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Bernie Panders To Female Voters With Female VP Pick



  • Bernie Sanders offered up Elizabeth Warren has his potential running mate and VP pick.
  • Sanders wants to share his ticket with a woman.
  • Sanders wants a woman who will regulate Wall Street and the financial markets.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders alluded to possible vice presidential picks Tuesday, even floating liberal darling Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as a potential running mate.

Sanders asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” if he would be open to naming a female vice presidential candidate, said it would be “speculating” to wade into such discussion. But he added he would, indeed, be open to naming a woman to share his ticket.

“I’m not going to commit … you have to look at the best candidates you can,” he said. “But I think, as you know, there are people in life today, Elizabeth Warren, I think, has been a real champion in standing up for working families, taking on Wall Street.”

Both Warren — who has not endorsed anyone yet — and Sanders have advocated throughout their careers for greater government regulation of Wall Street and the financial markets and the elimination of corporate influence on elections via money in politics.

There are other fantastic women who have been active in all kinds of fights who I think would make great vice presidential candidates,” he added.

Democratic rival Hillary Clinton would also consider a woman running mate, John Podesta, her campaign chairman, recently told The Boston Globe.

There is no question that there will be women on the list,” he told the Globe.

Sanders’ comments come as VP speculation has mounted in other campaigns. The New York Times reported a potential short-list for Clinton over the weekend, though the Clinton campaign pushed back on it.


On the Republican side, front-runner Donald Trump praised Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin as a possible running mate Sunday. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign manager told CNN’s Jake Tapper Cruz was in the process of vetting potential running mates, including former GOP candidate and Cruz surrogate Carly Fiorina.

Source: CNN

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  • Louis B. Jones Sr. says:

    First Ted Cruz puts the cart before the horse with announcing a running mate before he is in position to do so. Sanders sees this so now he jumps on the same flawed bandwagon.Both are purely politician,say and do anything for a vote knowing they can change to anything they want after the fact.

  • used to be a liberal says:

    So, the Commie Bernie is thinking of Lizzy Dizzy Warren, good, great, fantastic. If you do get the nomination Bernie, you go out there and get another left-wit, especially Dizzy Lizzy as your V P. She will be as much help for you, as Fearful Fiona will be for Cruz, you and him are going nowhere.
    The Hilda-Beast, wonder what that thing has up her sleeve. Perhaps a black Muslim lesbian, or gay, because she is so full of tolerance, feelings, empathy, compassion, and a lot of something else, that we usually flush down a toilet.

  • Martin says:

    What a disaster that won’t be – Bernie “everything is free” Sanders & E_LIES_ALOT Warren?

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