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California Is To Good For Daylight Savings Time



California Is To Good For Daylight Savings Time, see more at:
California Is To Good For Daylight Savings Time (Image: MGN)
  • California is thinking about getting rid of Daylight Savings Time, and criminals are very excited by the proposition.
  • A study was done that showed that daylight savings time has decreased crime by around 50%.
  • Longer hours of light means that crime has to happen later in the night, giving criminals only a handful of hours of darkness.

Support for the elimination of Daylight Savings Time has taken over the city of Sacramento, but the majority of supporters may surprise you. It isn't politicians or the working class that is excited by the idea, it's criminals.

Daylight Savings Time was first implemented in Germany in 1916. They were hoping to save their energy during World War I. In 1918 the U.S. followed suit. Originally it was farmers who lobbied against the idea. They have to wake up with the sun and their animals and claimed it was disruptive to their daily work. Whereas, the retail industry and consumers loved the idea because it gave them more waking hours in the day.

Yet now, the Republican Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, Assemblyman Kansen Chu and the Democrat majority are moving to pass AB-385: Daylight Savings Time. This bill would get rid of the advancing of “the standard time by one hour during the period commencing at 2 a.m. on the 2nd Sunday of March of each year and ending at 2 a.m. on the first Sunday of November of each year.”

Chu, in an interview with the Sacramento Bee, said that he wants to eliminate daylight savings time because caregivers are complaining. They are saying that “this one-hour difference really impacted their lives.” He also claimed that there have been studies that show that the loss of an hour of sleep due to time change has elevated health risks.

Although, daylight savings time has also been connected to the reduction of “robbery by 51 percent, murder by 43 percent and rape by 56 percent during the “extra” hour of evening daylight,” in a study done by the University of Virginia’s Frank Bratten School of Leadership and Public Policy’s.

Daylight Savings Time means more sunlight throughout the day, which means that criminals are less likely to commit crimes. Why? Because more light means more witnesses, more witness means it's more likely to get caught. No criminal since the beginning of time has ever wanted to be caught.

Who knows, maybe daylight savings time is protecting us.

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  • norman roeder says:

    It does not change the amount of sunlight. It is an out and out lie. It waste energy. It causes a lot of health problems.

  • lisabeth says:

    Daylight savings time disrupts our regular body rythem the entire daylight savings time cycle.
    No one should enact DST.

  • Janiebee says:

    I’m amazed that California has come up with a good idea for once. I completely agree that the CLOCK SWITCHING back and forth is a waste of effort, as well as being harmful to our health. People’s biorhythms are disrupted for weeks after the time switch. Heart attacks and auto accidents go up in the days following a clock switch. As we all know, actual daylight hours have nothing to do with our clocks……sunlight hours in a 24 hour period vary depending on time of year, not the clock. Throughout the entire country, homes and businesses are now lit up at any time of day. Plenty of office areas don’t even have windows, so daylight is irrelevant there. Most modern school buildings are also designed to rely on indoor lighting, not sunlight streaming in the windows — they purposely omit windows so kids cannot look out. Many manufacturing facilities work 24/7, as well as everything from diners and gas stations to grocery stores, etc. Being in an agricultural area, the clock switch is maddening to me and many others. Let’s abolish this outdated idea in our own states as well!

  • Steven Hyde says:

    DST was enacted to squeeze more productivity out of the people.It increases the amount of money we spend,which makes us work more to be able to afford it.Our health is of no concern to the government.We’re much like chickens to them,a hen that’s kept in a coop with the lights on for 1 or 2 hours longer than 12,will lay more eggs than if it gets only 12.The hen will only live 2 thirds as long,however.

  • Beatrice Mitchell says:

    We love the long sunny summer days.

  • Curt says:

    One hour change in time does not affect criminal activity. To say that one less hour of darkness changes behavior is ridiculous. The actual number of daylight and dark hours is still exactly the same whether standard or daylight savings. Criminals still conduct as much criminal activity in the same number of dark hours either way!

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