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Black Fathers Matter: The Rise Of The Welfare State



The real danger to the black community is not the police or white “privilege” but rather a clear lack of fathers staying and supporting their families.

Watch this Prager University video that underlines just how important this issue is and how bad things have gotten.

A father in the home is the single most important factor on a child's developing mind. So why have they been on the decline for the last 60 years?

The reason lies with the welfare state that the left, starting with LBJ, have worked so hard to create. This dependency on the government for income and support has lead to mothers having children out of wedlock for the benefits and the fathers no longer feeling the pressure to stay and look after their children.

Of course, this is not a problem that is specific to the African American community, the Hispanic community also suffers a lot from the destruction of the family unit. However, the lack of fathers in the household affects the African American community the worst.

The decline of fathers in the household is also a major contributing factor to the national poverty levels and incarceration rates.

The moral fiber of the United States has been eroded to an all-time low. If we can't get this country back on the right path then I fear for our future as a nation.

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  • Nina Zick says:

    As a prison volunteer, I hear the men’s stories of family and lack of family, and how it affects their lives.

  • Brigitte says:

    It takes a loving mother and father to raise a good child that is loving,responsible for its action and educated. Education does not need monies but an open mind.

  • Raphael Albert says:

    In order to grow up well adjusted you need both the influence of a father and a mother. I think the reason there is so much violence on the streets of Chicago is the lack of fathers, not guns!

  • Barbars says:

    Some states now have put into place that if you are on welfare…take a drug test. This might help!!! If you go to a Walmart store you can see the amount of women and just know that they are on welfare, and NO man around. I have had nieces that have children out of wedlock and was on welfare, or they have a man in the house but no marriage because welfare is supporting them. Sad, and I wonder if the children will do the same thing?

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