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Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed Wants To Make Us Pay



Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed is back in the news this week after he and his father filed a lawsuit accusing Irving ISD, the city of Irving and Mohamed's former principal of violating his civil rights.

Watch the video and see why according to Mohamad, “It was nice to meet the president and to meet all these great people, but then again in that time I was traveling, I didn't have a home. I left my home here, but had to travel for my family and safety and the reality of it is I have lost a lot of things. People might not see it¬†because I never really talk about it. I lost my home, I lost my creativity, because before I use to love building things.”

Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed claims that he now receives death threats almost every day and that he can barely go out in public without the fear of threats and violence. That may or may not be true, and I hope that it isn't because no kid deserves that regardless, but protecting our country from attacks is a very serious task and it is always better to err on the side of caution.

Regardless of intention cause by the city or harm done to the family, this lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to leech money out of the situation and keep his media train rolling. It will also do harm to our national security as police and municipalities will think twice about reporting and investigating suspicious activity.

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