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America Should Move On From Hillary: Hillary Should Move On To Jail



Listen to Hillary's five-word response to the Benghazi report that came out on Tuesday. “It's time to move on.”

I don't know about you, but I for one am not ready to “move on.” This is classic arrogance on Hillary's part. She is inconvenienced by the continued public outrage at how she got four Americans killed. According to her, what difference does it make?

There is a very real possibility that Hillary Clinton will be in the White House next year and that should scare the hell out of you. She already has so much blood on her hands and I am terrified about how much more she would add with even just four years of her in the Oval Office.

It is our duty to never forget about Benghazi, to get the word out and vote in November, and make sure this monster never has any public power given to her ever again. We must keep beating the drums of justice until she sits behind bars and the Clinton Foundation is dissolved.

As far as I am concerned she is a liar, a thief, a traitor, and a murderer, and I will not get over it and I for sure will not move on.

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  • Craig says:

    . If I had done all the things she’s done I would have been in jail long time ago

  • john Weiss says:

    She is a worthless piece of trash

  • VR Colon says:

    The only thing I can say is that if that lying, deceiving, cheating hyena gets elected to the WH, this Nation deserves to have ISIS and Kim Un Yung make it disappear from earth. First they elected a Kenyan and now they want to elect this murderer.

  • Thomas Norman says:

    Don’t believe the investigation was thorough enough!

  • She is the one responsible, and she won’t even say she is sorry. Let her face the families of the ones who lost their lives, and let’s see who we believe.

  • Edna Melcher says:

    She supports mass murder of innocents. She is a total coward choosing those who cannot defend themselves to kill. She is an absolute liar and knows not what truth is. I could go on but I will stop with the above.

  • Greg says:

    Move along, nothing to see here say the liberals.The Benghazi Butcher runs for President like these 4 deaths mean nothing. The did have the responders change their clothes 3 times.

  • Jeanne Desantis says:

    The Clintons have been Above the Law for years . They should both have gone to jail from years ago ! Now that a crook can run for office is a disgrace and slap in the face to law abiding Americans! They have gotten literally ” Away with Murder ” . This last incident with Bengazi and the cover ups is disgusting! Valerie Jarrett will not move this forward . Do they think the American people are that stupid that we really believe that’s Bill Vlintons secret meeting with her on a plane was to talk about their grandchildren?

  • Gary says:

    Based on Hillary Clintons track record, she’s a liar at best and resembles a socialist in the majority of her actions. She doesn’t seem to care about the people she represents and doesn’t seem to dislike the people who are hell bent on destroying the US. She has no honor and she has no pride.

  • James Scott says:

    hillary has never done anything for anyone but herself. Anyone else would have dropped out, that is someone with integrity. Her whole email system was illegal, plus the so called charity, she and her so called husband are running. Just the fact that she has been covering for Bill, is enough to keep her out. Why would this nation want him living in OUR (or her) white house?

  • Claude says:

    Hillary has violated US security with her personal internet and needs to be prosecuted like any person that exposes US Secret operations to hacking. Her values are not those of honest citizens. She believes she is above the law.

  • James Nieman says:

    Hillary and Bill are two of the biggest crooks in the United States and she has absolutely no right to be president of this great country.

  • James Nieman says:

    Hillary and Bill are two of the biggest crooks in the United States and she has absolutely no right to be president of this great country.

  • Barbara says:

    i think she has lied and gotten away with so much dirty things,and i can’t believe the Americans are falling for her good for nothing things

  • Penny w says:

    If any average person committed all the sins she has they would be serving a life sentence!

  • Robert says:

    What? You mean the “reasons” aren’t out there? No further questions.

  • Robert Richardson says:

    Both she and Bill have lied about comitted crimes and somehow wiggled out of what should have been easy convictions! Goes way back to his governorship! Why does America or true Americans allow this to happen? They belong in jail for treason and dozens of other violations. We don’t need socialist/ communist persons in our government. They need to go!

  • Name says:

    Just. Just. Don’t. Like. Her.

  • Rick says:

    She has lied and lied so many times. She cannot be trusted, but then again, what politician can be?

  • John says:

    She needs to answer for this and all of her and her family’s illegal actions

  • Name says:

    Not a truthful person

  • SAM FRESINA says:


  • Flyby says:

    She’s being protected by oblidiot who has confirmed her as his choice for president (I didn’t see that coming did you?), the DOJ, and the FBI. If I had garnered all that attention and had committed as many crimes as she has I’d want to move on as quickly as possible also.

  • Flyby says:

    I was moderated on 2 comments Yesterday. What did I write that is incorrect?

  • Flyby says:

    And you’re going to moderate the simple statement I just made?

  • Flyby says:

    I must have the wrong email. I thought I was on the ABSOLUTE RIGHTS page. I can see that this is incorrect. I’m going to unsubscribe and suggest (on another page) that other like minded people do the same. And avoid buying products from a co. that espouses our having rights but won’t let us make truthful comments.

  • Methane says:

    Had I done what the Clintons had done, I would be in Leavenworth. Their money and promises to Leftist groups keep them out of prison.

  • Flyby says:

    I have copied the statements from this page and notify you where I post them. I have even made the mistake of purchasing a product from a.r.’s. The title of your corp. or whatever it’s termed is hypocritical.

  • Jerome says:

    If her lips are moving she is spinning the response to suit her purposes. Do not for one minute believe she is telling the truth.

  • Anonymous says:

    Because she has lied and lied and now that Obama has endorsed her he has also told the Attorney General Loretta Lynch not to do anything to her. She is a thief, liar and murderer in my eyes.

  • BETTY says:


  • DUKE says:

    This is and has been obvious for a long, long time.

  • julie says:

    the Clintons are core criminal by nature and by their own designed plan for MONEY.

  • Ralph A. Nettles, Sr. says:

    She needs to be in jail now, not the white house.

  • Shirley Hackbart says:

    From the very first time I learned anything at all about the Clinton’s, I have not trusted one word either of them speak. I don’t even think they really know how to “love” the grandchildren they have. Those poor children will just be political pawns in the grandparents and parents hands. If We the People do NOT put that female behind bars for life or put her to death publicly for treason, we cannot blame anyone but ourselves for the tragic demise of this United States of America.

  • william vasios says:

    She was wrong there no going back

  • MSG Martin C. Vartanian USA ret says:

    As Sec of State she was the first US official to sign the UN pledge on small arms ban. Counter to the US Constitution 2nd Amendment

  • Farris Gregory says:

    As a senior citizen age 85, a war veteran, and a lover of this great nation as it use to be, I am very disappointed in Hillary and all the other crooks in Washington. She has taken this country down the drain.

  • Barbara Rincavage says:

    The Clintons always pull dirt and pay off to get out of it. Hillary is playing on the lowest intellect and income people in the US, in order to promise them something they will never get. She’s verbally buying votes.

  • Robert says:

    Yes, she should be in jail.

  • gord says:

    talk is cheap but worth millions to her one thing i don’t understand is these people in charge have given all these illegals the same rights that we the people have and now they don’t even have to take the oath to get them. i have to ask what happen to the native Americans. do they have any of those rights that have been given to the muslims ? free drivers licenses-free phones-free anything-can vote and still be not a citizen! what in this GOD GIVEN EARTH is wrong with our United States of AMERICA! just maybe the we the people should have a set down on penn ave

  • Gene Archer says:

    She is a lying SOB who is trying her best to destroy America

  • David says:

    She is a trator to our Country. Even Huma Abadine said she didnt want anyone to know what she was doing with her State Department E-mails. SHE BROKE THE LAW.

  • charlie says:

    Like always she is telling a lie again.

  • Frank Wodiuk says:

    She is a Liar, Cheat and Thief

  • Bill Reed says:

    For one reason, she is just like Obummer–she doesn’t give a damn about this country ! She thinks she’s above the law and it’s been pretty well documented that she is a crook that should be locked up.

  • Christine Leifker says:

    Both her and the Pres, should be serving Fed time for Life.

  • Wendy M Avery says:

    She’s always telling lies and this is just another one!

  • Richard Drew says:

    Mainly because we the people are and have
    Not been told the truth. More and more elected people are only out for their individual
    Benifits.excample when I retired from the And
    Two years later I signed up for my social security.I was told that I would loose one third
    Of my social security due to a bill past in 1995
    Called bouble dipping. Well look at all you government people who are collecting your full pay,social security,and other pensions.
    How DARE YOU!!!!!

  • Roberto Cadiz says:

    She is a liar and very corrupt.

  • Lenora says:

    Totally obvious HRotten C is only out to destroy and control America like a 3rd world country.

  • Name says:

    The time for our supposed leaders stand up and and do the right thing for the country!!!

  • Name says:

    Years of being investigated says a lot about a person. Acting as though what happened in Benghazi is nothing for Americans to be upset about is wrong! She is guilty and if we Americans have to except her crimes against America then she should not be allowed to run or become president!

  • Don Harned says:

    Hillary should go to jail.


    Hillary can’t tell the truth under any circumstances

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