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Black Lives Matter Wages War On Whites



Black Lives Matter Rage War Against Whites, see more at:
Black Lives Matter Rage War Against Whites (Image: MGN)
  • A group of Black Lives Matter supports beat and robbed a group of white males in Ohio, while they shouted “Black Lives Matter.”
  • One of the victims was knocked unconscious.
  • Ohio does not consider this a hate crime, they classify it as “ethnic intimidation.”
  • Two of the men in the group of attackers were white males.

We’ve all seen their protesting for the rights of the black community. We have seen their marches, their demonstrations, we’ve seen it all. They always seem to be at the right place at the right time to stand up for what they think is right. Yet, where was the press when a group of men shouting “Black Lives Matter,” beat and robbed a group of white men.

That’s what happened over the weekend in Ohio. The oddest thing about the assault? Some of the men, on the attacking side, were white themselves.

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So far what we know from Ohio, is that 7 men, 2 of which were white, attacked an unknown number of white males early Sunday morning. The group of attackers started shouting “Black Lives Matter” as they threw bottles at the other men. That soon turned to kicking, which in turn turned to punching.

One victim was beaten into unconsciousness. When the attack was over the group of Black Lives Matter supporters stole money and cell phones from the other men, and then left.

Thankfully the local authorities found the attackers not to far away and arrested them.

Interestingly enough, the local media around Ohio is pushing the fact that the culprits are not affiliated with the group Black Lives Matters. If the “races” of the attackers and of the victims had been reversed the nation would be in an uproar over the incident. It would be labeled a hate crime and it would be all over the news.

Here is a list of the charges that the attackers are being charged with, see if you can spot any mention of a hate crime.

  • Anthony M. Valaskey, 18, charged with rioting, felonious assault, and robbery.
  • Bret D. Young, 25, charged with rioting, felonious assault, and robbery.
  • James C. Vance, 22, charged with rioting, receiving stolen property and assault.
  • Raejon W. Williams, 18, charged with rioting, receiving stolen property and assault.
  • Jessie L. Butler, 19, charged with rioting and assault.
  • Shane R. Thompson, 20, charged with rioting and assault.
  • Jordan M. McCrae, 22, charged with rioting.

Nothing mentioned about hate crime. Ohio considers this to be something called “ethnic intimidation.”

“Ethnic Intimidation?” I didn’t know knocking a man unconscious while shouting “Black Lives Matter” at him was considered an intimidation tactic.

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  • Richard F. Buckley says:

    Just another example of the fact that this country is racing toward hell. The most incredible fact is that in most such cases, this kind of immoral and illegal action is apparently no problem as far as justice is concerned!

  • Richard F. Buckley says:

    Just one more example of the immorality which is undermining this once great country! It is about time that the courts and the citizens in general treated ALL Americans fairly and equally. Unfortunately, it will never happen. Fortunately, I’m almost 81-years-old now, and I won’t be around much longer to live with it. Unfortunately, my children and grandchildren will.

  • Michael Phillips says:

    It has to do with government induced class and color wars to divide and concur the American populace. From the time of the birth of America, a complete rejection of the then authoritative aristocracies of the European nations, there have been those that would have us return to pre revolution days as far as government is concerned.

    The “Black Lives Matter” movement is, in my eyes simply another group of individuals jumping on the band wagon and whipped up by government “Agent Provocateurs” for the sole purpose of dividing and concurring the American people.

    Simply put; all lives matter, not just black lives.

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