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Netanyahu Ignores Biden’s Call For De-escalation



Press statement by Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu-Call for De-escalation-SS-Featured

Last Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ignored President Joe Biden's call for de-escalation of the conflict in Gaza. Instead, Netanyahu said Israel will continue its operations against Hamas. They won't stop until they achieve their aim. Meanwhile, Biden faces pressure from his progressive allies regarding the conflict. 

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Biden’s Call For De-escalation Unheeded

On Wednesday, Biden spoke to the Israeli prime minister via phone. The two had a detailed discussion on the events in Gaza. In addition, they discussed Israel's progress in reducing Hamas’ terrorist capabilities. Also, they also covered the ongoing diplomatic efforts to resolve the longstanding conflict. The White House issued a statement regarding the conversation. “The President conveyed to the Prime Minister that he expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire,” it said. 

However, the call for de-escalation fell on deaf ears. Netanyahu said that he appreciates America's support for their actions. However, Israel will push through with its offensive. They will continue until they can “return the calm and security” to Israel’s citizens. This means the operations against Hamas will continue until they achieve their goals.

Rocket Attacks

Enduring a daily barrage of rocket attacks, Israel started implementing its counter-offensives. This includes airstrikes that targeted Hamas military complexes. They also engaged in the demolition of known Hamas hiding places. Many criticized Israel for the heavy civilian toll. Reportedly over 200 Palestinians died as a result of their operations. Critics also called out Israel's attacks on civilian buildings such as the AP office. However, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) denied the allegations. They said they only attack locations with confirmed Hamas presence.  

Since the start of the conflict two weeks ago, Hamas launched over 3,000 rockets into Israel. However, the country’s Iron Dome missile defense system managed to intercept and destroy more than 090% of the incoming missiles.

The US Remains Supportive Of Israel

Despite having its call for de-escalation ignored, the Biden administration remains supportive of Israel. The US used its veto powers to reject a United Nations Security Council draft calling for a ceasefire three times. At the same time, it reiterated Israel’s right to defend itself, insisting that the world remember that Hamas is a terrorist. In addition, Secretary of State Antony Blinken noted that there are “fundamental differences between a terrorist organization, Hamas, that is indiscriminately raining down rockets” and  Israel's response defending itself, that is targeting the terrorists.”

However, the Associated Press reported that top Biden administration officials told the Israelis privately that they’re running out of time in terms of objections to continued violence in the area. The officials advised Israel that they should wind down operations soon.

Biden Faces Pressure From Democratic Party

Meanwhile, Biden is facing intense pressure from progressive members of his own party. The progressives want Biden to get tough on Israel. In fact, some Democrat members of Congress are objecting to the $735 million sales of precision-guided missiles to the Jewish state. For example, Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX)  said he has “serious concerns about the timing of this weapons sale, the message it will send to Israel and the world about the urgency of a cease-fire.”

Other progressives are also urging Biden to stand up to Israel. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) blamed “right-wing extremists in Jerusalem” for the escalation of violence. Meanwhile,  Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wants support withheld.

Watch the Sun news video reporting that Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Israel will continue its offensive against Hamas in Gaza

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Do you support Israel’s decision to continue its offensive against Hamas? Or, do you think they should listen to Biden’s call to de-escalate the situation? Let us know what you think about the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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  • roger james ricker says:

    Why would anyone listen to Biden anyway, Let alone a country that is being run by someone 20 times smarter than he is.

  • Dan Curtis says:

    Israel has a right to defensive moves to protect its citizens.

  • rottenrollin says:

    I ignore Biden’s call to de-arm, too.

    In fact, I take it as a reason to buy more guns and ammo, hard as they can be to find.

    Anyone who wants to make you defenseless does not wish you well.

  • Ace Redman says:

    Biden can barely remember where he is at at any given time of the day… Why would anyone take anything he has to say ,seriously. He has early stages of dementia.

  • Dr. RevBoa says:

    The last thing Israel should do is listen to Pedo Joe. Sure, let these morons shoot 4 or 5 thousand missiles. THEN demand a cease fire. They need to pave that place.

    And STOP sharing intelligence with this administration. They will screw Israel for sure. Like Kerry sharing info with Iran. DON’T DO IT!

  • janet says:

    Just because this country is heading down the proverbial toilet doesn’t mean others should follow our lead. You go Israel – bring those bastrds to their knees only wish we still had the balls to do the same to America’s enemies which wouldn’t even necessitate gunfire.

  • Judy Ann Sarantakes says:

    BIDEN do not tell Netyanyahu How to run his country! It is NOT YOUR COUNTRY TO RUN!!! NETYANYU KNOWS
    HOW TO RUN HIS COUNTRY AND IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!! Try running your own country!!!

  • Sandy Peterson says:

    I totally agree with you !!! And Biden is trying to run our country, RIGHT DOWN THE CRAPPER!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hamas started this conflict and Isreal has every right to defend its people. Biden should talk with Hamas (LOL) and tell them to back off. Ha, like they would listen. Biden should support Isreal in anyway they request it. Of course Isreal won’t ask because they can handle this on its own.

  • All Lives Matter says:

    You stick to your guns Benjamin Netanyahu. Blow Hamas and BLM out of the water. Praying that GOD will help you win this war too as he has done in the past.

  • Gary Reddin says:

    I’m embarrassed for Biden and America at this point. And yes, Israel should continue their quest to beat Hamas into dust. Israel has been harassed, bombed and attacked by Hamas and other Jewish haters from the middle east for hundreds of years. America has been their best ally until Joe the communist Biden took the reins for America. Israel was attacked by Hamas first and now that Israel is totally devastating Hamas, Joe Biden calls for Israel to deescalate the attack on Hamas? Joe Biden (and those telling him what to do and say) should be considered nothing less than a Devil worshipping, demon co-conspirator of Hamas. Israel has been known to be warriors, let them fight the fight for their freedom.

  • Gloria says:

    No one in their right mind should ever listen to that poor excuse for head of a nation such as the US; Netanyahu must NOT listen to this diminished, despicable, degenerate, pedophile, rapist; He does not have the ability to help a fly out of of a window, let alone lead the FREE NATION and advise its allies. Netanyahu possesses such superior mental faculties to this piece of garbage that it would be foolish for him to take any advice from the criminal pimp

  • Mike says:

    Someone who can manage to distroy his own county and our way of life in a little over 100 days? why would anyone listen to such a tool…so far, bidens administration reminds me of the president carter years!

  • David says:

    Of course he is. Biden doesn’t care about anything but money and ruining America. I’m sure Israel doesn’t want to end up in the toilet as well. I’m sure with the money funneling back to them from arms sales will be all he cares about. The US is great as killing brown people, and this is what hiden will help Israel too. I personally don’t care. They’ve been fighting since the beginning of time and will continue. I say someone helps stop it by getrinf rid of both of them.

  • Otis Reedy says:

    Biden is a turncoat and is supporting the Palestinians with our tax dollars, I want Israel to
    keep defending itself. In the end Israel will be victorious because God has their back.

  • Tolbert Dean Spradlin says:

    This whole nation should support Isreal 100 percent.
    They are Gods chosen people and he will protect them.
    and God will bless those nations that blesses Isreal.

  • Ben says:

    Why do we have average Joe? What does that say about us?

  • George Hall says:

    Biden doesn’t believe in peace through strength. He believes in peace through accommodation. Go Israel!

  • Deborah Corliss says:

    Israel is the apple of GODs eye…he will protect them even if Biden won’t. Biden doesn’t belong in office anyway with his mental state…he’s much too weak and frail to run a whole country and we must not turn our backs on Israel. Even if Biden won’t help them there are many many Americans that would have Israel’s back in a heartbeat! I know I do

  • George Cook says:

    I have never understood how American Citizens who are Jewish can Vote Democrat. After the long history of the Jewish People being cast into Egyption Slavery, and all they have suffered for Centuries and the Halacost, why do most Jewish people in America support the Democrats who DO NOT support Isreal.

    One lovely Jewish Lady who suports Isreal said to me, “I do not know, but I think maybe the Jewish people in America are more Liberal in attitude than they are in support of Isreal”.

    It is a real shame that they do not support their own 4000+ year History and the Homeland of their Ancesters that was given to them by God and that was returned to them after WW II.

  • Dana Bruce Galvin says:

    Jooe Biden is a sorry excuse for a President as well as a sorry excuse for a Human Being. The Americans who voted for this Mook should feelashamed for what he is doing to America. Hamas would not be doing this if Trump was still in Office. The Lame Stream Media is also at Fault for their coverage. How many missiles did Hamas fire into Israel before Usrael respond? You don’t hear this on any of the MSM do you. Pathetic. How can any American Jew support the Democrats is beyond me. The Democrat Party is not a supporter of Israel or the Jewish people.

  • sherril henderson says:

    No one should listen to anything Joe Biden says he hasn’t enough since to walk an chew gum at the same time. I doubt if he can find his way to bed at night unless they have put down arrows pointing the way. He should be in a nursing home in stead of the white house. If Israel needs help the us should give it. Take care of this problem once and for all. Just as we have to take care of our problem once and for all which is Joe Biden and all of those involved in this communist take over of our Country.

  • Gary says:

    I didn’t read all comments but I agree with all of you Biden is a nitwit and doesn’t have the intelligence to tell anyone how to run there country. Go Israel

  • Dick says:

    Prime Minister Netanyahu said Israel will continue its operations against Hamas, as it should. Iran, using Hamas and others has been trying to wipe Israel off the map for years. I think it’s time for Prime Minister Netanyahu to finish the job for good. If he don’t, the Biden Administration will have Hamas resupplied with more Rockets/Weapons via more money given to Iran during negotiations of their Nuclear Program. The Handlers of Bendable Basement Biden will Bend him until he breaks if they have to.

  • Ronaldo Mcdonnaldo says:

    The Dems hate Israel our fiercest ally yet the U S Jewish population votes mostly Democratic , and seem to be mostly libtards. Israel has been persecuted throughout history they seem willing to back us we need to support them to keep both of us strong.

  • Linda Ford says:

    Ask God. He is in charge. His will shall be done.

  • Valli Neal-davis says:

    Isreal will prevail God has Israels back and theirs nothing these enemies can do to destroy Israel including Joe Biden and aoc God bless isreal.

  • Mikie B says:

    Biden? The wanna be bully who continually threatens people with his tough guy act? “take him behind the gym”, hung with “Corn Pop”, a notorious knife wielding gang member (buttered or caramel?), gonna “run over” reporters while fake driving an F150. Biden is a tough guy in his own mush mind and probably hid in his closet and sucked his thumb after wetting his pants when he was in High School, afraid of anyone not wearing a Covid mask (disconnected from reality). Was he beaten by his Coal Mining Grandfather? Oh, that is another fictitious tale from the Biden the Fraudulent shill.
    Bibi, by all rights of protection and self-preservation, tell Biden to F-off, as well as the terrorist gang Hamas. Oh…and FU Iran and anyone that is against the righteous and glorious defense of Israel. Note: Israel engages in defense after another egregious attack.

  • Bill A Robison says:

    Israel is God’s country and we should back them as a Christian Nation. We don’t need another Viet Nam.

  • David E. Stephens says:

    Google is playing its usual arrogant gammes!

  • Patricia Johnson says:

    I’m in Shock, utter Shock, first time in all my life in America we got such a WUS Idiot for a president he’s scared to even mention God’s Name on National Prayer Day he officiated for publicity and so he could pat himself on his own back trying to make all us Americans buy into his lies. Yep, we got a was can’t even make good on U.S. promise always to support Israel after WW II. Praying for Israel and God’s Showing up to Aid Israel in Victory over Hammas

  • Howard Bixby says:

    Since when should a mental midget like Joe Biden be allowed to tell God’s people, and has never read the Bible, what to do?
    I am 100% behind Israel and I pray to All Mighty God that Israel doesn’t stop until they find and kill every last member of the leadership of Hamas and totally destroys Iran’s ruling party.
    God will never allow anyone to defeat Israel again.

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Biden ( dumb) and AOC (dumber) that’s it in a nutshell

  • Bob smith says:

    Really “David” we shoot “brown people” GET REAL BROWN PEOPLE SHOOT BROWN PEOPLE!! And Israel has NOTHING WHAT SO EVER to do with “shooting brown people” ! You must be a retartes Democrat to even say that ! I steal needs to defend itself because is is for sure America can’t even defend itself much less help anyone else ! With Sleep Joe in the White House we had better worry about ourselves!!! But get real people the highest death rate on”

    brown” people is from “brown “people !!! Why can’t we all just be Americans and quit this dumb “color” stuff !! Why doe everything have to be thrown back to color we are all humans and all AMERICANS GROW UP !!! And God Bless Israel!!!!

  • Sam martin says:

    You are so right color has absolutely NOTHING to do with Israel and the many problems there !! But of course someone had to bring up that ridiculous statement !! You want me to care about color then you care about it not just when a white cop shoots a person of color but when an innocent 5 year old child dies in her on yard because rival “brown “gangs shoot up the neighborhood!! Then tell me that BLM MEANS ANYTHING!! Anyway great post and GOD BLESS israel

  • Windryder56 says:

    You know, Biden sits around like Walter with someone’s arm up his ass pulling his strings. He couldn’t think for himself if he wanted to. It is so embarrassing having him represent the strongest country in the free world. It’s like the circus is in town for four years. Geez🤬

  • HooYah Brother says:

    Netanyahu does not need to listen to China Joe! Hamas needs to be erased from this earth. Biden can’t even fake stupidity. Biden wants to defund police and now he wants to deescalate the war on terror. Who is he to tell Netanyahu what to do? Biden doesn’t even know what to do day to day unless his handlers tell him….”You know..the thing”.

  • Mary says:

    No worries… God has his and Israel’s back.. God’s first choose will be protected!!!! We Love you Netanyahu and Israel!! ❤️

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