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American Coronavirus Evacuees Being Held in California and Canada

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American Coronvavirus Evacuees Being Held

Two State Department-chartered flights were held in Vancouver, Canada and Travis Air Force Base in California as they carry additional American evacuees from Wuhan, China. The flights reportedly had “two persons of interest,” one on each plane. The passengers showed symptoms of coronavirus such as fever, shortness of breath, and a cough.

Fox News reported that “medical teams in Nebraska and Texas are prepared to receive the passengers, who were set to be held in quarantine for 14 days while they were monitored for possible symptoms.”

An official said on Thursday that the two flights were likely to be the last State Department-chartered flights out of the city.“ At this time, we do not anticipate staging additional flights beyond those planned to depart February 6,” the spokesperson said, adding any U.S. citizens still in China “should attempt to depart by commercial means.”

Daily Mail reported that “each plane is thought to be carrying about 300 passengers, and the last the State Department spoke to Wuhan evacuations, these were the last evacuees the US had any intention of going back to rescue.”

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