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Biden Moving to Issue Vaccine Passport Mandates for Interstate Travel



Biden Moving to issue Vaccine Passport Mandates for Interstate Travel-ss-Featured

President Joe Biden’s administration is set to push for enforcing an unconstitutional vaccine mandate for people traveling between states within the U.S., according to reports coming out of Capitol Hill.

Republican Congress members are trying to prevent the upcoming expected rule from being enforced by introducing a bill that would block the executive order.

On Wednesday, Sen Rick Scott (R-Fla.), along with Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), introduced the said legislation during his speech from the Senate floor. If passed, it would stop the current administration from enforcing the vaccine passport requirement for traveling across states, according to a report by the Epoch Times.

The proposal, dubbed as the “Prevent Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates for Interstate Commerce Act” would bar federal agencies connected to interstate travel and commerce, from requiring people to show their proof of vaccination.

With this, Scott noted that the federal government doesn’t have business in mandating COVID-19 shots among people and businesses.

He then noted that the Supreme Court already ruled that no one can force others to buy insurance based on the commerce clause. He then followed up by asking why Biden thinks he could do the same thing in requiring the COVID-19 jab.

Scott then mentioned that travel is crucial if the county wants to be fully reopened. The senator then noted how people in the transportation and shipping industry play a critical role in moving and delivering items that keep the U.S. economy afloat.

In recent weeks, several signs have made it evident that the current administration would issue a vaccine requirement for interstate travel, no matter how blatantly unconstitutional this is.

For one, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who usually primes the American public for such measures, mentioned that he supported vaccine mandates for traveling between states.

According to NPR, Fauci claimed that the Biden administration has not implemented such a mandate for travel “yet,” but he mentioned that they are considering it.

Apart from Fauci, Dr. Zeke Emanuel and Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood aired their support for such a policy.

Nevertheless, such a measure violates the U.S. Constitution as putting a heavy burden on interstate travel goes against “freedom of travel,” which federal courts in the country recognize.

Apart from impeding the freedom of U.S. residents to travel, vaccine passports are also known to be a burden that many minorities and underprivileged people in the country would have to face. With this, the World Health Organization itself has suggested not implementing any type of vaccine passports.

Just within the United States, disparities exist among the country’s demographical subgroups in the willingness of people to get the jab. According to CDC data, as of Sept. 21, 60% of those vaccinated whose race were known had been white. Meanwhile, only 10% were black, 17% belong to the Hispanic subgroup, and 6% were of Asia descent.

To add to this, 12 states in the country have banned the vaccine requirements. These include Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.

Nevertheless, Biden’s administration has started implementing travel rules for travelers coming from other countries and for U.S. residents on domestic flights. These restrictions are inching towards becoming full-fledged vaccine mandate rules.

Set to start implementation in November, the current administration will start mandating for adult travelers to show their proof of getting their COVID-19 jab as well as a negative COVID-19 test that they took 3 days prior to boarding flights into the country. Given this stifling policy, exemptions for this rule are only limited and it will go in tandem with CDC’s contract-tracing mandate and mask requirements.

To add to the absurdity, those pushing for vaccine mandates have missed the part that these shorts have turned into a major reason for the spread of the Delta Variant, with state-level data showing that milder cases of COVID-19 have been increasing among the vaccinated. According to Roll Call, this will just continue to go up.

Given these reasons, it is clear that the Biden administration’s forthcoming vaccine requirements are not only unconstitutional but are also ineffective and disruptive to the people’s way of life.

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  • Anonymous says:

    NAZI, NAZI, NAZI, when does the war start/

  • Rdb says:

    Thanks to all the morons that voted for dimwit biden. Welcome to the new USSA!

  • Jack says:

    So they want to enforce this ridiculous mandate to law abiding American citizens but also enforce a open border policy to let unvaccinated illegals come into this country unchecked. This has nothing to do with this rebranded flu called COVID and more about a power grab. I’m sick and tired of these hypocrisies and how these scumbag politicians are using this Plandemic and peoples’ fears to get away with these treasonous crimes.

  • grinnie says:

    Hey, how’s that CONTROLUS VIRUS workin’ out for everyone?

  • Anonymous says:

    Can we please start impeachment proceedings. These criminals need to be in jail.

  • Richard Tryon says:

    How tragic that we have a President who for 47 years has made the trip from Dover, Delaware by train through part of Maryland with no idea of what his brain fails to listen to, much less undestand! He would be happy to show his train ticket and his mask and vacination “Passport” to comply with his onw order for all crossing any state border by foot or any other means.

    I hope he. issues his mandate decree by special Executive Order and empowers all legal of illegal citizens to copy fro the web the warrant to show with pic only of offender and their lack of evidence so they must go to jail and lose all savings for a third violation! Wihin a week half of us will be dying of laughter! All will need to fill in a date for their Court Appearance in 2048 or later.

    Meanwhile, how will Joe know that the virus is gone? With nobody to run the train back to Dover, how will he swim over the Bay?

  • Trueblood says:

    Sooner than later, I would hope! We don’t have as much time as people might think so it’s time to stop the APATHY! STAND UP PEOPLE, DO IT NOW!

  • The professor says:

    When is Jill Biden going to grab Joe by the hand sit him down and tell him you need to resign…. she obviously sees the signs of dementia …. speech problems and dozing off …. but then we will have clueless Kamala …. and by the way it’s not COVID-19 it’s not the coronavirus …. it’s the communist Chinese party virus communist Chinese …. start saying that it’s not COVID-19 this is part of the brainwashing that has been perpetuated on us …. I have nothing against the Chinese people but it’s the communist government this virus came from China call a spade a spade ….. and by letting our politicians deal with China this is our fault …. I spent 2 1/2 years in west Germany in the early 70s defending NATO countries from communism and look what I’ve got to deal with now a virus from Communist China … before you go to bed tonight say to your self…. yourself it’s not covid19 it’s the communist Chinese party virus …..say it over and over and tell your friends and family to say it over and over again it’s the communist Chinese party virus

  • John says:

    So where do we get the yellow stars to put on our clothing ? And when do we have to move into the ghettos ?
    I’m NOT getting on any TRAINS to take me to a “Health Camp”

  • KissMyRebelAss says:

    This thing would be 100% IMPOSSIBLE to implement. Do you realize how many access points there are between states? i.e. how many roads go across the border from Texas to New Mexico? What ya gonna do, shut them all off? Blockade them all? Good luck Sippy Cup. Did we wake up in Germany this morning? “Show me your papers”.

  • BOB says:

    I think its time to put Joe and all the Dems to sleep

  • Johnny says:

    you would think they all learned something from 01/06/2021 when they pissed off all those good people with their BULL SHIT , maybe they need another dose to wake them up ,this country is fed up with the way it is being run , Webster’s dictionary defines revolution as war against one’s gov. I hate to think it is coming to that , their is so many dirty politician’s right now in our gov. starting at the white house and going all the way down . sad their is not true godly people in our gov., a lot say they are but are not SAD but true

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