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Amazon Introduces Amazon One Which Allows You to Pay with Your Palms



Amazon Logo in Logistic Centre | Amazon Introduces Amazon One Which Allows You to Pay with Your Palms | Featured

Amazon has recently introduced Amazon One. It is “a fast, convenient, contactless way for people to use their palm to make everyday activities,” the company said in a blog post.

These activities include “paying at a store, presenting a loyalty card, entering a location like a stadium, or badging into work more effortless.”

All About Convenience

Amazon Logo on Samsung Smartphone | Amazon Introduces Amazon One Which Allows You to Pay with Your Palms

The technology is first rolling out in Seattle. It will use people’s palms to “identify them and combine that with details of the palm, such as lines and ridges, to build a ‘palm signature,’” Fox Business explained.

“In most retail environments, Amazon One could become an alternate payment or loyalty card option with a device at the checkout counter next to a traditional point of sale system,” wrote Dilip Kumar, vice president of Amazon Physical Retail. “Or, for entering a location like a stadium or badging into work, Amazon One could be part of an existing entry point to make accessing the location quicker and easier.”

Kumar added that they also plan to offer the service to third parties. These include “retailers, stadiums, and office buildings,” he said. “More people can benefit from this ease and convenience in more places.”

They opted for palm recognition for “a few important reasons,” he explained. These include palm recognition being considered as “more private than some biometric alternatives,” he added. Kumar also mentioned that this happened because one cannot determine someone’s identity by looking at an image of their palm.

“It also requires someone to make an intentional gesture by holding their palm over the device to use,” he added. More than this, it is contactless, which is very much appreciated in current times.

“Ultimately, using a palm as a biometric identifier puts customers in control of when and where they use the service,” said Kumar.

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