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Kelly Osbourne Says F*ck Cancel Culture!



Kelly Osbourne at the 2013 American Music Awards at Nokia Theater | Kelly Osbourne Says F*ck Cancel Culture! | Featured

Former reality star Kelly Osbourne lashed out at cancel culture in the wake of her mother Sharon’s exit from a daytime talk show. This is the phenomenon of ostracizing a public figure who acted or spoke in a manner deemed unacceptable by the public.  A “cancelled” person is someone who endured public shaming for saying or doing something that the public does not agree with.  

However, cancel culture often receives criticism as an attack of free speech or ideas. Groups who engage in this movement are often classified as part of left-wing groups as opposed to centrist or right-wingers.

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Sharon Osbourne Leaves ‘The Talk’

Previously, Sharon Osbourne left her show “The Talk” after clashing with fellow co-host Sheryl Underwood. The two argued over comments made by British host Piers Morgan against actress-turned-royal celebrity Meghan Markle. The host reacted to Markle’s interview on Oprah and said he doesn’t believe a single word she uttered. This led to a media firestorm, which Morgan downplayed.  

Sharon defended his friend Morgan by saying people Morgan pay for his opinion on a lot of things. Underwood asked Osbourne if her defense might make people think she’s racist.  The latter said disagreeing doesn't make somebody a racist.  

F*ck Cancel Culture

Speaking with “Extra,” Kelly Osbourne said that cancel culture made everyone afraid of making a mistake. “I didn’t know what was really going on in this country because I just thought that simply being not racist was enough,” she said. “It’s not, it’s actually not, you have to be actively not racist and educate yourself and learn, and don’t be afraid to make a mistake, everybody’s so afraid of cancel culture. I say f*** cancel culture, it’s all about counsel culture.”

Osbourne pushed the idea of educating people instead of destroying their image in public. “Educate people, teach people… a gentle nudge in the right direction is so much better than a public execution,” she added

Cancel Culture Does Not Exist

Other celebrities joined the debate on why this phenomenon happens. Earlier, actor LeVar Burton (“Star Trek,” “Roots”) argued that cancel culture does not really exist. Instead, he said these new cultural shifts are “consequence culture.”

“In terms of cancel culture, I think it’s misnamed. That’s a misnomer,” he said on The View. “I think we have a consequence culture, and that consequences are finally encompassing everybody in the society, whereas they haven’t ever been in this country,” Burton said. 

He observed that good signs are happening in the culture at present. “I think it has everything to do with a new awareness of people who were simply unaware of the real nature of life in this country for people who have been othered since this nation began,” he added.

Cheadle Said It’s Only Real If You Listen to The Noise

Then again, Burton’s rejection of the term followed comments earlier made by actor Don Cheadle. The actor who played War Machine in the Marvel Universe movies said that cancel culture is only real if you listen to the noise. He said he doesn't know if the public “cancels” some people just because they can. 

Cheadle asked if there are certain situations that deserve the term unredeemable. Unless there's “stuff in your past that is consistent with that thing that you said, he said. However, he mostly sees “incidents as a “one-off thing that looked like a one-off moment.”

Others Denounce for Lack of Mercy

However, other Hollywood celebrities have come out against cancel culture, specifically denouncing it for its lack of mercy. “We live in this ‘cancel culture’ of people erring and doing wrong — either on purpose or by accident — and there’s less forgiveness in our world,” actor Bryan Cranston told The Associated Press.

“I think we’re unfortunately in a coarser environment. I think our societies have become harder and less understanding, less tolerant, less forgiving,” he added. “Where does forgiveness live in our society? Where can we accept someone’s behavior if they are contrite if they are apologetic and take responsibility?

Isn’t it possible that forgiveness plays a part of that and they are welcomed back in, as opposed to creating more fences, creating more, ‘you’re out, you’re in, that’s it.’ You make one mistake, gone,” he observed.

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