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After Heavy Criticism on House to House Vax Campaign, Biden’s Regime Doubles Down



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President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he will launch a COVID-19 vax campaign. In it, strangers would visit Americans in an effort to urge them to take the vaccine against the said disease.

In his announcement, Biden said that they need to go “community by community” or even door-to-door to make sure the rest of the people have protection from the virus.

This announcement has been met with scrutiny and backlash. Many think it’s a campaign that seems like it would happen in a Communist country.

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However, instead of retracting this idea, Biden’s administration is doubling down on it.

On Thursday, in a CNN interview, Secretary Xavier Becerra of the Health and Human Services Department asserted that it is the government’s business to know which Americans have received the vaccine.

Yahoo News reported that Becerra made his comments in response to a tweet written by GOP Rep. Andy Biggs. The representative mentioned that the government should not survey the American people. It should also not remain privy to know who received the vaccine or not.

Biggs and other lawmakers slammed the Biden administration following White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s statements. She said they might have to knock on doors, literally, to pressure people who have held off from receiving the shot.

Biden Vax Campaign to go Door-to-Door, Literally

The administration has missed its vaccination goal of having 20% of adults vaccinated before the Fourth of July. Due to this, they are trying to find new, innovative strategies and incentives that would persuade those who are hesitant.

Becerra then said that the huge cost that the government incurred from managing COVID, as well as the economic crisis it cost, justifies keeping an eye on vaccinated and non-vaccinated citizens.

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According to Becerra, the federal government has spent trillions trying to keep Americans alive during the pandemic. With this, he said keeping tabs on the people is definitely the government’s business. He added that it’s also taxpayer’s business if the situation had them spend money. They needed to keep people from getting the virus and reopen the economy.

“It is our business to make sure Americans can prosper, freely associate, and knocking on the door has never been against the law. You don’t have to answer, but we hope you do so we can help dispel some of those rumors that you’ve heard and hopefully get you vaccinated,” the secretary continued.

Apart from this, Becerra was also asked if he supports the government's vaccine requirements.

To this, he said that Biden managed to demonstrate his openness to moving in a set path. It's one they can take that would help Americans become and feel safe. He added that the administration will continue providing the people access.  Also, they promise to go where the people are so that they can receive their vaccination.

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  • Anonymous says:

    My shotgun is clean and loaded, knocking on my door is trespassing on my property, I will give a verbal warning to immediately exit my property and a warning shot will not happen since ammo costs tripled since the pandemic. Thank You for your anticipated cooperation,. PS F OFF

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Cool, sleepy joe, I have a AR14 as you call it,actually it’s an AR 15 with several thousand rounds of 5.56 , knock on my door! And also bring the rest of the morons with with you. It will be a party!

  • Betty Blakley says:

    We will tell your goons to get the F off our property! We do not have to tell you anything! Stupid idea, Biden you looney tunes! Patriots do not want your stinking leftist goons on our property! Do you understand that?

  • David says:

    How much will this stupid program cost us. Everyone will ignore them just like the census. Why do you want the poison in everyone so bad? I thought beccerra was a tyrant on a state level in CA, trampling all over the 2nd, but this is insane.

  • Loggerman says:

    Knock on my door in the morning after i worked all night and you will receive a very nasty surprise. Furthermore, i don’t want these Biden Boobs on my property.

  • Leslie Bryant says:

    does this man that says they have spent trillions not realize that this money comes from the tax paying citizens and we should be the ones deciding if we want to take these dangerous experimental shots with out being pressured to do so. they show up at my house and i am going to have them arrested for trespassing.

  • Mary says:

    Every time Biden comes out on tv. He wants the subject to be on vaccination. As long as we let him get by with out talking about our troops coming home and the immigration news. And his plans to take care of those.and other policies. He just keeps our minds on the vaccines. And nothing else, as to how he will run our country

  • Pateotic American says:

    Haven’t these communist/facist surrogates ever heard if HIPPA? I haven’t signed consent for them to get my medical history/information. Talk about facism, read your world history, this is just the beginning.

  • Robert Glade says:

    What I want to know is who is going to protect us from Biden and his goons. They are a much greater danger than the virus.

  • David says:

    Does the idiot becxerra and biden realize that, first, they have prevented anyine from catching covid because not even the gene therapy does that. Second, they wanted to blow through a lot of dough to ruin the economy. Third, if they would have let businesses stay open, and not overpay people to be unemployed, they wouldn’t have to spend all of this money on the economy. The most important thing is they spent OUR money. It’s OUR money! You work for US! All of you tyrants have forgotten. It’s time for the well trained militia to execute some walking papers to everyone in government!

  • David says:

    Does brainless realize that the WHO and CDC have said to pause the “vaccines” on children because too many are dying?! Yet stupid ass psaki has a “strike force” going after the kids! This is one of the deadliest & dirtiest “vaccines” in history. A case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing!

  • Fred says:

    Just when you think it can’t get any dumbererer, Biden’s handlers have him read a script that doubles down on stupid. Biden has no idea what he’s saying, and Bacerra is flat out dangerous. This idea is wrong is so many ways and violates both international and domestic law. Biden’s controllers, and petty bureaucrats like Bacerra WANT CIVIL WAR.

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