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Report: Hardworking Republican States Bring Back Jobs Faster than Blue States



Bureau Report Hardworking Republican States Bring Back Jobs Faster than Blue States -ss-Featured

States that are lead by a Republican governor have brought jobs back more quickly than those led by the Democrats. as people in the country start to go back to work. This is according to new unemployment data for each state released by the Department of Labor.

Republican governors run the top 12 states leading in terms of job growth. Additionally, 17 of the top 20 Republican-run states do a better job in letting Americans go back to work.

Chart for the state-by-state unemployment rate

Source: Data from the Department of Labor (Accessed 05/21/2021); Image from the RNC

Furthermore, two more Republican states, specifically Idaho and Utah, have seen more jobs than the number they had before the COVID-19 pandemic started. Idaho is currently at 114.4% while Utah has 113.2% in terms of jobs recovered from the pandemic.

According to the data released, 23 Republican-led states have managed to recover more than 50% of the jobs that they have lost during the pandemic. This includes 17 states that managed to get back more than two-thirds of the total jobs they have lost.

Source: Data from the Department of Labor (Accessed 05/21/2021); Image from the RNC

To compare, only five Democrat-run states managed to recover more than two-thirds of the jobs lost.

More Republican States Have Lower Unemployment Rates

Additionally, data from the Department of Labor shows that the top six states led by a Republican governor now have lower unemployment rates compared to Democrat-led states. Also, 12 of the top 15 have the lowest unemployment rates.

Unemployment rate chart state-by-state

Source: Data from the Department of Labor (Accessed 05/21/2021); Image from the RNC

In April, the top 10 states for the highest unemployment rate, all of which are over 7%, all have Democrat governors. These said states are Illinois (7.1%), Louisiana (7.3%), Pennsylvania (7.4%), New Jersey (7.5%), Nevada (8%), Connecticut (8.1%), New York (8.2%), New Mexico (8.2%), California (8.3%), and Hawaii (8.5%).

All in all, these Democrat states, on average, has unemployment rates almost two percentage points higher. Republican governors run the 27 states with the lowest unemployment rates. They average 4.6%. In comparison, those that are run by Democrats have an average of 6.3%.

Unemployment chart state-by-state

Source: Data from the Department of Labor (Accessed 05/21/2021); Image from the RNC

Three Republican-led states, particularly Nebraska, Montana, and South Dakota, all have lower unemployment rates than when the said pandemic began.

Republican Governors Choosing to Open Earlier Helped Get People Back to Work

The Department of Labor’s data continues to present that states run by Republican governors who chose to open economies more swiftly helped in getting Americans back to work.

As per Bloomberg, Democrats have been paying people not to work through the extension of unemployment benefits. The report added that the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief plan by the Democrats resulted in this.

Supplemental Benefits Made It Hard for Employers to Get People into Working Again

At the time it was put forward, Biden proposed providing unemployed people $400 as a weekly supplement in addition to the unemployment benefits they already receive.

A $300-per-week supplemental unemployment benefit was passed and signed into law was estimated by the American Action Forum. The supplement would give around 37% of the American workforce more money for being unemployed than by going to work.

According to the Washington Times, this proposal managed to frustrate owners of small businesses.  They struggle to entice people from going back to work.

More than 22 Republican governors have announced that they plan on stopping payments for the additional unemployment benefits. This is in addition to those who have been rewarding people who return to the workforce by offering the unemployed some sort of “return-to-work” bonus when they do.

Some of the governors who offer this “return-to-work” bonus include Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte and Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt. Meanwhile, to alleviate the workforce shortage, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey offered over $2,000 “return-to-work” bonuses.

Some business owners in the country have failed to find staff to fully run their businesses as states reopen. They have directly blamed the president’s policies for making it difficult to find workers.

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