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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket Failed During Liftoff Due to an “Anomaly”



Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Rocket Failed During Liftoff Due to an Anomaly - ss Featured

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos' rocket business, saw its latest launch fail during liftoff on Monday. No humans were aboard the capsule, which split from the rocket and parachuted back to Earth after the operation was called off. The rocket spun out of control due to an “anomaly,” according to the corporation.

Following the failed liftoff, the capsule’s launch abort system was quickly enabled, lifting the craft away from the top of the rocket. The capsule then parachuted until it safely reached the desert floor. The commentary during Blue Origin’s launch fell silent as the capsule flew away from the rocket. Later, it can be heard saying, “It appears we’ve experienced an anomaly with today’s flight. This wasn’t planned.”

The said “anomaly” happened as the rocket traveled at around 700 mph at an altitude of 28,000. There are no videos shown of the rocket, but footage showing the capsule has been captured.

The rockets Blue Origin has launched usually return safely to the desert floor. They usually land upright and remain reusable for future liftoffs. However, this didn’t go to plan this time.

Rockets launched by Blue Origin usually return safely to the desert floor, landing upright and reusable for future launches; however, this did not appear to happen this time.

Erika Wagner, who was commentating on the launch, mentioned that the capsule managed to escape. The webcast of the incident showed that it reached the max altitude of around 37,000 feet. Luckily, there was no crew onboard the capsule; however, it was carrying 36 experiments, with half of those NASA-sponsored.

Following the launch, the company tweeted: “Booster failure on today’s uncrewed flight. Escape system performed as designed.”

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