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Border Crisis

Americans Feel More Concern Regarding Border Crisis Than War in Ukraine, Poll Finds



Americans more concerned about border crisis than war in ukraine

A Rasmussen Poll found that Americans believe that resolving the problem on the southern border is more significant than helping Ukraine fight against Russian invaders by a 2-1 majority.

The poll, which polled 1,024 potential voters between August 21 and August 23, found that 60% of respondents believe that “getting the migrant crisis at the U.S. border under control” is more vital for national security than is “supporting Ukraine in its war against Russia.” Only 30% disagree. 10% of people were unsure.

More Americans also think that the issues at the southern border are a “crisis.”

Voters are divided: 65% believe there is a “crisis” at the US-Mexico border, while only 24% disagree. Just 11% of respondents were unsure. Rasmussen noted that these results haven't altered all that much since May.

Among other findings, there was a slim majority of respondents who thought Republicans were better prepared to handle the border issues. Overall, 45 percent of respondents indicated they have more faith in Republicans to handle the problem, while 42 percent continue to believe in Democrats. 13 % of people were unsure. This has also remained unchanged, as a similar result was found in April.

Even among Democrats, who make up only 51 percent of the party, 84 percent of Republicans thought that the border issues constituted a “crisis.” A crisis exists at the border, according to 60% of those who do not associate with either party.

Consequently, Republicans (81%) and Democrats (79%) believe their respective parties are best suited to manage these concerns of national security. Nonetheless, a majority of those who identify as unaffiliated gave the GOP the advantage, with 42 percent believing that Republicans are better equipped to handle matters of national security and only 31 percent believing that Democrats are to be trusted.

Rasmussen continued, “Joe Biden took a beating on immigration.” Only 33% of respondents think he's handled immigration well, while 42% think he's done a poor job.

Similar majorities in the situation exist across racial lines as well. The southern border is in crisis and needs to be addressed more urgently than Ukraine, according to 68 percent of other minorities, 65 percent of black respondents, and 56 percent of white respondents.

With a 95% level of confidence, the poll's margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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