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Arizona Seeks Restraining Order to Protect Americans from Biden’s Vaccine Mandate



Arizona Seeks Restraining Order to Protect Americans from Biden's Vaccine Mandate-ss-Featured

On Friday, the Attorney General of Arizona filed a request, asking for a temporary restraining order to stop President Joe Biden’s administration from implementing a controversial vaccine mandate as a lawsuit from last month treads forward.

Atty. Gen. Mark Brnovich released a statement, announcing the move. In it, he pointed out that if a person gets a vaccine, “it can never be undone.” He added that the vaccine mandate is “one of the greatest infringements” against a person’s “liberty, federalism, and the separation of powers by any administration in our country’s history.


The state of Arizona first filed a lawsuit in September after the president announced an order that will require federal employees and private-sector workers in businesses with over 100 people to get the vaccine or undergo COVID testing weekly. This was expected to affect over 100 million U.S. residents.

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This move angered conservatives who have called described the measures as unconstitutional and anti-businesses.

The lawsuit focuses on the differences between the mandates and the lack of the same requirements for people entering the country illegally via the southern border. It argues that the vaccine requirement goes against the Equal Protection Clause as it allegedly favors migrants who entered the country illegally over U.S. citizens.

Over 160,000 migrants have been released into the country in the last few months. They didn’t have a vaccine mandate to follow nor a testing requirement to meet.

On Friday, the Arizona Attorney General’s office asked for a TRO to immediately stop the mandates. They claim that the restraining order is needed because vaccine deadlines are likely to pass prior to the filing for a preliminary injunction being heard fully.


The complaint mentioned that the deadline for federal contractors to get their first dose is coming as early as Oct. 27. It also pointed out that for federal workers, the deadline for the first dose has already passed but the deadline for the second one is also fast approaching (Nov. 8).

The Attorney General also argued in an amended complaint filed alongside his office’s request that the mandates infringe upon a worker’s constitutional rights. It also mentioned that the mandates contradict the fact that a person has the right to refuse vaccines under Emergency Use Authorizations. To date, only Pfizer’s vaccine has been fully approved by the FDA.

The complaint also says that the requirements will cause “substantial harm to Arizona’s economy and to Arizona businesses that will either have to fire valuable employees or give up lucrative government contracts.”

It cited survey results indicating that 85% of businesses said the mandate would make employee retention more difficult. Meanwhile, 89% of businesses claim that some of their workers would likely quit.

The president, however, dismissed any concern over the vaccine mandate. On Thursday, Biden mentioned that people who go against the mandates are trying to politicize vaccines.

He also scoffed at people who go against vaccine mandates based on “freedom.”

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