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CDC: Vaccinated People can Safely Gather Indoors Without Masks



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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new guidelines, indicating that fully vaccinated people can gather indoors, without masks, safely. These new, limited guidelines are only for what these people can safely do in private.

According to the agency’s director, Rochelle Walensky, if one person and their friend or a family member are fully inoculated with the vaccine, they can eat dinner together without masks or social distancing.

Additionally, a vaccinated person can visit an unvaccinated one without protections.

According to the agency’s guidelines, people become “fully vaccinated” two weeks after they receive their final vaccine dose.

The CDC also suggests that people who received the vaccine do not have to go into quarantine or have themselves tested if they come into contact with a COVID-19 case and do not develop the disease’s symptoms.

Public Precautions Still Needed Despite More People Becoming Fully Vaccinated

In connection to this, Walensky pointed out that only a small part of the population has received the vaccine. Therefore, precautions in public or when around high-risk people are still necessary.

With this, many health officials have cautioned the public to not feel too much at ease just yet. COVID-19 cases have started going down, but the rates are still extremely high due to states removing restrictions and mask mandates.

Currently, only around 9 percent of the public population in the U.S. has become fully vaccinated. However, this will likely increase quickly. Around 2 million shots are being administered daily. Also, supplies of vaccine doses will also go up in the near future. According to President Biden, the country will have enough shots for every person who wants to receive vaccination by the end of May.

Meanwhile, Walensky reminded everyone of the “small risk” that vaccinated people could still become infected with COVID-19. However, these people would only likely experience mild symptoms or be asymptomatic altogether. However, she warned that such cases can still transmit the disease to unvaccinated people.

The agency director then emphasized that the CDC’s recommendations on travel have not changed, even with people receiving vaccines. The CDC says people should still not travel as cases in the country remain high.

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  • David says:

    Yea sure, thanks for fiving us permission for socializing. Why the need for q vaccine for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate? Why did Biden’s administration open the border and lift travel bans his first week? Why were test centers closing by the hundreds within the first weeks of a new President? Why is the admin saying vaccinated people still need to wear masks? Why are they saying even people that had it need vaccines? Why are they saying you need 2-3 masks now? Getting harder for them to cover their tracks!

  • Chase says:

    Lol…cdc does not run my nor my familys lives! Never did and never will…! Last time I looked this was still a free country. They need to get control of the mess they are making at the boarders by stopping all illegal’s crossing. At least check them for the China virus for god sakes!!!

  • Jaysun Franklyn says:

    This is pathetic, making rules as they go. This virus was used for political purposes and to blind us from the truth. It’s amazing how the travel ban, borders and drive thru testing were lifted. About 2 weeks ago I was “exposed” to this “deadly” (99% suit I am rate) virus and was sent home from work. I had no symptoms but was still required to be tested. We need stand up, speak up and throw those mask always!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    (99% survival Rate)****

  • Retired4ever says:

    So then a fully vaccinated person who contracts the virus but with minimal affects cannot pass the virus to someone who has not been vaccinated? That does NOT MAKE SENSE

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