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As Biden Wins Michigan, Andrew Yang Joins Endorsers

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As Biden Wins Michigan, Andrew Yang Joins Endorsers

Andrew Yang became the latest to endorse former vice president Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination. Yang, the entrepreneur whose candidacy was known mainly for his proposed universal basic income (UBI) of $1,000 per month for all US citizens, stated that Biden was the most likely candidate to win in the general election, and to govern effectively. 

Referencing his trademark slogan, “Make America Think Again” (MATH), Yang said, “the math says Joe Biden is our prohibitive nominee… We need to bring the party together. We need to start working on defeating Donald Trump in the fall”. 

Yang’s endorsement follows other former candidates, including Kamala Harris and Corey Booker, backing the candidate dubbed “Sleepy Joe” by Donald Trump. Biden’s win in Michigan solidifies the argument that he is the most electable option for the general election. 

The Increasingly Likely Candidate

Biden is enjoying a growing lead in the Democratic primary race. His principle challenger, Sanders, now faces slim odds, with political odds aggregator RealClearPolitics reducing his chances to less than 10% from a peak of 56%. Biden now enjoys a nearly 90% probability of nomination on the site. 

As Biden looks more likely to receive the nomination, he is facing greater scrutiny, tallying a few more of his trademark awkward moments with potential voters. Yesterday, he told a Detroit factory worker he was “full of s**t” in a dispute over gun control. Days earlier, a veteran of the Iraq War told Biden the “blood of the war was on [his] hands”, referencing Biden’s vote to invade Iraq. 

Sanders’ Fall from Party Graces

Over the course of a couple weeks, Sanders and Biden saw a major shift in fortunes, driven largely by the realization that Sanders is simply too extreme in his views to win a general election. Sanders gained momentum through most of January and February, and appeared likely to gain the nomination that many felt he was robbed of in 2016. Meanwhile, Biden fell ever farther behind due to low voter enthusiasm and weak debate performances. 

This changed in March, as Biden gained momentum in later primaries. His African American support has been affirmed in southern states. Hillary Clinton inspired weak African American turnout in 2016, and Democrats know that energizing minority voters is crucial if they hope to win in November. 

Bernie’s ruin hasn’t just been a matter of practicality. Past comments, including his defense of certain elements of the Castro Regime, soured many Americans on his qualification for commander in chief.  Sanders has received criticism in the past for comments defending socialist regimes, a sentiment that sits poorly among the vast majority of American voters. 

Sanders campaign was dealt a major blow in Michigan yesterday, where the senator lost handily to Biden in what will likely be a heavily contested state in the general election. President Trump managed to flip the historically blue state in 2016, and Democrats are eager to field a candidate who can reverse their fortunes in 2020.

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