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Watch this video of CNN pundits yelling at each other in a bickering that perfectly represents the arguments of today's society.

The Black Lives Matter talking head refuses to hear the stats and math released by the NYPD on race and crime that Harry Houck, the ex-police pundit had claimed. Instead, it dissolves into a full-blown shouting match which ends, of course, with the accusation of racist being thrown around.

Houck adds the point that this isn't a one-sided argument and that the African American communities need to take a hard look inward and be willing to admit that they too need to change. He then lists off some stats posted by the NYPD that his black colleges take offense too and the yelling begins.

Just like real life, neither side wants to back down and so the yelling just intensifies as either side hears less and less.

This video serves as a proxy debate for what is taking place all over the nation. These clashes are erupting in every major city right now and we need a hasty resolve or we face a collapse of this proud union, because If we continue down this path then we are looking at large-scale riots, protests, and clashes with police that will cost lives on every side.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Gary says:

    Blacks simply commit more violent crime than any other race. A lot on their own race of people. 70 percent it was revealed have just the mother in the household raising the children.That`s the start of the problem.

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