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AUSTRALIA FIRES: Crews Airdrop Vegetables to Feed Starving Wildlife

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helicopter water bombing in Australia fire | AUSTRALIA FIRES: Crews Airdrop Vegetables to Feed Starving Wildlife | Featured
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The New South Wales government attempts to save the billions of starving animals trapped in Australia’s bushfires by reportedly dropping over 4,800 pounds of vegetables on Sunday. According to Fox News, “’Operation Rock Wallaby’ was commissioned to send thousands of vegetables from the sky to feed brush-tailed rock wallabies” – an endangered species at risk of extinction.

A recent estimate from the University of Sydney says that over 1 billion animals already may have died as officials warned Australia’s wildfire. Helicopters full of sweet potatoes and carrots flew over bushland and canyons. Fox News added that the fires “have spread quickly and overwhelmed efforts to contain them.”

“We are taking what we can, we are doing emergency fundraising and building more facilities right now,” the owner of the Australia Zoo, Terri Irwin, said on “Fox & Friends.” “We’re at capacity right now for koalas, we’re over capacity for fruit bats and we are seeing a number of other animals.”

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