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7-Year-Old Philanthropist Uses $600 from Own Savings to Give “COVID-19 Carepacks” to Seniors

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facial mask and hand sanitizer gel | 7-Year-Old Philanthropist Uses $600 from Own Savings to Give “COVID-19 Carepacks” to Seniors | Featured

Kindhearted 7-year-old Cavanaugh Bell used $600 from his savings to help those in need amid the coronavirus pandemic. Cavanaugh’s $600 was saved up from two birthdays and three Christmases and used to purchase and package 65 “COVID-19 Carepacks.”

He also purchased 31 hot meals from a local restaurant, Buca Di Beppo, “to serve to senior citizens and help the local businesses impacted by being closed after Gov. Larry Hogan shut down restaurants Monday,” reported Fox News.

In a video for his supporters, Cavanaugh said: “What’s up guys! I’m at Target. Thank you for your donations, and look at all the stuff we got.”

Cavanaugh filled shopping carts with food and a bottle of bleach to give to seniors. In another video, he said: “Don’t forget our senior citizens. They need to eat, too.”

Cavanaugh also helped feed 90 students in need on Thursday.

Face2FaceAfrica reported that Cavanaugh believes his act of love will enable those in need to deal with the fear of COVID-19.

He started a non-profit called “Cool and Dope” with the mission to “eradicate all bullying and youth suicide through political and social action by his 18th birthday on Nov. 20, 2030.”

According to Fox News, he became a philanthropist and anti-bullying activist after “he was bullied to the point of having suicidal thoughts. His mom encouraged him to counteract his experience by creating a movement to spread positivity and love.”

Cavanaugh also posted a video on his YouTube channel, Cool & Dope, with the title “Fighting Coronavirus Fear with COVID-19 Carepacks.”

The video caption read: “It’s scary times with everything going on with the #coronavirus #pandemic, but I wanted to spread love and positivity. So, I went to social media to ask for donations and I even used $500 [sic] of my own money to make carepacks for the elderly.”

“They are the most at risk right now with #COVID-19 and I wanted them to know that they were not forgotten. I made 65 carepacks with snacks and cleaning supplies and took them to a senior living community in my hometown,” he added.

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