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A Piece Of History Makes History



  • A museum in Dallas had an event where never before seen artifacts were on display for the public.
  • The only living deed from the Mayflower was on display, supposedly the only public viewing the piece of history has ever seen.
  • The event was also to launch the new book by Glenn Beck.

The Mercury Museum in Dallas Texas just displayed historical artifacts that are sure to blow your mind. The more than 1,000 artifacts that have never before been seen are being displayed during an event called Liars or Liberty. The release of Glenn Becks new book Liars: How Progressives Exploit Our Fears For Power and Control, is launching the event.

Apparently, the event attracted people from as far as Washinton State and Massachusetts.

The artifacts that were on display were incredible. The event had the only living deed from the Mayflower, the ship the Pilgrims traveled on to the new world in 1620. It is believed that it is the first public viewing of the document since it surfaced in 1992. The deed to George Washington's Estate is also on display. A tree with a cannonball still lodged in the trunk from the battle of Gettysburg is also one of the artifacts that could be seen at the event.

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A handwritten letter to John Hancock, from his lawyer William Milton, was also there. Somehow, and I'm not sure how Barack Obama's family photo album ended up on display. Personally, I don't see how that is a “historical artifact,” but hey, whatever get's the people interested, right?

American history is such a wonderful walk down memory lane, of all the hardships that we as American's have overcome to have what we have today. Some of the memories aren't as sweet as we would like them to be. Death, inequality, disease, disaster, but in the end we still stand together.

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