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We Called It A Year Ago, Socialism Never Works!



We Called It A Year Ago, Socialism Never Works!, see more at:
We Called It A Year Ago, Socialism Never Works! (Image: MGN)

A story came out in April of 2015 about a CEO of a company paying every employee a $70,000 salary. That's right, every employee. From the executives, down to the lowliest workers, everyone got a $70,000 yearly salary.

For the people on the lower end of that spectrum, I'm sure they were thrilled. Getting paid a well above average yearly salary, for doing low-level work sounds good to me. Yet, the people at the top of that spectrum didn't share their enthusiasm.

In August of 2015, we wrote about the story, stating how Socialism doesn't work. It can't. You can't expect executives who are working harder than anyone else in the company to be okay with making the same salary as the low-level employees. It just doesn't work that way.

Read our article “Gravity Payments Just Proved That Socialism Will Never Work”, which describes the first time the CEO of Gravity Payments, Dan Price, entered the news.

As we so eloquently put in our previous article “what he,” Dan Price, “didn’t take into account was that human nature is to succeed and be the best in the pack, and that’s why this decision was a mistake.”

Well, it turns out our prediction was right. The CEO of a giant company that rose to fame after he gave everyone a $70,000 salary, is now renting out his home to stay afloat.

We hate to be the ones to say we told you so, but…we told you so.

You see, the old saying “life isn't fair” is an old saying for a reason. You can't give everyone the same thing because, to put it simply, not everyone deserves the same thing. You can't expect the guy who fixes the sink your companies bathroom to get the same money as the guy who handles multi-million dollar deals. That isn't fair. If socialism were truly all about the fairness of the people, they would see that people get a certain salary because they earned it.

Dan Price, 31, is now renting out his house to make ends meet, while working as hard as ever to keep his business afloat. Which isn't an easy thing to do when you're living out of your garage.

Not only did Dan's company lose customers, they view Dan's decision as a political statement, but he also lost employees.

One of his former employees Grant Moran, 29, quite and told the papers that, “Now the people who were just clocking in and out were making the same as me. It shackles high performers to less motivated team members.”

Well, Dan, we hope that you have learned why socialism fails in every situation, but we have to thank you for your example.

Socialism does not promote competition or motivation in the workforce. It takes away the possibility of a career and makes working simply that, work. If we lived in a socialistic environment all the companies that have not only flourished but changed our way of living would not exist. Our advancement in science would not be what it is today. The possibility of the Tesla car company, the iPhone… none of those would exist.

Thank you, Dan Price for reminding us of why we live in the type of country we live in.

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  • Terry says:

    Basic economics – eventually those paying will leave the nest leaving the others with only ones getting a free ride. There is no such thing. You want something – you work for it. Trickle down economics works in my opinion so I prefer seeing new jobs created to help those with money as then I am helping myself.

  • John says:

    Socialism is contrary to human nature. We are not ants or termites. Each human is unique and different. Socialism tries to suppress those differences and pretend that all humans are identical interchangeable parts.

  • Jim says:

    Socialism has been integral to U.S. culture since day1 , and it works just fine , thanks (for Veterans reading this, you were a part of one of the Worlds largest “Socialistic” organizations). Socialist -leaning Nations are at or near the top of lists of the most successful nations (Israel, Sweden, Norway, Denmark-etc).

    • David McQueen says:

      I worked for a Danish company (oil/gas well service) for 8 years. (I retired last year). When the Danes were honest about it, they would tell me that they hate the idea that they had to pay 60% of their wages so that some people could stay home and not work. They hated the idea that they had to ride bicycles because cars were too expensive. Even the Danish boss/founder of the company did NOT live in Denmark (he lived in Sweden and commuted to work!) You can tout your socialist countries all you want, but I guarantee you would NOT live there.

  • DustyFae says:

    I hate to work hard for what l have to give it all away to the Government or lazy ass people who won’t work because they rather sit home and have the government put them all on a new slavery plantation.

    Obama can close all the machines down and people won’t be able to get their money or food stamps. then what happens,,, a nightmare..

    That is what l expect coming from Obama soon, so he can call martial laws and stay in the WH.

    Bernie is Socialism, but people call it mildly… BC

    Hillary just like Obama are Communism and Marxism

  • Richard Blake says:

    Really I or anyone with any common sense can relate to Liberalism is Socialism is just a polite way of leading to Communism; which by the way in 1963 when the Congress let some liberal jerk off, REMOVED GOD FROM R SCHOOLS & now Islam is ok ???
    Idiots!!! If Islam is allowed than you can forget about America surviving…just saying!

  • Dan says:

    Only the fool believes that socialism works. Tell me why we have a 20 trillion dollar debt again?

    • David McQueen says:

      Socialism works well for the elites at the top, but fails the bottom 90%. Capitalism and free markets allow EVERYONE a chance to get wealthy; socialism only allows the elites the power to remain at the top.

  • Beau Monet says:

    It has been proven so very many times in the course of history….that socialism never works it just gets those on the top level rich.

  • Charles says:

    This supposed “way to Communism” (total ownership of all means of production by the government) which ALWAYS leads to dictatorship (even in the US) and leads to a total disastrous starvation and bankruptcy.

  • Faith says:

    In high school we took Americanism vs Communism. It should still be taught to everyone. Then perhaps they would get a better perspective of what life is like in both!

  • jt says:

    No one on the lower ranks will strive to work harder to get to the top since they get paid the same as the top people anyway. Why bother…get highly paid but less work..

  • James says:

    Common sense! No socialist program has ever been successful! Once the “other peoples $ are spent” the socialist scheme collapses!

  • Dennis says:

    I`ve seen it frist hand

  • Teri says:

    I disagree because you’re wrong. It is working.

  • Tom says:

    Evidently, the author, Alex Miller, has done no research for this article or he does not know what socialism actually is. The article is full of holes. First of all Dan Price is not “The CEO of a giant company”. Gravity Payments is a small credit card processing company. Second, Miller conveniently omits the real issue here. Dan Price’s brother is suing him because Dan allegedly overpaid himself rather than funnel profits back into the company. Gravity Payments is very much a capitalist enterprise- how Alex Miller reads “failure of socialism” into the story is spin at it’s worst. Calling Dan Price’s move to increase employee salaries “socialism” is equivalent to calling Henry Ford a “socialist”


    they are so wrong.

  • ARNOLD CaBRAL says:

    I really don’t believe we should have no Socialism in United States.

  • bobby brooks says:

    where does the money come from ? any one that thinks free is good, is stupid. NOTHING IS FREE

  • jim niedecken says:

    socialism kills all incentive to try to do better than the other employees. why bust your butt when the guy in the lawn chair next to you is drawing the same reward at the end of the day. this is why unions are chasing their own jobs out of the country.

  • EJ says:

    People who work hard and make money shouldn’t have to give it all away to the lazy ones who refuse to put in hard work yet expect high pay for doing as little as possible. Everyone shouldn’t expect the same pay. Pay should be for the Job done, not just feeling entitlement for putting in as little effort as possible.

  • Tracie says:

    Socialism is a way for the rich to get richer and keep the poor, poorer. A kind of caste system.

  • ross says:

    History has proven that it does not work for the people or the countries where it has been experimented with. People are genetically different and everyone not being the same makes it an incapable system for success.

  • Butch Bennett says:

    You can’t give away to people without collecting from other people.

  • andy says:

    Too many people are pointing fingers to Liberals for National debt. Actually, Republicans spent more than Liberals Due high cost of wars and give money to Vets! Socialism helps to minimum greedy’s wealth, Therefore, Socialism is a good way to go!

  • Kathy Moulton says:

    It’s been tried and tried throughout history. If it hasn’t worked by now it never will.

  • Michael Vincent says:

    The biggest factor “They always run out of money” Someone has to pay for all the freebies which makes them not free.

  • Wesley says:

    Wesley, Because it actually discourages work. People look for a hand out. No reason to try to be successful.

  • Floyd R. Looker, Jr. says:

    Historically it has never worked. China, Russia, USSR… the list goes on and on. Keynesian Economics is based upon Socialism in which the government has centralized authority over all aspects of life.
    Adam Smith’s theory of Economics has historically shown that less government and less taxes leads to growth, development and prosperity for all members of the society that practices it. Two economic opposites that have opposite results in the prosperity of a nation, any nation.

  • William Bolton says:

    A demigod always comes out on top and since socialism models are always kept disarmed, except for the demigods and forces supporting them, tyranny always is the end result. Few people ever arise that work out the enormous obstacles placed in the way by the socialists like being jailed or murdered. There have been such, but few nations ever achieve liberty as socialists see nothing wrong in murder and use it liberally. They will smile to you and openly tell convincing lies as though they are truth. Even questioning their versions of the “TRUTH” can get a person murdered. They seem to have finally found the missing armor of liberty and it is freedom of religion. Calling a murder cult a “religion” and telling everyone that we must respect the “religion” is opening the door to socialism and welcoming murder into society. That it is a lie makes NO difference to socialists that think they will rule in the end. I do know that the socialists have not realized that the murder cult sees them in the same light as all those that become victims of the murder cult, so socialists have been overtaken by their intelligent reasoning in using a murder cult against liberty. Liberty has been foolish in listening to socialism and NOT closely examining everything called “religion.”Just the label, “religion” does NOT make it so. If NAZI had been a “religion” it might still be with us on a large scale. NOTHING that denies individual liberty will ever stand unless it is by force and fear, socialism included. All these types of rule stifle creativity and endeavour by crushing individual expression and MORALS.

  • Hildegarde says:

    That’s what we have right now and we are going under

  • Vida Humphreys says:

    Because, as Margaret Thatcher said, you always run outta other people’s money!

  • marie says:

    look at the history,stallin.missolini,hilter? only free society make country it renaicense?

  • Stormy says:

    Many patriots feel about socialism as you do, yet the socials continue to attempt to see that somehow it ends up working out in the end, as we can see with the current administration and the one that is the defacto winner in this years contest. For those patriots who are still under the delusion that our country is still based upon the constitution, then you have been lied to by more than experts like the current prevaricate in chief or his classical ascending liar, Hillary.

  • Leonard Barkhousen says:

    Sweden, Denmark, Russia

  • Allen Menges says:

    There is no Magic Wand to keep the system rolling when the money runs out

  • Dianna Penwell says:

    No incentive to try to do better.

  • Lenora Lee says:

    Totally unrealistic! Can never get something for nothing!

  • Daren D. Theige says:

    If there’s ONE Country in the World that could certain USE MORE Socialism, it’s the United States!!!!! We NEED more Socialism to compensate for the current disaster of income inequality!!! We currently live in a Fascist Country and something has to change or at some point People WILL resort to Revolution!!!!

  • simin marzvan says:

    Have seen Europe.

  • Wesley says:


  • Chris says:

    I don’t disagree that socialism doesn’t work for people who want fairness , to earn their wages and the ideals that America in her glory years held in as an example of pride and honor , not today’s sell out corrupt America that is a shadow of socialism in its politics and spending of its people’s social security and otherwise but I do disagree with your assumption in the statement that implied that CEO s of companies work harder than the rest of its employees unless u mean they spend more of the companies money bribing and taking out other CEO s and building a debt and being a careless bunch of holier than thou rich snobs like the CEO s I have had the great displeasure of knowing everywhere I’ve been employed at . They are the last to be held responsible just like in politics for the problems they create . Plus after I gained the education of the true nature of our so called government by learning about a 3 step basis that has been used to further control over its own population by creating the problem it claims to oppose only to propose the solution which would’ve otherwise not have had its people face had they not created the problem in the first place merely to gain wealth for the already super wealthy by ear. Every ear this century has been used to further control using this 3 step basis known as the helegian dialectic. I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned it in this case. Surely uve heard of it before. This corrupt America is the creator of communism when we sent Lenin over to Russia to set up the communist party . It’s been used by Churchill when the lusitania was sunk by the Germans to enter the war that was unpopular in the people’s vote until of course the ship was torpedoed by the Germans while the whole time Churchill knew that it would be . Let’s not forget Vietnam and the latest one about 9- 11 or the one before both of those at pearl harbor where battle ship row was targeted by the Japanese in what would seem to be a military strategic blunder to line up its naval fleet in rows or rather ducks in a barrel , or the reality being that this government knew the war was unpopular same as Churchill but needed reason to go to war that its people didn’t want so it created the pearl harbor situation. If you are unaware of the halogen dialectic its taught in the the rich snobby government schools in nearly all countries around the world . The truth is way uglier than I’d ever expected and far more than most know and definitely far more than those who know want to admit . Does socialism work ? Maybe it was for the Nazis before they decided to invade too many countries at once . Are we Nazis? God I hope not . Are we that far from becoming the likeness of such ? Sadly it looks pretty grim to me . We’ll see for sure of the next president is the criminal Clinton or if more of the deceased voters come alive just to cast their ballots as they did last election. I wonder what you’ve got to say about this . This is one of those things that I know I’m right on but wish I were completely wrong about . If somehow you can prove me wrong with truth and no manipulations of truth I’d be very happy to see you do that .This you want to find out who’s really in power of the entire world , follow the money . It’s the financiers of government the truest most wealthiest families in the world , the richest of the rich who have the say in what takes place . Just like the CEO they have the power but do very little work at all .

  • John Wirts says:

    Every country that has tried it, standard of living goes down, the lack of incentive encourages parasites to stop working if they have a job. The economy fails as does the country.

  • Camille Gilliam says:

    I saw the video by a woman that grew up in Austria after they voted for the German’s to take over. She told the whole story, about the food stamps, and if you couldn’t work you didn’t get any, and how they took handicapped kids away from their families to tech them to read, and they euthanized them all within 6 mos.

  • Vayle says:

    There are many, many examples in history! Read it, but look for older source material. “Progressives” are trying to blot it out of history books! Does the USSR sound familiar? Our own original settlers, the Massachusetts Colony under Wm. Bradford, tried the socialist model, “one for all,” but the first winter, half died. Thereafter, each family or group got a parcel of land, worked it themselves for themselves, and most had a surplus almost right away, but positively, in later years. The AmerIndians helped us greatly, too! S.O.S. Devious minds want liberty blotted out, want everyone to work for them, the “elites,” and history will be our end and be repeated if they’re not stopped! MacArthur said, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Others have said it, too! Another “truism” that has come down through the years…

  • Lt Col James T. Collins, USA (Retired) says:

    I was stationed in Berlin and spent time dealing with the DDR and Russians in the early 60’s. The Western Sectors of Berlin were thriving. Only those sites preserved for historical purposes and a few private properties showed the destruction of WW II. The lack of any effort on the part of the citizens or government officials was readily apparent. From the road crews to the Russian Staff. This was before the standard Russian joke became, “When they quit pretending to pay us for working and we quit pretending to work, it will all collapse.” But that did become the standard joke in the 90’s and it did collapse.

  • DUKE says:

    Socialism obviously DOES NOT WORK. Look around the world and see the countries that are hopeless failures because they became socialist governments / economies. The only people who love it are the do nothings who want lots of free stuff, hand-outs, and rewards for being lazy, dumb, unmotivated, uneducated, free-loaders who will never achieve anything on their own. Unfortunately, these idiots outnumber the capitalist-minded achievers who have brains and ambitions. So the leftist politicians promoting socialism get more votes. It’s a really sick situation, and it’s a disaster.

  • Frank Winchel says:

    Let me start with socialism would be great if it brought the lower, and middle class up to the upper class of living. But history shows this can not happen for any length of time before the government grows bigger, stronger and more controlling. This causes the ratio of moneys to change. There is only so much money to go around. With the government getting bigger stronger, and more powerful causing the people to become weaker against it’s government. Eventually only one thing can happen because of the nature of man. There becomes two classes of people. Upper class being the government, and lower class being the people. If we become a socialist run country we will lose our precious REPUBLIC for ever !!! Causing our children, and our children,children to be SLAVES to it’s government.

  • jim niedecken says:

    Socialism promotes mediocracy, and suppresses individual creatism, for one to excel and succeed!

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