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The following information was released by the Republican National Committee:

Ever the ones to play politics, Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are attempting to undermine the reputation of the eventual coronavirus vaccine over the past few months.

Biden has questioned whether the coronavirus vaccine would be real.

Kamala Harris made dangerous news when she said she may not take a coronavirus vaccine.

And even Democrat Senate candidates like Cal Cunningham (D- North Carolina) have gotten in on the destructive act and put American families at risk when they say they wont take an FDA-approved coronavirus vaccines.

REMINDER: Scientists agree: The coronavirus vaccine will be safe and free from political pressure.

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn said, Science and data are really going to guide this decision, and nothing else.

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams added, There has been no politicization of the vaccine process whatsoever. We have a process in place that I trust as a doctor, as a dad.

And Dr. Anthony Fauci has said, A vaccine would not be approved…unless it was indeed both safe and effectiveI would not hesitate for a moment to take the vaccine myself and recommend it for my family.

REMINDER: From the beginning, President Trump has been laser focused on making sure Operation Warp Speed produces a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine in record time to save American lives.

Bottom Line: Democrats like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are risking American lives by casting aspersions on the coronavirus vaccine for political gain.

2020 States News Service
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  • Kat says:

    They are totally insane. They have been screaming for MONTHS for a vaccine, now that President Trump has one, they say they won’t take it?? Is it because they are taking hydroxychloroquine?? I’m willing to say they are.

  • Karen says:

    I would NEVER trust anything Foney Fauci says.

    Democrats making an intelligent decision concerning the vaccine? THAT’S scary.

  • Dan says:

    A “safe” vaccine has NEVER been created. They all have side effects, some severe and even death. It seems like it’s not only the Democrats that are politicizing the vaccine. This article stands as an example.
    I’m not taking the vaccine, and most of those I know will not take it – none of whom are Democrats. Vaccines can be helpful, but you must know the risks and make the choice for yourself. I just don’t think the risks will be made public; you’ll find that out after you take the shot:-(
    I’m not willing to trust the government nor medical profession on this, especially considering the rush job, the lies that have been told by both WHO, CDC and the press. This whole COVID thing is a total deceit and a world-wide/national disaster; the vaccine won’t (nor can it) fix it.

  • Dan says:

    Hmmm. . . comments link doesn’t work.

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