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Biden Slams Trump After Winning Electoral College



Former Vice President & Democratic hopeful Joe Biden made foreign policy statement at Current on Pier 59-Biden Slams Trump-ss-featured

Once the electoral college declared his victory, Joe Biden slams Trump for his continued refusal to concede. When Hawaii’s four electors logged in their votes last night, it completed the 538-vote process. With a margin of 306 to 232, Joseph Biden just became the 46th president of the United States. 

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State electors congregated at their state capitol, where they cast paper ballots. For this year, heightened security, social distancing, and face masks highlighted the process. However, the votes didn’t produce any surprises. Upon completion of the count, the votes will head to Washington DC for counting by Congress on January 6.

Electoral College 

Under the United States Constitution, American voters choose their electors per state via the Electoral College. These electors will commit their votes for the Presidential candidate. Each state has a fixed number of electoral votes. Electors meet on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December to cast state votes.

Except for Maine and Nebraska, each state’s electors usually vote solidly for the winner of the popular vote in their state. For Nebraska, their electoral system awards two electoral votes based on total statewide votes. Then, each congressional district gets one vote. Maine operates the same, except it has two congressional districts. 

‘Assault on Democracy’

Hours after the electoral college, Biden slams Trump for his continued refusal to accept the conclusion, calling it an “assault on democracy.” He reiterated that the elections came out “honest, free, and fair.” But, he decried the fact that Trump’s supporters kept attempting to challenge the results with legal challenges. He called the efforts to discredit the election and its officials “simply unconscionable.” He also labeled Trump’s attempts an “abuse of power.” 

“In America, politicians don’t take power — the people grant it to them,” Biden said. “The flame of democracy was lit in this nation a long time ago. And we now know that nothing — not even a pandemic — or an abuse of power — can extinguish that flame.” He added that “In this battle for the soul of America, democracy prevailed,” Biden added. “We the People voted. Faith in our institutions held. The integrity of our elections remains intact. And so, now it is time to turn the page. To unite. To heal.” 

President for All Americans

Biden vowed to act as “a president for all Americans,” and gave assurance he will work for all. “I will work just as hard for those of you who didn’t vote for me, as I will for those who did. There is urgent work in front of all of us,” he said. “Getting the pandemic under control to getting the nation vaccinated against this virus. Delivering immediate economic help so badly needed by so many Americans who are hurting today — and then building our economy back better than ever.”

Even as Biden slams Trump for prolonging the process, Trump remains defiant. Avenues to contest the elections are closing up for  President Trump, who will need to vacate the White House by January 20. Recent court losses, including two refusals from the Supreme Court, doesn’t prevent Trump from saying he will fight on. In a Fox News interview last Saturday, he said “It’s not over … we’re going to continue to go forward.” He also tweeted that the Supreme Court “chickened out” with their Friday ruling that Texas cannot file a case questioning the elections of other states. 

Republicans Start to Recognize Biden

Even as Trump continues to dig in, some of his fellow Republicans have started turning around. Many Republicans have held off recognizing Biden’s win, but the electoral college gave some of the closure. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio stated that “The orderly transfer of power is a hallmark of our democracy, and although I supported President Trump, the Electoral College vote today makes clear that Joe Biden is now President-Elect.” 

Indiana Senator Mike Braun expressed disappointment in the electoral college. But, he acknowledged that “we must put aside politics and respect the constitutional process that determines the winner of our Presidential election.” Senator John Thune of South Dakota, the Senate majority whip, said Trump supporters should start accepting the results. “I understand there are people who feel strongly about the outcome of this election, but in the end, at some point, you have to face the music. And I think once the electoral college settles the issue today, it’s time for everybody to move on,” he said.

Watch the CNN breaking news coverage on the certification of electoral votes confirming Joe Biden’s win as US President:

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With the election of Biden via the electoral college, it confirms that the popular vote winner also gets the official nod. Do you think that the Electoral College still applies? Or, is the popular vote enough to determine election winners.

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  • Voldemort says:

    Biden the poseur only thinks he won. About 75% of living voters support Trump. We will resist.

  • SunnyDaze says:

    There was so much proven fraud in this election it’s disgusting. How can the election process ever be trusted when the demonrats scheme,lie and cheat to win? What will ever stop them if they’re not stopped NOW??? If every American’s vote was not counted, this was NOT A VALID ELECTION!

  • Skeptical says:

    “Under the United States Constitution, American voters choose their electors per state via the Electoral College.”

    That is wrong. Under the Constitution, the state Legislatures appoint the electors. They also determine the manner of the appointment. All states now use a general election by citizen voters as the manner. Some use a winner take all outcome. Some split the electors by general election outcome.
    If the writer would avail himself of a Constitution, and read Article 2 section 1, he would find it helpful.
    Other opportunities to repair errors in this article exist, but this is good for now.

  • Boaz says:

    A complete and total fraud! Perpetrated by Big Tech, The main stream media, Wall Street, the Democrat party the Dojo’s/ FBI.!

    Buckle up the US will Fall because all these people are tied in with Communist CHINA!

  • Stanley says:

    This is a front to the American people,and a fraud on the people.

  • CLYDE DUNCAN says:

    The election for President is a FRAUD

  • Richard says:

    How can biden (no caps) become the president when he has so much dirty laundry in his history ! a better moniker for him would be laundryman check out the meaning !

  • Honest says:

    NEVER !! Will You EVER BE My PRESIDENT You Commie Bastard

  • Jackie Keith says:

    This was the most crooked election in all modern time! Fraud to the fullest and no only that , the Biden’s are the most corrupt people in the US and we don’t need this type
    People leading our country!

  • Stephen Twigg says:

    If Biden Gets To Be President. I Get To Be Paul Revere And Say To Arms To Arms The Communist Are Coming January 20th 2021

  • Jerry R Walter Sr says:

    Majority rules? If so then each vote must be counted and the winner takes all. The electoral college vote is a waste of time. We the people are the ones to choose.

  • Shirley casale says:

    This was preplanned down right dirty work to steal this election from a President who has done so much to improve our country only to be undone for controlling lying Democrats to raise our taxes and undo all the great things our President Donald Trump has done to bring Peace to our country ! He will not Concede and we all will not accept this disaster as we seek proof these scoundrels are cheating to win this election and take over ! NO NO NO !

  • Ellen L Hayes says:

    Biden . . not my president.

  • FedUp says:

    I agree with SUNNYDAZE! This was an unlawful election. We have to get rid of ALL in Congress and the House of Representatives! Vote them out! We will never have a fair election with democRATS in charge!

  • Derek Seegar says:


  • David Duemmling says:

    This has been the worst election in history Biden is the worst and the most crooked person that has ever run for president. I just hope that the republicans investigate Biden like the rolled dems did to trump trump did more for the country than any del as ever done the dems will ruin this country just watch Trump will be back in 2024 if America lasts the long.

  • Steve Vizcaino says:

    Fraud!!! Donald Trump is a Fraud!!! He only cares for himself while thousands of Americans are dying every day!!! Oh I forgot there’s no pandemic as Mr Trump continues to claim!!!

  • Obatala Obamoro says:

    The only thing more crooked than a question mark is the Rethuglican Party. Bunch of vile, wicked, bigoted racist! The previous election stolen from Hilary Rodham-Clinton was marred by foreign interference as in Russia. China, etc., but you buzzards didn’t care in 2016 just as long as Twitler “Bonespurs” Cheetolini came out on top. Our nation is in shambles and people are dying, starving, sick, homeless, etc., due to his and his enablers diabolical treasonous behavior. Pound salt! GTFOHWTBS!

  • David says:

    It doesn’t matter on the survey if elections are fair and honest. Biden will go down as the worst president ever…..More than half American people will never accept it….or camel toe…. I HOPE PEOPLE RIDE HIS BACK FOR 4 YEARS…..AND DONT GIVE HIM A CHANCE….SOUND FAMILIAR?????

  • Roger Smith says:

    My suggestion is an amendment to the U.S. Constitution changing the Electoral College to having each Congressional District in each state give its vote to the candidate who received more than 50% of it’s vote, each state give one of the Electoral College votes (representing one of the state’s senatorial Electoral College votes) to the candidate who received more than vote 50% of the state wide votes, and the state legislature voting to give the other state’s senatorial Electoral College vote to one of the top two candidates. Should a candidate not receive more than 50% of the votes in a congressional district or statewide, the state legislature will decide who receives the Electoral College votes in those congressional districts and state wide senatorial Electoral College vote.
    The advantage to this amendment is that it will be an incentive for each presidential candidate to campaign in each congressional district and in each state. Under the current law, presidential candidate seldom campaign in states that they are shown to win resulting in those congressional districts voting for the other candidate in that state not having a voice in electing the President of the United States.

  • Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget trump won by the same electoral college vote that these insane people want to ignore!

  • don devanny says:

    Maybe GOD will strike them all when Biden puts his hand on the Bible.

  • Dan Ferguson says:

    this is BULL SHIT, it just goes to show if you cheat you win, Biden added so many fake votes that he won

  • Peter Wieckhorst says:

    They called a war between the states, that was actually a war between a few states and the Federal government, a Civil War. What would they call a war between political parties? If the democrats try to carry through with their clearly anti Constitution platform of attacks on personal freedoms there is a very great danger of exactly that taking place. Such a war will leave this country torn and disrupted and no longer capable of leading the rest of the “Free World” almost non-violent struggle with with those governments that are not.

  • Dan Ferguson says:

    your going to find that when you really need a President Biden will be running around like a chicken with it’s hard cut off saying what do I do, but with Trump things get done!

  • Russ says:

    I notice that the only Democrat (Obatala) commented that all Republicans are racists. How original.
    I have always believed in the peaceful transition of power. It is an important hallmark of our country. But it is very hard to recognize Biden/Harris as legitimate winners. If you paid attention to the evidence, it was obviously a flagrant, organized, premeditated fraud in five or six key cities. And the main stream media was complicit. Unfortunately it adds to the division in our country.

  • Carol Gacioch says:

    God help us all. I will be as nice to your pres., as u were to mine. Stock up on supplies folks, the worst is yet to come

  • Fabian Ruiz says:

    This world is coming to an end real soon! Democrats will continue to cheat and win. This does not looking good at all. I will continue to fight back with everything I have right now and I am not the only person in America with Patriots blood!

  • Richard Row says:

    Perhaps joe does not remember that the democrats as a whole have NEVER accepted the results of the 2016 election.

  • Yvonne Vance says:

    Alzheimer’s Dude. Now won’t that be a wonderful president!!!

  • Bobilink 88 says:

    With Biden in there we will have comy China running our country with Hunter Biden

  • 2WarAbnVet says:

    The Founders of our republic knew what was already known over two millennia ago, and created the Electoral College … “Democracy leads to anarchy, which is mob rule.” – Plato (429-347 BC)

  • KenM says:

    Not only is Biden corrupt, he’s downright nasty. By the way, Joe, we are not a democracy, we are a republic. Some Republicans may support you, but you will never unify the entire country. We know how you got elected and we’re watching every move you make. Good luck jerk.

  • James W. Hanna says:

    I do not know anyone that believes these results including DEmocrats. This has proven to be a real damaging event to our country. Regardless of how you feel about Trump or Biden the proof is outrageous.

  • David says:

    Hiden Biden and the rest of the RACISTS stole this election! Now they’re done using the blacks pf the country, until the next one! Meanwhile the VILE & DISGUSTING democrats will be raping and sexually assaulting women, and young girls for their child porn collection. Hell, even Joes canpaign surrogate was arrested for child porn before the election! And we all know what Joe and Hunter have been up to their whole lives! I bet Putin, and XiXi are licking their chops now that Joe stole the election. Ukraine too!

  • joeamerica says:


  • Scott says:

    Hilarious. Biden will never be president.

  • Anonymous says:

    You all lie an cheat. My president is TRUMPhow can you sleep at night. .. Jesus will have the last word. No you. ..God have mercy on your sole,,!!!! A thief will end up in HELL.

  • Mary says:

    You don’t concede any contest to someone who won it through fraud, deception and consorting with the enemy. NEVER will Biden and Harris be referred to as PRESIDENT and VP. They will be referred to as Puppet I and Puppet II.

  • Martin Shaw says:

    I will ride with the new Paul Revere.

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