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At A Trump Rally It’s Never The Victim’s Fault



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In this video, an anti-Trump protester at a Trump rally accuses one Donald Trump's supporters of groping her. The man denies it, but the protestor throws a punch at the man. Right after that, an unknown person in the crowd sprays her in the face with pepper spray.

The protestor was only 15 and while hitting her with pepper spray was extream, it was foreseeable and avoidable. Donald Trump has been bringing out strong emotions from both his supporters and his protestors. The fact is, that at every single rally, protestors get in the face of supporters and shout at them and accuse them of all sorts of things and the very minute that one person loses their patients a phone is there to film it and showcase it to the world.

This doesn't excuse these individual's actions, but it does explain them. If you had Trump supporters go to a Bernie Sanders rally and get in a “Bern Bro's” face and scream and shout at them, you wouldn't have to wait long until one of them threw a punch. However, I'm sure that would also be spun as the Trump supporter's fault. I think I'm starting to see a pattern here.

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  • Mark carver says:

    Politics can get heated,but the moment you get violent you get what you deserve!

  • kayjay says:

    Like she said,” I deserved it”. And after watching it again I see she was pushing her chest into people, after she said someone touched her chest.


    they first show the violent nature and are responsible for themselves !!!

  • Marilyn says:

    This 15year old had no business being there and throwing the first punch. They were there to cause a disturbance. They could learn about world events and the rally on TV. My question is who brought her there? She is to young to drive.

  • Brad says:

    Would you allow a dog to bite you walking down a public road or would you protect yourself? To maintain your safety sometimes you have to spray a rabid ‘animal’ in the face with pepper spray.

  • Dave says:

    This is what I put on my repost of this video on my Facebook page. My background happens to be that I was a Federal Agent for many years, but it doesn’t require my extensive training in investigation to see how this could all be a staged incident. (As so many are these days!!!)

    Now I have a few questions. 1. If the gray haired guy actually “groped her”, why isn’t that on anyone’s video? (He is standing with a woman of his own age, which tells me it is probably a man and wife, which also weakens the girl’s credibility.)

    2. Why is a 15 year old girl in the middle of a protest like that? Notice she is ignoring the guy with his hands all over her, as he tries to restrain her(?).

    3. It appears that the person who sprayed her with pepper spray was NOT the gray haired man. it was someone else who blended back into the crowd. Has any one identified him? Is it certain that he is in fact a trump supporter at all? Note that the gray haired man is wearing a sweater with a light colored design on the sleeves and the arm that uses the pepper spray is totally dork colored. (Just like the one who was videoed after he moved back into the crown to become anonymous again!)

    Someone discredit my alternate scenario if you can please from the info and footage available: How about if this was a set up with the girl being another of the documented, paid agitators, told to disrupt things by claiming that a trump supporter had “groped her. She chose the best dressed most mature looking person she could see as her target, because that would give the best press coverage. Then as part of the scenario (and possibly even without her knowledge) a second paid agitator sprayed her with pepper spray and then simply moved back into the crowd and away from any chance of being questioned as to who he was and his reasons for being there.

  • dot miller says:

    kids think they can do anything and get away with it

  • Alexander says:

    I disagree because it nothing to do with Trump.
    This is the fight between people and its not right to use spray. Again it’s nothing to do with Trump. This is only fact that anti Trump people wanna use to stop Trump. This is pure propoganda

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