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America Has Taken Charge Of The Olympics



  • United States intelligence agencies have confirmed that they are working in cooperation with the Brazilian government in securing the Rio Olympic games.
  • Over 1,000 spies have been sent to Rio to add a layer of “hidden protection”.
  • It has been reported that all 17 American intelligence agencies are working on the operation.
  • A large group of Navy and Marine special forces officials have been called in to assist with the security of the Olympic games as well.

The United States intelligence agencies have placed over 1,000 spies on protective watch over the Rio Olympic games. Apparently, it's a highly classified effort to protect the athletes and staff of the 2016 games.

For some reason, I have a feeling that without the spies there, the Olympic games might turn into the Hunger games. Although that might be interesting to watch, it's the last thing our country needs at the moment.

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It has been reported that hundreds of law enforcement officers, analysts, and special operations personnel are already on location in Rio de Janeiro. Yet, the Amercian government took it just one step further. In addition to the hundreds of personal that are already on the grounds for the Rio games, they have also placed military special forces on to the task. Over a dozen Navy and Marine Corp. commandos are there working with the Brazillian Federal Police and the Brazillian Navy.

Apparently, this operation is bigger than anyone could imagine. It has not been fully addressed as to why the increased security but my bet is on threats from the Islamic State. On top of the 1,000 personnel already in Rio, the U.S. has numerous amounts of Military troops on standby in case of a countermeasure needs to be made. All 17 of the United States intelligence agencies are involved in the operation. (Did you know the United States had 17 intelligence agencies?)

It has been confirmed that the United States is working in cooperation with the Brazilian government to ensure the safety of the Olympic athletes.

I'm not sure if ISIS has any plans for the Rio Olympic games, but if they do, they will have a warm welcoming party awaiting their arrival.

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