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In Battleground States, Trump Remains The Popular Choice



Donald Trump salutes supporters at the Peabody Opera House in Downtown Saint Louis | In Battleground States, Trump Remains The Popular Choice | featured

Former President Trump remains the overwhelmingly popular choice in key battleground states. Heading into the midterm elections later this, polls show that the Republican ex-president remains the candidate of choice among Americans.

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Polls Show Donald Trump Continues To Remain Popular With Voters

collage concept Trump winning the US presidential election with card game | Polls Show Donald Trump Continues To Remain Popular With Voters  

In a series of polls released Monday, Donald Trump retained his immense popularity among voters. Despite the fact that the former president ended his term two years ago, voters from Battleground states still look at him favorably.

For example, Morning Consult surveys conducted in March showed that 4 in 5 Republican voters gave favorable ratings to Trump.

The survey covered voters living in battleground states such as Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 

Specifically, 86% of Georgia Republican voters view Trump favorably. This is 1% higher compared to North Carolina (87%). Ohio ranked third, with 80% of the voters favoring Trump.

Pennsylvania scored 77%, which still means more than three out of four GOP voters want Trump. The Morning Consult survey covered 855 registered Republicans in each state from March 1 to 20. 

Trump’s Endorsement Can Make or Break A Battleground State Candidate

Candidates vouched by the former president can greatly receive a boost in poll numbers. This is because Morning Consult discovered that Trump’s popularity in the four battleground states remained virtually unchanged since 2020.

Each of these battleground states has Senate races coming up. In each state, Trump already has or is considering a GOP candidate to endorse. 

In North Carolina, Trump endorsed Representative Ted Budd for the seat given up by the retiring Sen. Richard Burr (R). In Pennsylvania, Senator Pat Toomey is also retiring.

This is why Trump endorsed former TV host Mehmet Oz to take the seat. Meanwhile, the former president also gave his backing to former football star Herschel Walker.

Democrat incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock (D) will be up against Walker for the Senate seat. Meanwhile, in Ohio, Trump has yet to endorse a particular candidate.

However, several Republican hopefuls are already knocking at his door for a chance of endorsement. 

Trump Remains More Popular Than Current Republican Leaders In Battleground States

In the four battleground states, Trump remained the most popular Republican name. Voters overwhelmingly ranked him above other prominent Republican members.

This includes former Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY), and House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA). 

As a result, Trump playing the role of kingmaker in these battleground states makes perfect sense.

According to Republican strategist Gregg Keller, it also makes perfect sense for local candidates to hope that Trump gives his blessing to their candidacy.

“Every candidate should be out there seeking a Trump endorsement because more often than not, it helps candidates substantially.

But we’re going to find out it’s not a silver bullet in all races at all times,” Keller said. Ultimately, GOP strategist Gail Gitcho said that endorsers can only do so much.

“Candidates are the ones who win races and lose races, not their endorsers,” she said. “Trumpism — as in populist, outsider, conservative — without Trump is still very popular,” she noted.

Watch the 12NewsNow video reporting that Donald Trump remains the most popular Republican among Texas Republicans:

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Why do you think Trump remains popular in battleground states and other areas of America? Also, will you vote for a local candidate endorsed by Donald Trump?

Tell us what you think about his role in helping local Republicans win seats. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Sam says:

    Mr. Socialist, Mr. Operation Warp Speed is top choice?! When will he be held accountable for all of the vxd injuroes and deaths he’s created by the “non” vaccine? He loves taking credit for it so hold him responsoble for it. He and Fraudci can spend the rest of their lives in a cell together.
    Maybe he can explain why Pfizer hired 600 full time employees to document vaccine injuroes/deaths?

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