get charged a tax when they remove oil from the ground, when they move it onto transport vehicles, when they deliver it, and everytime they move that same oil. Those are all percentage taxes. The higher the price, the greater percentage of tax revenue they receive. Hello! Wake up America. The oil companies pass those tax costs along to consumers. We are being fleeced by our own government.

  • Edouard d'Orange says:

    Anna, your post makes no sense. The pipeline would run through Canada for a significant length, so Canadians weren’t pushing the risks off on Americans. I can imagine that the Canadians didn’t want to run a pipeline out to British Columbia because it’s such a long distance and would require a lengthy approval process. Pipelines are a MUCH safer choice to move oil- no questions, no argument about it. If you believe that tanker trucks or rail is better, then you’re a fool and don’t know the facts. Biden made a pure political decision that’s not supported by facts and the law- the U.S. State Dep’t even approved the pipeline citing little environmental problems- and a craven cave to enviro-wackos.

  • Ann says:

    Yes they should open the pipeline. Our country should be self efficient!!!!

  • Lodie Stapleton jr says:

    All petroleum that moves south from Canada down to Texasmust now go by RR tank car or truck and trailer. Wonder who has connections with that ownership.

  • David says:

    Ahhh good times. The dementia diaper wearing Biden just does the opposite of what President Trump did, like a petulant little 3 year old. But hey, we have an anti -American president that was cheated into office, the prices of gas are soaring because Bidens buying oil from China, we’re locking kids up in shipping containers, bombing the middle east, using taxpayers money for foreign abortions & pakistani transgenders, toy potatoes are offensive, thousands of jobs are being lost. Thank God we got rid of the guy who wrote mean tweets but put America first.

  • Chas says:

    Sad thing is China Joe has just began to distroy our country as we know it. Unless than 60 days he has turned this country upside down. Watch and wait there is more to come. Call or email your local representative, senators, congress. There emails and phone numbers are all on the world wide web. Let’s light them up people!!!!

  • Sidney Redford says:

    David, God didn’t have anything to do with getting rid of Trump, and you sound like an idiot, along with Anna.

  • Deborah McCormick says:

    might know that PA wouldn’t go with the pipeline!!! even though its called the keystone state 🙁

  • Don Marshall Ward says:

    Warren Buffet has the rail under his control with rail system all ready overloaded which makes it worse. What I’ve never understood is that the federal government has to subsidize the railroad so they can make a profit to pay outlandish wages. The pipeline is very costly but safest and cheapest way to do the job. Someone made a comment about it’s temporary work. That being said this is what workers do for 4-10 years at a time and move on to another job elsewhere in the country or world and enjoy doing it. Also in the wake of this their will be a few thousand jobs that will be permanent.

  • Richard Sieg says:

    If I were the KING… I would pledge to support the environmental efforts of the Liberal agenda…
    I would stress the importance of their efforts AND the efforts of the fossil fuel folks on the right. If they could only agree they each have their role in this conflict.
    One side is working as hard as possible to reduce carbon emissions and the other side is working just as hard to provide cheap energy to the people while progress is being made to replace fossil fuel. They would truly be working together to achieve the environmental goals.
    The people would prosper with low energy costs as new technology replaced the NEED for fossil fuels.

  • Hal says:

    I totally agree that the pipeline should be reopened. I don’t think any of these idiots in Washington DC should be making any decisions. All they do is screw things up. Mental deficiency is running rampant in DC now.

  • Ron D says:

    Once again the President demonstrates his lack of understanding of America’s need for energy, the relationship between energy and industry, a lack of any clue of energy’s impact on the economy. Forty years of government experience and the only knowledge gained was personal and family corruption.

  • Sheryll Woods says:

    Our country needs those 42,000 jobs. I feel like Biden did this just to spite Trumps work that he had in progress. He didn’t care how many jobs were lost. Not my president. 😔

    Swoods in oklahoma

  • Guy says:

    Biden just a puppet and the left is controlling every move Obama is on outside helping end are country . The Supreme Court would not even step in for are wrights we’re about to be controlled lose are country that’s being sold out Crazy Bancy and fanged all should be imdpeeched.

  • Richard says:

    Yes, it is unconstitutional for this weak minded ,(B/iden) ceo to deprive true Americans , life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ( see, the constitutional reality), when he lost the election, of the people, by the people, and for the people! He is for himself, by himself, of himself. Dandy beside himself. Emplacements ASAP for him and his moma, nasty Nancy polutsie.

  • Calvin Johnston says:

    The people in Canada who control the pipeline there already had contracts to sell the oil to China if it got blocked in the U.S. Therefore that oil will benefit China financially, and they will use it with no restrictions on pollution as would be in effect if it was used here. So, not only does it hurt the U.S. in many ways, it benefits our number 1 enemy. They don’t call him China Joe for nothing. The administration’s excuse that their little tantrum will reduce pollution here is a lie. Carrying oil in train cars or trucks causes more pollution than in a pipeline, by far.

  • David J Riley says:

    Its VERY concerning to me, even as An Educated Professional in Natural History and Environmental Science. During this Incredibly Difficult time of Covid, Historic Levels of Unemployment, Food Insecurity and Homelessness, we MUST BE PRACTICAL. This is a Time where We ALL must Face Our Economic Problems in our Nation, AS A NATION. There is such a War-Like Environment in terms of Unbelievable Loss Of Life, and So much Suffering, as well as Political Division. We NEED TO FACE THE REALITY AT HAND. Not only do we need to Protect those Jobs that Are Truly Created to help those who HAVE Jobs, but we need to continue to CREATE JOBS. Its Critical Also to Work in Co-ordinated Efforts with our CLOSE allies,in particular meaning Canada, who has Historically been an essential Economic Partner. This Pipeline IS AN ESSENTIAL FUEL SOURCE for Both of our Nations. And we MUST NOT REMAIN DEPENDENT ON FOREIGN OIL SOURCES. However, there Can and MUST BE COMMON SENSE COMPROMISE. This Can be done with Leaders who understand Both Economics and Environmental Projections that Clearly Show with Scientific Research what Lies ahead for Our Human Race on our Earth. But it Requires BOTH Environmental and Economic Reasoning, and Compromise that Benefits Both those Long Term Aspirations for Canada And Our United States of America. Without Truly Practical Thinking in Both these Areas, we will Lose Both of Our Nations to the Eventual Dissolution of Our Democratic Systems.

  • Anonymous says:

    This was so stupid put President Trump back in office.Why keep playing this YOYO.

  • Anonymous says:

    Its sad how this administration does not give a rats ass what the people want and think and need anymore,We had it made when Trump was in office but to many people couldnt think for themselves and all the election fraud screwed us all.

  • john says:

    time for Indians to go on Warpath

  • Morton Meltzer,MD says:

    no effect on climate change these are new pipes and less carbon foot print and safer than trains and trucks.
    His action was unconstitutional

  • nighthawk says:

    You can blame Biden for shutting down Keystone XL, but Biden is merely a place-holding, poster boy, puppet for the true powers controlling the liberal agenda who are pulling his strings. Biden will never last 4 years as the liberals themselves will get rid of him by hook or by crook in order to get the real liberal socialist radical Harris into the Oval Office.

  • Travis says:

    I hope the people who voted for Biden will finally wake up and see how corrupt the left has become. Nobody liked what trump would say on tweets,but hey its a free country isn’t it…and when it came to Americans lives, he was on our side.

  • Floyd Floyd says:

    I don’t know how somebody could say they care about his country. And sell us out yes for the power and money. For the love of God I would not want to be them standing in front of the O mighty. PS they got their heads so far up their ass take a note. I always been proud to be American I cannot believe what they are doing to our country it makes me so sad

  • larryt preiss says:

    we were beginning to get off foreign oil dependance but the bidens china connection is determined to keep fuel in foreign hands and keep us buyn\ing foreign oil

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